Everyone told me to just leave it be, that the truth of Pigtown wasn’t worth the risk. But what kind of journalist would I be, if I let something like that stop me? I knew from the beginning it would be hard to crack–the first time I went to the bar and started asking questions about the place, no one would give me any kind of answer, just smile at me. It was infuriating. Still, even then I noticed the stairs, and the door. They were guarded by a bouncer–a man named Rod–and when I asked what was down there, all he said was it wasn’t for me to see. That sort of place had to have the answers I was looking for, but I wasn’t going to get there without some undercover work.

So I…created a part for myself. I admit, I may have gotten a bit over invested in it. Shaving my head and buying a whole new wardrobe. Getting those tattoos and piercings might seem extreme, but I remember Rod’s…contempt, when he looked at me. When he saw how normal I was. Well I’ll show him. I can be a freak too, like all the other disgusting freaks around here.

Still, he wouldn’t let me past when I showed up again. He even fucking recognized me! I thought I’d done pretty well with my changes, but I refused to let down my guard. I offered to blow him, if he’d let me through, and after some cajoling and flirting, he relented. I sucked my first cock at the bottom of those stairs, and after he came, he unlocked the door, and I scrambled through.

The room was massive, and completely dark. Quiet, except for the thud of the DJ above me.

“There’s…nothing here…” I said.

“Nah,” Rod said, “You’re here, and that’s enough for them.”

The last thing I saw was him framed by the light of the door, that same fucking smile on his face, and then he slammed it shut, leaving me here, in the dark.

I tried screaming for a bit, but now I’m quietly huddled in a corner. They know I’m here, whoever they are, whatever they are. They keep brushing past me, whips of leather and rubber, vapor trails of cigar smoke and musk. I’m terrified. I don’t think they’re human anymore, and they’re hungry. Rod hasn’t been feeding them much lately, I don’t think, and they’re going to savor this meal for quite a while.

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