It was happening again, only this time he felt his cock snake out another two inches, as his balls nearly doubled in size. The changes were more and more frequent now, and more and more extreme. Nathan excused himself from the business meeting, desperately trying to hide his obscene bulge, and hurried to the restroom.

There he unzipped his trousers and let his cock and balls out, grunting and jacking off, unable to help himself. He’d expected that spell he’d had cast for him to be a one off, not a fucking chronic condition! Another tingle was building, his cock pushing out past a foot long, his balls once again doubling, and a heat flushed through his body, a massive load of testosterone and hormones in quantities his body had never seen.

The hair was the most immediate change, a five o’ clock shadow developing over his face, his hair receding back into advanced baldness, the hair spreading all over his body and back, growing into a thick pelt. He was so focused on jacking off now he didn’t notice his clothes start ripping apart, his muscles quickly growing over developed, his bones aching as they entered another growth spurt. Finally he came in a massive torrent, nearly filling the sink in front of him to the brim with sperm, and he felt some of his mind return to him.

It was so hard for him to think about anything other than sex now–it was like he was going through puberty all over again, only a hundred times worse, and he didn’t think this was going to fade as he got older. The smell of himself filling the room though, that was good. This place was his now, he’d marked it with his seed, the air full of his musk. He ripped off the clothes confining him, proud of his new body, snorting at the stench of pheromones coming from his arm pits, and he knew what he needed, what would make him feel all better. 

A fuck. He needed someone to fuck, a man to fuck, a man to dominate. He didn’t need to wait long. Gregory from finance stopped by to take a piss on the way to a meeting, and only got two feet into the door before the massive neanderthal had pinned him up against the wall, ripping off his clothes and impaling him on his nearly two foot long cock. This would be a fine specimen for his herd, if it survived, Nathan’s now simple brain thought. He hoped it would live through the conversion, he loved the way the small, screaming creature’s ass clung to his giant cock. Nathan had thought that having a bigger cock would help him become a bigger man–and he had no idea how right he was.

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