Lee and CJ were two roommates in a small apartment complex. They’d met during college on the football team, and both of them had ended up taking jobs with the same local firm after graduation, so they’d made things simple and moved in together, remaining workout buddies as well. Lee had just gotten home from a trip to the store, when he saw a small wrapped package on the doorstep, which he picked up and brought inside.

“Lee, did you see this?” CJ said, “Someone left us a fucking present.”


CJ checked the tag, “Bill–that fatass in the apartment next to us.”

“Oh, the cook?”

“Yeah,” CJ ripped the wrapping paper off and revealed two bottles with a small note.

Trying out a new recipe–made you two a homemade protein shake. Make sure you drink it right away, while it’s fresh. Let me know if you like it, I got plenty more.

“Some homemade protein drink–weird…” CJ said. He opened a bottle and took a sniff. It didn’t smell too bad, and he took a taste, and his eyes lit up. “Dang man, this shit’s kinda good!”

Lee came out and tried it as well, and then the two muscle men chugged them back, downing them as fast as they could, and then even tried to lick out the bottles. Lee looked at CJ, and unable to help himself, grabbed his roommate’s cock through his gym shorts–it was as hard as his was. CJ gasped, as Lee stroked him off, and then he did the same, both of them coming to their senses afterward, embarrassed and unsure of what had come over them. Still, while they tried to put the incident behind them, they couldn’t stop thinking about their neighbor’s drink, and that same evening they knocked on his door, planning to ask for more.

“More?” Bill said, grinning, “Sure, I got more. Come on in boys, I just made some.”

In his kitchen, he handed them two cups of the milk. They guzzled it down, and overcome with lust, they started kissing, grinding their cocks against each other. Bill stripped down, massaging his fat body, watching the two jocks’ guts bulge out and expand with fat as they jacked off, and came all over one another.

Panting and exhausted, Lee turned to Bill, “What the fuck is that shit?”

“Why, it’s my milk, of course,” Bill said, tweaking his nipples, and the two jocks could smell it, see the milk coating his fingertips, and then they were glued to his nipples, sucking the milk down from the source, Bill massaging their growing bellies, their full moobs. When they were full, both of them now over 300 pounds, Lee threw CJ onto the bed and started plowing his ass, Bill watching for a few minutes, before climbing up on the bed and shoving his cock down CJ’s mouth, Bill leaning over to keep sucking at Bill’s teat. His cum was just as fattening as his milk, and both boys swelled even larger, grunting and snorting, just a couple of fat pigs for Bill to play with–and feed, of course.

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