Dale’s Story (Part 4)

Thanks again for all of the participation with this one! I hope you’re all enjoying how this is shaping up so far. Option four won handily over the last few days, with a solid plurality of 44%. Despite an early lead, option two came in second, with 27%. Here’s the next chunk! Hope you all enjoy.

The stranger smiled, and said, “Boys, why don’t we make sure your daddy doesn’t run off with a few more pitchers of beer and some greasy bar food.”

“Yeah!” Mike said, “I’ll go get some food from George. Jerry, you make sure daddy finishes his pitcher.”

“Heh, sounds good to me–sound good to you, Daddy? Come on and have a seat, you must be starving.”

“Starving is right,” the stranger said, and before Dale could object, his gut let off a massive rumble, and the hunger he’d lived with his entire life doubled or tripled in force. “Come on and sit back down Dale–we all know you aren’t going anywhere for a while yet.”

Dale fought his body, he fought the desperate need to eat gnawing away inside him, but he sat back down at the table, Jerry picked up the pitcher, skipping the glass, put it to his daddy’s bearded lips and tipped it up. All Dale could do was drink, and stare at the stranger leering down at them both, feeling the beer take hold of him, making things…fuzzier. He felt the beer running out each side of his mouth and down his front, soaking his coveralls, his cock hardening at the thought of what a mess he was making…and…and at the thought of Jerry cleaning him up. Yeah…fuck yeah…

The pitcher came away from his lips, nearly empty, and Dale let off a massive belch, groping his soaked gut for a moment, before unzipping the front of his coveralls. “Made a right mess a mahself boy, go on and lick daddy’s fat tits clean.”

“Ah fuck daddy…” Jerry moaned, swung a leg over his Daddy’s lap so he straddling him, his son’s cock pressing into his daddy’s expanding gut, leaned in and started licking up the beer from his dad’s fat chest and neck, listening to Dale groan and belch, feeling him pull his boy closer, grinding into him.

“See Dale? I knew you’d start to enjoy yourself eventually,” the stranger said, then looked up, “Oh good, Mike’s got your evening snacks I see. George knows what you love, of course.”

Dale looked over at the door as it opened, both terrified and desperate to see what his other son was bringing. The sight of fried chicken, piles of fries and onion rings, all drenched in ranch and barbeque sauce made his mouth water, and he licked his lips. “Fuck boy, get that shit in mah big belly, I’m fuckin’ starvin’…”

“Heh, sure thing daddy, but Jerry’s in the way.”

“Git down there boy, daddy’s gotta eat!” Dale said, and pushed Jerry down, under the table, where he unzipped his daddy’s coveralls further, his massive flabby body spilling out, and started digging around for his cock in Dale’s inflating gunt, while Mike started shoving food in his dad’s open maw, Dale focusing on chewing and swallowing as fast as he could, kneading his fat, feeling himself grow even larger still than he had been. Every little while, Dale would get a break, and guzzle some more beer straight from a pitcher, and then keep eating, his focus collapsing to just him and his two boys, getting drunker and heavier until he came with a long, food muffled moan, down Jerry’s throat, having demolished all of his snacks, Mike kissing and cleaning up his food coated face.

He looked about the patio for the stranger, but he was gone–when had he left? He couldn’t recall. “Where’d mah friend go?” he asked Mike.

“Who? Daddy, it’s just us out here.”

“Nah boy, thar was another guy. Older, with a pipe.”

Jerry crawled out from under the table, and got up, dusting off his knees. “Dad, it’s just us–I think ya had too much tah drink–let’s git on home. Ya good tah drive, Mike?”

“Sure bro.”

Together, they hauled up their massive, 600 pound father from his chair and led the very drunk Dale back through the bar, as he kept insisting to talk to the stranger, but everyone just ignored him–they knew how Dale got when he’d had too much to drink, and the fat ass had too much to drink quite often. At least he had his two boys to take care of him, right?

Dale was in the office at the auto shop the next day, working on some paperwork, shoving chips in his mouth absentmindedly, thinking back on the night before, wondering how much of it had just been his imagination, how much had been the beer, and how much had been real. He’d woken up in his own bed, two boys beside him, and after a morning fuck and a big breakfast, they’d gone to work, like normal…right? But then why did this feel so new to him? He knew what he was doing, sure, but…but something still didn’t quite feel right. Even a big lunch at the buffet hadn’t improved his mood much.

The office door creaked open, and he looked up to find himself looking right at the stranger from the night before, and his jaw dropped. He was real! Then…then did that mean…everything else was real too? “Sorry I disappeared so suddenly yesterday, but I had plans to make, people to see. But don’t think I forgot about my promise Dale! It just so happens that brother of yours is having some car trouble–he’ll be calling here to make an appointment, I think.”

Before Dale could respond, the phone rang, and Dale answered it. Sure enough, it was Bishop–his car was making an odd noise, and he couldn’t figure out what it was, and Dale told him to bring the car by in a couple of hours so he could look at it. He set the phone down. “He…he can’t be my brother…but he was by brother, wasn’t he? Fuck, what did you do to me?”

“This was the deal, Dale. This is my town now, and everyone’s going to find out what that means soon enough, but you’re the first. Now, here’s the deal–I have three powers at my disposal–the power of body, the power of time, and the power of mind–and I’ll give you one of them, so you can have some fun with your brother and his friends, so you can get the revenge I know you still crave. So Dale, the choice is yours.”

Actually, the choice is yours! Here’s the three options:

  1. Power over time – the user can manipulate the strands of time to create alternate outcomes, including control over age, fate, the past and the future.
  2. Power over body – the user has control over the body’s natural form and processes, including control over physical features, physiological function, and size.
  3. Power over mind – the user can manipulate and control an individual’s mental states , including control over desires, memories, belief and intellect.

I have various ideas for each option, but if there’s something you’d like to see in particular, let me know and I’ll consider it! So, what would you like to see?

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