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After we finished our fuck–and Donny finished his smoke, he came back to his old self–sort of–and angry or embarrassed, he fled my house and I didn’t see him for several days, until he charged back over, drunk, and hammered on my front door.

He demanded to know what I had done to that cigar. Apparently he hadn’t been able to fuck his wife since then–she simply repulsed him–and he couldn’t stop thinking about me. I told him about the strange shop in the mall, and how the owner had given me the cigar without me asking for it. I’d had no idea what it was capable of. Still, I don’t know if he believed me, but he was too horny to care, throwing me to the floor and fucking me right in my living room, cumming and leaving.

I needed to make this right. I went back to the mall to find the shop, but the place had disappeared. Not even an empty store front–it was just gone, like it had never existed. The next day, Donny was gone–he’d simply packed a bag and left his wife and kids–no explanation at all. Meredith was a wreak–she couldn’t understand what had happened, and I felt terrible, but how could I tell her the truth? That I’d made her husband a total fag on accident, and I had no way of changing him back?

Months past by without a word–and then the package shows up on my doorstep, a box with the label “Spells ‘R Us,” and I can’t believe it. I drag it inside, hoping for some answer, but as soon as I do, the contents of the box spring to life and tackle me to the ground. Leather, rubber–an entire suit climbs its way up my body, encasing me, collaring me, and my head–there’s all these words just pouring into me, telling me to submit and serve, and…

and then there he is–in the doorway. My Master. Donny, dressed in a leather uniform, smoking a cigar. The anger is still there in his eyes, I can see it, and the knowledge that I have made him unhappy rips me apart inside. I give a little whimper, like a dog who knows he’s about to be punished, and he came up to me, put the cigar in my lips, and said–“Smoke it, then we’re even.”

He lit the cigar and I sucked it down, feeling my body start changing. I was growing younger, but also a bit more heavy set. “Master, I’m sorry, I–”

“Don’t fucking say anything, slave,” he said, “You took my wife away from me–you took my kids away from me, so you know what cub? You;re just gonna have to be my family now.”

Maybe he thought it was punishment, but I didn’t. It was what I’d really wanted after all, even if it wasn’t how I’d expected to get it.

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