It was just supposed to be a gag gift. I mean, the label had said “Power Tie!”–with the exclamation point–how was I supposed to know it was serious? I’d given it to my Uncle Benny, my dad’s only brother, who worked in some office building downtown. When he told me the Power Tie had gotten him a promotion, I’d thought he was just joking, but then I started to notice something strange. 

Uncle Benny started coming around a lot more, for one, and he always wanted to see me, and he was always wearing that tie. Before I really knew what was happening, my parents were moving my things into one of the rooms at Uncle Benny’s, telling me I was going to live with him now. I couldn’t resist. Every order was impossible to disobey, and within days I discovered that not only was my uncle gay–he’d been lusting after me for years. Well, he has me now, and all because I got him that dumb Power Tie!

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