Something weird was up with Dennis’ brother, Bryan. After his bad breakup with Cindy a few weeks ago, he had started packing on the pounds suddenly, and soon after that, he started spending a lot of time in his room with the door closed, and more than once Dennis had heard moans coming from his room.

Late one night, a particularly loud squeal woke Dennis up in bed, and he knew he had to figure out what was going on with Bryan. He snuck down the hall, opened the door a crack and peeked inside–and saw his brother, fatter than Dennis had ever seen him, fucking his ass with a dildo. Dennis let out a gasp, a quiet one, but Bryan still heard him. 

The whole story came out then–how Cindy and her witch friends had cursed him to gain weight continuously, and he could only lose the weight by getting fucked. He swore Dennis to secrecy, and his little brother agreed, but Dennis had a plan. The next day, the dildo disappeared–from now on, Dennis would be fucking his asshole brother’s hole, unless Bryan wanted to be as big as a house in a week’s time.

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