Boys these days have no discipline. I mean, our nation faces great peril every day, and they’re far more interested in their smartpads and jpods. Well not the boys who come to my shop–they all leave with a different outlook on life. 

My special lather makes them all willing to learn how they’ve been wasting their lives, how they should respect their elders and serve their nation. I’m not sure who’ll end up recruiting this one–maybe I’ll see whether he sucks cock more like a marine or a sailor before telling him where to enlist. It sure is easier now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is gone–all my army boys can suck as much cock as they want. The ones who’ve come back from service tell me that sucking their mates off definitely increases cohesion and camaraderie, and men in the service don’t need women back home distracting them. Their entire focus should be on making our country the greatest world power history has ever seen. Is it a sacrifice? Sure, but it’s one I make sure they’re willing to make.

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