“Wake up, number 416. It is time to begin your daily exercises.”

The man on the small bunk sat up and groaned, unsure of where he was…or even who he was. He was naked, aside from a padlocked piece of chain around his neck, and sitting up, he found himself in a small, cell like room, and went to the gated door, shaking it, finding it locked.

“416, begin your exercises, or you will be reprimanded,” the voice said.

“What–what exercises? 416? Is that me? Is that my name?”

“No speaking. Begin your exercises, 416.”

416 went over to the bag and found it full of leather gear and some rubber dildos. Of course! His exercises–how could he have forgotten? He grabbed a dildo and set it on a small stool found under the bed and began his squats, being sure to lift off the dildo completely between each repetition.

“Very good, 416. Master is pleased.”

Hearing that pleased 416 greatly, but he wasn’t sure why. He wasn’t really sure of anything, really. But Master was happy–and that was the most important thing, and would remain so for the rest of his life.

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