When I saw him go intah the bar, I knew I had tah have him. Still, he was a straight, hot jock, ‘n I was just a old, redneck pig, headin’ intah town fer a hot manfuck like I usually did once a month. It was hard findin’ a good fuck out in the country where I live, but I hated the idea a livin’ in the city. Usually I’d spend the weekend in a bathhouse, fuckin’ the nights away, but this time, well, I figured I could jus’ have a looksie fer a bit, before gettin’ on mah way.

I still don’ know what happened, really. I was sippin’ mah beer in a booth, watchin’ him ‘n his friends at the bar, when he went ‘n tried tah chat up some chick a few stools down–she didn’t take it very well, tah say the least, ‘n everyone heard what she shouted tah him:

“Maybe not everyone you’re attracted to finds you the least bit attractive–did you think of that? Maybe we should see how you like being treated like a piece of meat!”

I don’ know what came o’er me, but I was up, hikin’ up mah grimy jeans, and saunterin’ o’er tah where he was standin’ at the bar. I was tryin’ tah stop myself, I didn’ know what the fuck I was doin’ but then the words were fallin’ outa mah mouth, tellin’ him tah be a good boy ‘n stop harassin’ the pretty lady ‘n git back over tah the booth with me, and he fuckin’ followed me! The chick and his friends gawked, but they couldn’ do anythin’ fer some reason, ‘n I proceeded tah git the boy plastered before he could change his mind.

Now I tend tah be a bit of a bottom in the sack, but with the boy, fuck, I wanted mah cock in every one a his holes all night long, callin’ him all sorts a names, watchin’ him squirm under mah big gut, ‘n I gotta admit, I liked it. Needless tah say, he came home with me, like a good little bitch, ‘n we cut off that mangy hair a his, and got him dressed up in overalls like a proper hick, ‘n he’s already forgettin’ that he used tah live in the big city. Ah don’t know what that witch did, but I ain’t complainin’. I found mah boy, ‘n I ain’t ever gonna let him leave.

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