Jake and Mitch were chatting behind the counter in the army surplus store, when a young man standing over by the boots said to the roughnecks, “I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what boots size I should wear.”

“It’s usually the same as your shoe size,” Mitch said.

“Well, I have weird feet.”

With a sigh, Mitch went over, and saw that the kid had already kicked his shoes off, and then the stench hit him. His brain blew a few circuits, and drooling, he got down on his hands and knees, taking as much of the kid’s socked foot in his mouth as he could. Jake rushed over to see what was going on, and a moment later, he too had succumbed to the smell, and each taking a foot, the two roughnecks worshiped the kids feet, obeying his every order without a second–or even a first–thought. 

When he left, it was with a pair of free boots, and the promise of his two new slaves that they would come see him after their shifts–and not take off the filthy socks pulled over their rock hard cocks until then.

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