Jack had been on his way home from the construction site, in his usual work gear, when on his way to the bus stop, someone grabbed him and dragged him into an alleyway. In fact, it had been two people–men dressed in skintight rubber suits, who had pinned him to the wall, pressing their hot bodies up against his. 

Jack hadn’t been gay, but the sheer erotic force the two men exerted upon him eroded his inhibitions, and when the two of them pulled away, he felt…different. Looking down, he saw his work clothes had become leather gear, and he now held the leads of the two rubbermen, who pulled him out onto the street and down several blocks before entering a house with an elaborate dungeon in the basement.

The two rubbermen had just lost their master, and Jack was his replacement. A slave to his rubbermen’s desires, he would feed their desires for domination, pain and cum until he, too, exhausted himself and died. Still, the pleasure was well worth it–and his slaves had allowed him to keep his hard hat, a token of a life now over.

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