I’m still taking votes for the fourth chunk of Dale’s Story here!

“Yeah big boy, how are you feeling? Hungry? Hell, of course you’re hungry–open that mouth wider, I wanna see that thing stuffed full. Go on, chew fucker, chew! I know muscle fucks like you don’t know how to eat, so I’m going to give you a crash course. You can stop trying to make yourself stop, you know–there’s nothing you can do now about that. You’re stuck here until I’m good and finished with you, and we have all fucking weekend. Now chew, fucker, chew! Yeah, that’s it–now here comes some more…”

“I never did ask if you remember me. Do I ring any bells? No, I didn’t think so–guys like you, you just ruin someone’s day, laugh about it for a moment, and then forget it, right? I remember you though–it was a couple months back, I was new in town, there at the leather bar, looking for some friends or maybe a fuck, just being nice, minding my own business, when you start squealing and pointing. Those friends of yours joined in–hell, half the bar joined in. Now, don’t go getting it twisted or anything, I have enough self-esteem that your little stunt didn’t faze me, but I just knew I was going to have to get some personal time with you, and now here you are. Now give me a squeal, like you did back in the bar. Come on piggy–I’m gonna twist these big nipples of yours, on these new fat tits you have, and I want to hear you squeal. No, I want the neighbors to hear you squeal, got it?”

“That bellyhole feel good? Fuck, listening to you moan about it, it fucking must! Hold on, let me oil that big belly up a bit more, open it up a bit more. What do you think piggy? You want me to fuck this belly hole with my big cock? I bet I can fuck it so hard that I get that little cock of yours to explode deep in that gunt of yours, how does that sound? No no, I got this–you focus on stuffing that chubby face of yours. Fuck, you’re disgusting, but not disgusting enough, yet. Just wait until I make this thing a fucking crater! Guys will be fisting this belly soon enough–how does that sound? Heh, doesn’t sound like you like that idea, but I think you’ll come around here soon enough. And when I’m done here, I’ll give that virgin, jiggly ass a good plowing too. Can’t wait to see you at the bar–because you’ll be hanging out there plenty, trust me, begging all those old muscle friends to fuck any one of your holes–even paying them to do it, if they refuse. And I’ll be watching, you know. Me and everyone else. And I promise, we’ll all be squealing piggy–and you’ll be squealing along with us.” 

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