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It’s always the little things with you’re ex’s, you know? There’s always so many big, massive reasons to hate them–the abuse, the belittlement, the destruction of your self-worth–but it’s the little things that always stick with you, that always make you the angriest. How they always used to shit with the door open, just because. How they never let you have a dog, because who could bear all that responsibility, tending to the needs of another living thing? I mean, he thought he could handle a mature relationship, but owning a dog is too fucking much, in what fucking universe does that make sense, right Rover?


Yeah, you were a stupid asshole back when you were a human, weren;t you? Yeah, look at that tail wag. You don’t even know what I’m saying anymore, not after all that mental conditioning turned your brain to mush. Do you know how much fun it’s been the last few months, watching that old you slowly wink out of existence? Watching you forget words, take to crawling around the apartment like it’s completely normal? Sure, it was annoying when you forgot how to use the toilet, but at least you’re using the puppy pads, and that day you got fired? Ha–supposed to do a big presentation, got so stressed out you got down on your hands and knees, started howling you face off, and wet yourself right there in front of everyone? I had to come pick you up, they all think you had some psychotic break, they all think you’re gone forever, and they couldn’t be more right, huh boy?


Ok Ok, if you really need dessert after dinner, I suppose that’s alright. No teeth though–yeah, look at you slobbering all over that fucking shaft. You dogs sure do love your bones. If you’re real good after obedience lessons tonight, I might even fuck you, and maybe in a few months I’ll start training you to on how to be human again–properly this time. You’ll be the greatest boyfriend out in public, and a loyal dog at home–what more could a guy ask for, right Rover?


The Ninth Day of Christmas

Marco walked into his living room, and yawned. He’d planned on sleeping in–it was Christmas after all–but he’d woken up early and couldn’t fall back asleep. After tossing and turning for a little while, he’d finally resigned himself to getting up, and he went down to eat some breakfast, when he saw the stocking hanging above the electric heater in the living room wall. He looked at it quizzically–he hadn’t hung it up there–and then went over and looked at it, before taking the large sock off the nail and shaking it, making something metallic jangle inside but the sock was fairly light. He dumped it into his palm, and founds himself looking down at some strange metal device that, as soon as it hit his skin, came to life, crawled down his arm and into his pants before securing itself around his cock and balls.

He screamed and tried to get it off, and Santa, smoking a pipe, came around the corner chuckling. “You know, I spent a lot of time wondering what to get the really naughty boys this year–coal is so…pointless now. Hell, it was always pointless, really. Why not get something that’s a real punishment? Why not give the gift of chastity?”

Marco was looking at his cock and balls, perfectly soft and secured behind a metal cage. He kept looking for a seam, for some way to get it off of him, but the device was seamless–he couldn’t get it off. “What the hell is this you freak! Get it off of me.”

“Oh, it might come off next Christmas, if Santa’s feeling generous–don’t you worry. Still, I am very proud of the little contraption–it even comes with a few different modes. Would you like to see them? How about puppy mode?”

A crushing pain in his balls, and before Marco even knew what had happened, he was on his hands and knees, and the device was heating up, activating the leather rubber which snaked it’s way out of him, and in less than fifteen seconds, he was in a full dog muzzle with a collar and fist mitts, a rubber dog tail buttplug in his ass, and the chastity device had sprouted a short, dog cock shaped dildo which smacked his belly as he gave a shake, unable to help himself, and then he woofed in confusion at Santa, unable to talk.

“Oh, he’s going to love that–now how about mummy mode?”

The dog gear retracted, and a cold rubber slime emerged, coating his body even as he tried to keep it at bay. It completely encased his body, trapping him within a tight rubber cocoon on the floor, able to breathe only through two small holes at his nose, and he was already starting to sweat. He flailed about for a moment, but the pain in his balls returned and he found that only by staying as still as possible could he avoid pain.

“Well well, you can learn!” Santa said, rolling Marco onto his front with the toe of his boot before squatting down and slipping a gloved finger into the hole in the rubber around his ass, feeling Marco squirm. “Now, I’d love to fuck, but I leave your cherry for Kip–yeah, that little faggot down the hall you love to tease! Don’t worry, he’ll find you here in a few hours, when he eventually wakes up, with a full list of all the modes he can use on you. Have a good year, bitch.”