Jeff didn’t know where all this gear was coming from, but he knew he wouldn’t stop. The thong and cock ring had come first, and he hadn’t taken it off for weeks now–not even for work. At home though, he’d drag in the next package outside his apartment, strip down to the thong as soon as he was inside, and then rip open the box to see what new treasures he’d been sent.

Already he’d gotten harnesses, chaps, rubber body suits, jackets, boots, jocks–everything he could imagine. He spent his evening in various states of dress, jacking off and smoking for hours at a time, but not tonight. Tonight was special–he could tell. There hadn’t been a box today, and he was milking his cock, waiting, when he heard a knock. Outside he found a young leather cub on his knees. “Hello, Sir,” he said.

“Shut it cub, daddy’s horny,” Jeff replied, dragged the boy inside and fucked his face, now a leather daddy forever more.

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