Design Tweak, New Schedule & Updated Commission Prices

Thanks all, for the input and feedback. I’ve been wanting a new theme for the site, and been trying to work out what I want to post, and what you all want to read, so here’s the plan.

Most of the replies I got said that you all like the photo captions and vignettes, which certainly works for me. The interactive stories are fun, but fairly taxing, but I do want to allow some form of interaction here, so here’s what I’m planning.

Monday through Thursday I will post a photo caption each day. Each Friday, I will update with either a long story or a vignette. For the vignettes, I’d like to take the photo captions which people like best and expand them into longer stories. So, each week, the photo caption which has the most likes (and reblogs, if you’re really awesome) is the one I’ll expand further on the following Friday, unless I have another story to post instead.

Also, in slightly worse news for all of you, I’ve updated the prices on my commissions (gasp). I’ve found that the short commissions I do tend to be more taxing on my time than I thought, and so I’ve adjusted them up to $25 for 2000-2500 words, and $50 for 4000-4500 words. For those of you who have already paid/received consult from me, the prices on your stories haven’t gone up–this is only for new stories after today.

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