Daddysboy43: But I thought you said you wanted to be my daddy?

BearmanXL: I was just—we were just rping, what the—make it stop man, what the fuck is happening to me?

Daddysboy43: Oh yeah, look at that gut grow daddy, you’re gonna be so handsome.

BearmanXL: Wait, you can see me? What the fuck—

Daddysboy43: Oh yeah, I turned on your webcam—I wouldn’t want to miss this. Now, I think cigars…

BearmanXL: I’m not—where the hell did that come from, I don’t—

Daddysboy43: Oh fuck yeah, and a nice grey beard, some suspenders, but I don’t want your clothes fitting, I want you ready to burst out of them any second, oh fuck, that’s right, such a sexy daddy…

BearmanXL: Boy, I’m serious, cut it out.

Daddysboy43: Oh yeah, call me boy, tell me what you want to do to me daddy. I’ve been such a bad boy, haven’t I?

BearmanXL: You sure as fuckin’ hell have been a bad boy, why if…if I was there right now, I’d…oh wait no, this isn’t right…I…

Daddysboy43: What daddy, what would you do to a bad boy like me?

BearmanXL: I’d…fuck, I’d bend you over my knee, and…and pull down your pants and give you a fuckin’ spanking…oh fuck, yeah, I’d pound that fuckin’ ass of yours ‘til it was good ‘n red. That what ya want, boy?

Daddysboy43: Oh yeah daddy, and then what?

BearmanXL: Then I’d pick ya up ‘n throw ya over the bed, yeah, then I’d take my big daddy cock ‘n ram it up that hole of yours! Yeah, I’d fuck ya raw boy—

Daddysboy43: Oh fuck daddy, I’m cumming—fuck!

BearmanXL: Yeah boy, you’d cum so hard with my big cock up your ass.

Daddysboy43: Oh fuck…yeah, that was so hot! Anyway, I gotta log off—gotta go get dinner with my boyfriend.

BearmanXL: ”Wait, what? No, get back here boy, you can’t just leave me like this! What the fuck did you do to me?”

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