Yeah, ya weren’t too sure ‘bout it, a month ago, were ya? Rolling up here, that prissy dad of yers telling ya a couple months here with me on mah ranch would be good fer ya. Didn’t think he knew what he was talking about, and sure, ya sulked for a while, bored without yerr video games and books and shit, but we’ve found better ways tah keep ya occupied, haven’t we?

Yeah pig, lean back, take another long drag off that cigar. Ye’re learnin’ real good, real quick. Might as well put that brain power to good use before we ruin the rest of it–can’t have a pig smarter than it’s owner, right? Yeah, you have permission pig, I know hearin’ me call ya that makes ya hard in an instant. Now that ye’re startin’ tah show all that weight proper-like, the name fits a bit better, don’t you think? 

Too bad ya ain’t hairier–I love a hairy pig. Still, once we get a few dozen more tattoos on ya, ya’ll look like a right nasty pig anyway. Tug on those tits a yers, yeah, that’s it. Yeah, everyone can see ya pervin’ out, but ya like that, I bet. Don’t worry non, all the neighbors know ‘bout mah pigs–ya’ll get to know a few of them a bit better before too much longer. Hey, there’s Buck–go on pig, wave to Buck–that’s good. Buck’s wife might think he’s a good Christian shithead, but he’s one dirty minded bull when he comes over here, trust me. 

Fight all you want boy, but there’s no escape. The sooner ya give in, the better it will be. The more ya’ll enjoy it. The hotter we can make ya before that city slicker bro of mine comes back tah pick ya up in a few more months. Oh don’t worry, ya ain’t gonna be goin’ home with him or nothin’–but we gotta make sure he don’t remember ya bein’ human or nothin’. Nah, he’ll stay with us for a few days, plowin’ mah new pig, becomin’ a bit of a bull himself, ‘n then ya’ll really be mine–ya’ll like that, trust me. 

Buck’s still watchin–how about we give him a show, pig? Drop trou’ ‘n bend over–and I want him tah hear ya squeal all the way over there, or ya’ll be sleeping with the pigs tonight–I know ya don’t wanna sleep with them anymore, right? Then me a good pig, and give a good fuckin’ show, ya hear me?

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