There are some places in the world, small ones, where ley lines converge, which pulse with spectacular energy. There are many kinds, masculine and feminine, purity and corruption, but merely passing through them is enough to incite a small change in any person, but for a special few, whose own energies reverberate with the lines below them, something spectacular can occur.

Paul Bunyan, we believe, is one such example, though most think he is all but legend. While traversing the American Frontier, he likely stumbled through one of these intersections. Imagine his surprise as he was struck with a bout of incredible horniness, jacking his growing cock as he quickly grew out of his clothing, rocketing from the height of a normal man to twelve feet tall, his beard and body hair growing thicker and thicker and impossible to cut, his cock soon the length and girth of a normal man’s forearm. Of course we prefer to speak of these instances as mere myth–but that doesn’t stop men from spending their lives searching for these sacred places, hoping they too, will be changed, and be made extraordinary. 

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