Caption Day – 1 of 2

In the end, it had been easier than I’d thought to get the nanobots into Mac and his two chubby sons, Eric and Kyle. A good dose in their family pool took care of the two boys while they were swimming one afternoon, and Mac was more than happy to take a beer from me that same day while we chatted across the fence. And now–well, now I get to have all the fun I want with the three of them.

All of them know something wrong, but none of them can quite articulate what exactly. Besides, who would they tell? It’s not like Mac can tell the police that sometimes when he’s with his sons, he becomes uncontrollably horny and rapes whatever hole he can stick his cock in the fastest. Sometimes, they even seem to want it more than he does, jacking off in the open, Kyle pinning him down while Eric sucks his cock. And his sons seem to spend more time fucking each other than anything else anymore, and sometimes Mac will just sit and watch, milking himself to orgasm after orgasm, over and over again.

But this last week, well, this has just been me testing what the bots can do–I haven’t even introduced them to me yet. I think that will happen tonight. I’ll go over, and all three of them won’t be able to help themselves–but we have plenty of time, they can spend all night worshiping my body. By morning, I’m sure all three of them will be more than willing to call me Master, and do anything I say, like proper bear sluts.

Still, emotions are easy–thoughts take a bit longer to embed in my three subjects. Still, I’ve been wearing them down. All three of them have already become complete nudists at home, without even being consciously aware of it. Mac went and got his first tattoo yesterday, a bear paw colored like the bear flag across his ass, without even questioning it, and he’s going to be getting quite a few more in the weeks to come, I can tell you that. In a few months, the whole family will be sponsoring orgies off of Craigslist, and then all of my friends will have access to every one of their kinky holes. Anyway, I’d better get going before it gets totally dark–I have a long night ahead of me after all, and I can’t wait to get started.

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