Jesse got off the bus, grumbling a bit, and then set off towards the address the notice he’d received in the mail had directed him to. He had the stupid letter with him, which told him that if he didn’t comply with some new government program, he’d lose his welfare and disability benefits. See, Jesse was, well, a lout. Hell, most days he didn’t even bother putting clothes on, much less look for a job. A “slip” at his last warehouse job has rendered him “disabled” you see, and he was perfectly happy collecting a government check. He did hate jumping through these idiotic hoops though–but still, it would be a day of paperwork, and maybe a class or seminar, a few forged employment applications, and he’d be good to just sit back and watch porn for another few months.

He arrived at the office–but it wasn’t like any sort of government office he’d ever been in before–if anything it looked more like a doctor’s office than anything. He went inside, and the woman behind the desk gave him some forms to complete, which he did–and sure enough, there were as many health and psychology questions as prior employment questions. Still, he filled it out, being  as polite as he could muster, and then a nurse came and brought him back into an exam room, gave him a shot, and then…well, then Jesse didn’t remember anything that happened after that.

He woke up clad in a rubber body suit, collared and gloved, with some sort of heavy-duty chatity belt around his cock. He wasn’t in the exam room anymore–he was in something that looked more like a jail cell, and his ankles and wrists were chained to the floor. He screamed for someone to help him, and after about an hour a doctor came in, but didn’t speak to him, just gave him a once over…and then one of the biggest men Jessie had ever seen stepped into the room.

“Hello Jesse,” My name is Howard, but for now, I’m going to need you to call me Sir, do you understand?”

“Fuck you, get me–” Jessie started to say, when a huge jolt of painful electricity ran through the metal chastity device, making him scream in pain.

“I asked you if you understand, Jesse.”

“Yes! Yes, please turn it off!” Jesse said, the electricity still running through him, but it was obvious Howard was waiting for something else. “Yes! Yes sir!”

Finally, the electricity shut off, and he was left panting on his knees, trying not to sob.

“Thank you doctor, I can take it from here,” Howard said, and the doctor left, leaving them alone. “That was good Jessie–welcome to Project Discipline, authorized under the Affordable Care Act.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Jessie, your disability has been classified under the new ACA guidelines as type D, a failure of discipline. In order to get more people back into the workforce, Project Discipline has been created to help disabled individuals like you become better equipped towards civil service. I’m your designated trainer. Now, shall we begin?” Howard pulled his cock out of his fly, and walked up to Jessie’s mouth. “Suck it, Jessie–show me what you’ve been learning in all that porn you’ve been buying. Man, isn’t the NSA just great? Really helps us pin down all the undisciplined perverts like you. Well, don’t worry, you’ll be a properly disciplined perv soon enough.”

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