“How’s my birthday boy this morning? Is he excited for his first birthday?” the man said, opening the door, walking over to where the man was cuffed to his crib on his knees, the pacifier strapped in his mouth. He undid the strap, and pulled it out, and man struggling again.

“It’s not my first birthday you fucker! I’m nineteen, I’m not one! Let me out of here you–”

“Well I guess my little boy isn’t quite ready yet,” the man said, shoving the pacifier back into his mouth and strapping it back in, “Let’s see how you’re doing–I bet you have a wet diaper after that long night though, shall we check?" The man struggled away, but he couldn’t move with his hands cuffed, and his cheeks reddened as the older man checked the front of his diaper and found it wet. "That’s a good little boy, wetting your diaper, just like you should. See? We’re making some good progress aren’t we?”

The man pulled out his hand and started massaging the big baby’s cock through his diaper, and he struggled for a few moments, and then his body went slack, and he started grinding the front of his diaper against his daddy’s hand in a daze, sucking on his pacifier.

“That’s a good boy–you’re gonna be daddy’s little boy soon, aren’t you?”

The baby nodded slowly, still sucking, and rubbed up against his daddy’s hand faster.

“You like wetting yourself and sucking on your pacifier–you love being my big baby–it feels so good, doesn’t it? You’re not nineteen–you’re just a baby, aren’t you?”

The man in the crib gave a shudder and felt his cock unload a massive wad of cum into his diaper, and he gave his head a shake, his eyes refocusing, and his cheeks turned even redder, when he realized what he’d done–again. Whenever his daddy touched him, he always just felt so…so little. No, not his daddy, the man isn’t his daddy…right?

“Why don’t you enjoy that wet diaper a little longer,” the big man said, “Let me go get your bottle, and then we’ll get you changed.”

He left the room, and the man struggled again, but he’d been here for days now–every day a birthday–and he didn’t know how much longer he’d be able to hold on. 

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