Principal Evans was an understanding man. He assumed that, at their core, all of his students wanted to learn, and that he could learn something from each of them, but when it came to Neil and his gang of rednecks, who spent their entire days out back in the parking lot, but Neil’s truck, smoking cigarettes and drinking, he figured he might need to make an exception to his usual nice tactics. Of course, they’d already tried detentions and suspensions–but before relying on expulsion, he would try one last heart to heart, and so he threw on his suit coat and left the school, walking over to where Neil and his redneck buddies were smoking and drinking in the parking lot.

“Boys, I’m going to have to ask you to go back to class,” he said.

“Fuck that–why in the fuck would I do that? Now go march your bitch ass back inside, cunt!” Neil said, and his friends burst out laughing.

“Where in the fuck did you learn your manners!” Principal Evans said, “Did your parents teach you anything? If you were my son, I’d–”

“You know, Mr. Evans, both of my parents died when I was young. I’ve been a fucking foster kid my whole life. Are you actually volunteering for the role?” Neil asked, grinning, “Because I know one thing for sure, anybody who’s gonna be my dad is gonna be a fucking smoker, that’s for sure.”

Principal Evans’ next inhale was full of smoke, and he nearly hacked up a lung, but he couldn’t pull the cigar that had appeared in his mouth out–he needed it. He needed the smoke so fucking bad. “What–what did you–”

“I also know that no dad of mine would be some slim, smooth fuck like you. He’d be fat as hell, and furry all over the place, with a great big beard.”

The principal felt his whole body’s balance shift, and he had to lean back to accommodate the gut rapidly growing out of his slim midsection. At the same time, he could feel hair spriouting all over his body, and especially his face, where a new beard filled in and grew out nearly an inch. He turned to run, but two of Neil’s burly friends had circled around behind him, grabbed him by the arms, and shoved him into one of the folding chairs they’d been sitting in.

“You know what else? No dad of mine would be working as a principal–I bet my dad dropped out of high school. He probably works in construction, getting a sweaty and dirty every day. He also wouldn’t wear a suit, he’d be a denim guy, and probably wear a Stetson.”

“What are ya…how’r ya doin’ this tah me?” Evans asked, looking down as the fabric of his suit shifted into a denim shirt and jeans, both of them caked with mud and grime from his job digging ditches for the city. Still, he wasn’t smart, so he didn’t exactly have many choices when it came to work, did he?

“But most importantly, any dad of mine would want me to be happy. He’d do anything I tell him to do–in fact, he’d probably be a slut for my cock, and for all of my friend’s cocks, begging us to fuck him and abuse him all day long. Because if your boy’s happy, you’re happy–right Pa?”

“F–Fuck, I…I mean, yeah son, but…” Evans said, but Neil already had his thick cock out, and after taking a big draw off his cigar, he got down on his knees in front of his boy and gave him a blowjob, massaging his own cock through the front of his grimy jeans, feeling Billy, one of his son’s friends, slip a hand down the back of his pants and slide a finger up his fat ass.

“Yeah Pa, that’s it–you’re gonna take real good care of me from now on, won’t you? You and all my other friends I’ve been making over the last few months. I have a feeling we’re gonna be one big happy clan before too long, right?”

Evans just nodded and looked up into his son’s smiling eyes. He loved making his boy happy, it was all he cared about in the whole world.

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