When Nathan had said he wanted to take Michael to a gaming convention, Michael hadn’t been too excited. He had been even less excited when he heard about Nathan’s plan to cosplay as a couple of orcs–but Nathan eventually convinced him to try the costume on. If Michael didn’t enjoy it, then he wouldn’t have to do it.

He had been expecting cardboard costumes and face paint–not the strange neon green solution Nathan had presented, but he drank it down with his boyfriend–and immediately felt sick to his stomach. His skin–it was turning green, and he was growing shorter and broader, his body filling in with pounds of muscle. Looking over at Nathan–he too was changing, but growing taller, and even more muscular than Michael. Becoming far more powerful…and Michael felt his now feeble mind overcome with the need to serve his warlord.
As Michael sucked down Nathan’s ten inch cock, Nathan told him that the convention wasn’t entirely about gaming. There was also a heavy undercurrent of sex play involved. They would be a shoe-in for first place in the costume contest, as the orc warlord and his sex slave peon.

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