Pig Bros (Part 3)

Ethan squeezed into the booth, and the bartender immediately brought over a pitcher of beer and a platter of food. He was starving, even though he’d just eaten a few hours earlier, and stuffed his face with fries, guzzling beer right from the pitcher.

“Damn, lookin’ real fuckin’ good already, if I do say so mahself,” the farmer said, “How’s that brother a yers doin’? Been…smellin’ him much?”

“You…did this to us?….What the hell….is wrong with me…” Ethan managed to say through the food.

“Oh, I just gave you and yer asshole brother a new pair a souls is all. They’re eatin’ out yer old ones just like yer packin’ away those fries there.”

Ethan’s eyes widened, but he couldn’t stop himself from eating.

“Don’ trouble yerself none ‘bout it. Nothin’ ya can do about it now, besides enjoy it anyway. Still, I like ya boy, I like how ya smelled, and I definitely like how ya smellin’ now. Finish up those fries, ‘n let’s take a drive.”

The drive was delayed, because the farmer made Ethan make out with him for a bit in his truck, and then forced Ethan to suck his cock. He squealed at the sight, because it wasn’t human…but it smelled real good, and he was still hungry, and so he sucked at it until the farmer filled him up with a long squeal of pleasure, lolling for a bit. “Damn, hate drivin’ after a good cum like that–hard tah focus–” he huffed, started the truck, and drove off to the southwest, heading way out of town.

Ethan tried asking questions, but the farmer forbade him to speak after a couple, and so they rode in silence until they turned onto a gravel road, and pulled up next to a barn…and a scent caught Ethan off guard, his cock hardening in his pants. It was…kind of like that smell his brother had been putting out, but…stronger. The farmer watched as he let himself out, went into the barn, and found himself looking at a mass of pigs in a large pen.

“Go on, follow yer nose, stud…” the man said with a snort and a laugh, and Ethan followed it to a pen where one pig was off by itself–or rather, herself. “Been needin’ tah freshen up the gene pool a bit, ya see. Yer bro won’t be much help with that, but I think ya’ll fit the bill just fine…”

Ethan couldn’t stop himself from hauling is bulk over the pen, shucking off his pants, and driving his hard cock into the sow’s pussy, fucking away at her in the mud, hearing himself squealing and grunting as he rutted, but unable to stop himself. “Fuck…no! Please…” was all he managed, and then he gave in, snorting in time with his thrusts, as the farmer climbed in behind him.

“Course, I only really like the boars myself, like yer gonna be. Been kinda lonely around here lately, so I could use some company. Think ya’ll be sharin’ mah bed a whole lot, little boar–we’re gonna have lots a fun tahgether.” He came close pressing his bulk against Ethan’s back, pinning him deep in the sow, “Ya wanna feel daddy’s big cock in that boar hole a yers? Hell, of course ya do, even if ya don’t know it yet…”

The farmer’s cock was huge, and Ethan had never been fucked, but he was right–he did want it. He fucked the sow, and came deep, collapsing against her as the farmer rode his ass long and rough, and when he came as well, he dragged Ethan down into the mud below and rolled with him, Ethan lost in his daddy’s scent, listening to his daddy whisper in his ear, feeling his old self drift away even further, his new soul taking deeper root in his heart feeling himself and he embraced his new role as Daddy’s personal fuckboar.

Back on campus, Avery was growing more and more anxious. He usually wasn’t separated from his brother for this long, and the night was wearing longer and longer. It didn’t help that he was even hornier than usual, and his cock showed no sign of getting hard…and everytime he started to stroke it, his hand drifted lower, to his ass, but he’d pull it away before exploring anything, out of fear and shame. He tried to sleep, but couldn’t. He ended up stuffing his face with snacks be bought from a 24 hour convenience store, and sniffing one of his brother’s cumrags, disturbed by how much he needed the scent close to him.

He was still awake right before dawn, when Ethan finally returned. He wasn’t wearing the clothes he’d left in–instead, all he had on was a pair of overalls, and he was covered from face to foot with half-dried mud that reeked. “Christ Ethan!” Avery asked, “Where have you been?”

Ethan didn’t say anything–he just snorted the air and leered at Avery–a leer that reminded him of…someone, but he couldn’t remember who. All he knew was that it scared him half to death, and he got up off the couch and backed away from his advancing brother, who was letting the overalls fall as he walked, revealing a cock that…wasn’t right. It was bright pink, and seemed to twist somehow as it rise tight to Ethan’s furry belly, the pendulous balls slapping against his thighs as he stomped closer.

“Ethan…Ethan, where have you been? You’re freaking me out bro…”

“I’ve been with Daddy, learning how to be his little Fuckboar, but you’ll find out all about that later. He said…I get to fuck you first, and fuck, do you know how fucking good you smell? Get the fuck over here, I wanna fuck that damn hole of yours.”

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