One Change #2 – Unpredictable

Making changes in the past and seeing how they shifted the future was a bit hard to anticipate. Sometimes, the smallest, apparently insignificant change would escalate into massive, unforeseen consequences, and other times, the biggest changes could have the smallest of impacts in the long run. Take Mr. Bradford Jenkins, for example.

A man of distinction and class, a paragon of his community, and quite the upstanding gentleman. In particular, he was known as quite the orator, and had used his influence as a local and state politician when he was younger to try and improve the world. Now that he was retired, he was actively involved in community theater, and loved volunteering at the library, reading stories to children. Out of curiosity, perhaps–I don’t think the Changer intended him harm–he decided to give Mr. Jenkins a debilitating stutter in his youth. A small change, but it was a very different man who walked the earth a moment later.

The new Mr. Jenkin’s had been terribly handicapped by his new impediment, doing poorly in school, and never going to college–instead getting a job in a machine shop, where he only had to take orders, not give them. His social life was equally impeded, and he never moved out of his parent’s home, spending his time masturbating, and growing very fond of games and fantasy worlds which he could involve himself in without speaking. He was now known around town as Jinx–it was said that if he spoke to you, only bad luck would follow.

On the other hand, sometimes the greatest of changes would produce the smallest of effects, or spring off into other territory entirely. Such was the case with Wade.

Wade was not a man who had ever done much good in the world. A lazy, slothful character, he preferred to lounge about and watch TV than be involved in the world around him. Perhaps in trying to do him a favor, the Changer decided to try and give Wade a hand up. Stretching the limits of his power, he removed Wade’s uncaring and frivolous nature, and replaced it with determination and resolve, expecting to see a very different man emerge. In fact, quite the opposite happened–Wade grew even fatter, his hair filthier and longer–it was as though he had grown worse, not better.

In fact, Wade had liked being a fat slob–the determination and resolve given to him was directed towards these desires, and Wade had now spent his life as a true gainer–doing everything in his power to become the fattest man in the world–and at 600 pounds, he was well on his way there. He’d made many contacts in the gaining and encouraging world, and he had a bevy of men and women sponsoring his diet and helping him achieve his dream. I’m sure the Changer was glad Wade had found a purpose for his life, but had probably hoped it would have been more beneficial to the rest of the world.

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