Paul–what a boring man he’d been. Middle management, stuck in a cubicle all day long, complaining to all of his coworkers about his boring wife, his boring kids–I felt sorry for him, I admit it–wouldn’t you? Besides, he’s so much more interesting now. It took some convincing to get him to come over for a drink, but with a few nudges he gave in. After all, if there’s one thing for certain, boring men like Paul had been love being told what to do.

Still, a few brews and he’s already much more interesting. College education? Nah–I think some hard knocks on the streets would be much more interesting. Boring childhood in the suburbs? Not anymore–how about falling in with a gang at thirteen, and prison for manslaughter at sixteen? Look at him, that boring cheap suit barely constraining that suppressed violence. Certainly he’s never been married–I’ll have to get rid of that boring ring. He’s looking at me, hungry. He’ll fuck girls, but since his jail time, he much prefers a man’s ass. Maybe I’ll give him mine tonight–that would definitely be interesting.

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