“So, do you like it?”

“Like it? It’s great. I still can’t believe you’re only offering it for a thousand bucks a month. I was sure that was a typo,” Derrick said as the older landlord showed him around the room.

“Nope, it isn’t a typo at all–still, I do have several other interested parties, however. Would you like to take the lease? It’s a year long, but if you don’t bite now, I can’t guarantee it’ll be here later.”

Derrick looked around the bare apartment again, and couldn’t help but feel a bit pressured. There had to be something he was missing, but the guy seemed on the level about everything, and he’d given an honest tour, pointing out the deficiencies of the apartment, and the reason it was only one thousand bucks a month. Still, it was better than living with his parents any longer, and so he shrugged and asked, “Where do I sign?”

The landlord helped him through the contract, filled with his initials and signatures, after Derrick had read a summary of what the contract included. Still, when he hit the final line, and added his signature there, he felt a sudden jolt of energy from his pen, and he was blown back, toppling over the chair where he landed with a thud on the ground.

Groaning and aching, he rolled over and hefted himself upright, feeling a bunch of aches and pains that he didn’t even recognize, and looked over at the landlord–or the guy who was where the landlord had been sitting. He looked to be a good thirty years younger–and that was when Derrick looked down at himself, at his flabby hairy belly, and felt his balding head, and freaked out. He ran for the door and flung it open, only to smack right into some sort of invisible barrier keeping him inside.

“What, trying to leave your new home so soon, Derrick? Thanks for the thirty years by the way–I was getting tired of being that old. After a few thousand years, bodies have a way of running out faster than usual–I need young men like you every few months just to stay young. Still I’m sure you’re going to love your new living situation–I’ve even arranged for you to work from home, since you won’t be leaving for a good long while.”

The landlord explained that part of the lease bound Derrick to become a gay gainer–he eat for the cameras he installed in his in the room, as well as consent to being fed by whoever the landlord let into his room. Derrick, of course, was horrified and tried to resist, but the contract was very, very binding, as the landlord ordered then ten pizzas and stuffed every single one down into his growing gut. By the end of the year when his lease was up, Derrick was just another perfectly compliant tennet, weighing in at over 500 pounds. He happily signed a new fifty year lease on the spot, planning on living there for the rest of his life.

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