“Oh God sir! Please–it hurts!”

“Relax slave! Relax and open up.”

“Please…please no–I’m not gay, I’m not an–an asspig! Ahh!”

“We’ve been over this slave, don’t make me get rough again. Now repeat after me. I’m a fag.”

“I’m–I’m a fag.”

“I’m a whore. A dirty faggot whore.”

“A–A dirty whore. Please! No more, it’s so big!”

“Relax pig, this is what you want. You have always wanted to be an asspig.”


“Say it pig, Fucking say it, or I swear to God–”

“I’m a fucking ass pig, Sir! I’m a fucking ass…oh…oh fuck…oh that feels…ohh…”

“See? I told you, all you have to do is relax and let your hole do the work. How does it feel slave, to have your master’s fist buried in you?”

“It feels…amazing sir. Thank you sir, thank you for making me your asspig.”

“You’re welcome pig. Now let’s see if you can take me up to the elbow, eh? Would that make you feel good?”

“Oh yes sir, my hole is so hungry sir, fist me hard…”

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