Ned’s heart froze as he watched the sun slowly set down the side of the house next door. It was stronger now, it used to just be the full moon, but now he can feel it welling up, and the moon doesn’t peek for another four days. He has to fight it though, he can’t give in, he can’t let it control him, he–

Taking a deep drag off his massive cigar, Ned exhaled a thick plume with a deep cough. No, not tonight, he won’t let it happen. He smashes out the cigar in one of the many ashtrays he’d been forced to acquire since the episodes had started happening, and he ignored the itch across his face as his stubble grew in, forming a thick white beard. He stared at himself in the mirror, willing it back down, and watches it pause and shrink back. He focuses further, thinking about himself, about Ned, about his life, about how he’s straight, about how he isn’t going to go out tonight and find some sweet little cub to bring back to the house. He isn’t going to change anyone tonight, he isn’t. He won’t, he won’t, he–

At the door, looking at himself in the mirror, grinning around his re-lit cigar, he examines his leather uniform, grabs his big cock in the front and gives it a squeeze. Ned watched, helpless, as his hand reached out and unlocked the door, his body stepping out into the hallway, and a voice, he could hear a voice: Feels good to be out again. What do you think we should make tonight? I don’t know about you, but I think we need a housecub–yeah, doesn’t that sound nice? Someone’s going to fall in love with you tonight Ned–with us. Hope you don’t mind someone else living in your apartment, because from today on, you’re going to have your own personal slave. Well, my personal slave–won’t that be fun?

Ned screamed inside his own head as his mouth smirked, and he walked down to the driveway, climbed on the harley he’d bought the week before, and rode off to the leather bar downtown, to look for his prey.

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