Are you never going to measure up to your goals? Do you worry that your life and future are just going to disappoint you? Then you should try Release Hypnosis! Here’s Sam’s story, whose life was much improved by our files.

Before Release Hypnosis, I was a wreck. I was in college, and excelling, but the stress was killing me. There was this pressure to succeed, it came from everywhere, from my parents, from my teachers, from my girlfriends, it was so much, I couldn’t handle it. If I hadn’t found Release Hypnosis, I might have actually made something of myself.

The effect was immediate. After my first listen, my school work just didn’t matter to me–it was so much easier just to lounge around my dorm room, eating and drinking and watching porn all day long. I just didn’t care–it was so easy! I listened to more and more from that moment on, and dropping out of college just seemed like the most natural decision. I found an easy job working construction, and I couldn’t have been happier. Well, or so I thought.

Release Hypnosis is still a big part of my life. I’ve been working on their empty mind series lately. Even after I stopped feeling the pressure to succeed, I still thought a lot. Now though, my head is so empty I can just zone out for hours in front of the TV, stuffing my face and jacking off all day long. The no-shame series was also recommended to me by the program. See, even after listening to the files, I’d always feel bad about the way I was behaving, and a bit ashamed of myself. Now though, I relish it. I love being a slob, a fucking loser, and I want everyone to know it. Fuck, I walk down the street without a shirt, showing off my filthy, hairy belly, and the looks I get from people get me so horny, I usually have to duck into an alleyway to jack off. I’d definitely recommend Release Hypnosis–it made a huge difference to my life, and I know it can make yours better too!

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