“W–What? Where am I?”

“Shhh…It’s ok, you’re safe here with me.”

“What the, let me go! What the fuck is this shit, are you a faggot or something? And…and what the hell are you wearing! That shit looks fucking gross, and I can fucking smell you across the room.”

“Well, you see, I saw you at the bar last night, and you were so cute, I just couldn’t resist bringing you home with me. In fact, you were quite agreeable the whole time, but I do love a struggle. Still, you’ll be plenty happy here in a few months.”

“A few…a few months! You freak–Help! Somebody help!”

“The nearest neighbors are miles away Clyde, it’s just you and me.”

“What are you–stay the fuck away from me!”

“Mmm…I do love stubble. And it’s so thick! I bet your beard will look amazing when it’s all grown in and ragged. Not sure if I’ll keep your head shaved though–we’ll have to see.”

“Oh my god, you fucking reek man, what the fuck–have you ever taken a shower?”

“Oh, you’re one to talk, you know. Go to sleep, piggy…Can you hear me, pig?”

“…Yes, master…”

“Pig, it would feel so good if, right now, you pissed yourself, right here where you’re sitting, and it would feel even better if you shit as well. Can you do that for me?…Oh yes, that’s good, look at that stain, and I can smell that shit already, that’s very good pig, you’re a very, very good pig, it feels good, doesn’t it? It feels good shitting and pissing yourself?”

“Yes master, it feels very good…”

“Now, I want you to remember how good this feels, and when you wake up, even though you’re disgusted with yourself, you’ll still feel aroused by how much of a dirty pig you’ve been. Now, wake up piggy.”

“W–what? I…what…”

“Look at that, what a dirty guy you are, pissing and shitting yourself in my house.”

“I didn’t, I mean–no, don’t–”

“I do love the feeling of warm shit, don’t you Carl? Look how hard that cock of yours is. I think someone likes being dirty. Now I have to piss, so open wide Carl–and you’ll even get to taste my filthy jock while I’m at it. Yes, you’re going to be staying here for a long time I think, but you’ll learn how much you love it soon enough.”

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