TPC – Chapter 1.3

Chapter 3 – A Dose of BHB

Parker watched Samuel pull that prudish looking little twerp away towards the dance floor, and if he hadn’t been coasting on the high from the weed he and Samuel had smoked before the gallery show, he might have been able to muster some resentment, or perhaps, jealousy. Instead, he pulled Hugh off in another direction, beside a few small tables and the hallway that led down to the bathrooms. Parker liked Hugh, they understood each other. It helped that the dealer was a slight fellow, he could overpower if he had to, and Hugh obviously had the hots for him, letting him get a discount on occasion, That was just perks though–it was the slicked back hair, the try hard suit that didn’t quite fit, the scruff, the cheap cologne–that was how Parker had known just from looking at him that they’d both come from relatively nothing. They were both just trying to make their way up in a world of their liking–Hugh was pushing his way up, and Parker was lifting and fucking his way there.

“You have my stuff?” Parker asked. Hugh had been his hookup for various steroids and hormones for about a year now, since Pigtown had really started taking off. The dealer was actually how Parker and Samuel had met, in fact. They’d both been buying from him at the same time, at Poni–a little hole in the wall bar that was defunct now–and the two of them, high on their preferred substances, had fucked in the bathroom, and woken up together in Samuel’s apartment the next day, no real memory of how they’d gotten there. That had been happening more and more, lately–not remembering how he got home, and not just to him. Samuel had noticed it, along with some of their friends, who had taken to calling it a Pigtown hangover. He knew it was probably worrisome, but it never felt…disorienting, or like he’d been in danger. If anything, it was a sign that he was living life to the fullest. “Took me a bit to work the funds up for you, sorry,” Parker said, and pulled out a wad of cash, some of which he’d pilfered from Samuel earlier that day. It wasn’t the first time. If Samuel noticed, he didn’t say anything about it. It was the price you had to pay, if you wanted to keep a stud like Parker around, after all.

“Yeah man, of course,” Hugh said. “But before we get to that, I got my hands on that new shit we’d discussed last week.”


“Yep,” Hugh said, dug around in a pocket, and pulled out a little vial of clear liquid–no label. “Combination steroid, performance enhancer, and aphrodisiac. Like I said, it hits like a ton of bricks, cock rock hard whenever you want it.”

Parker loved the body he was getting on the drugs Hugh had been selling him, but one of the side effects had been some rather embarrassing impotence. He hadn’t been able to get hard for Samuel regularly all of a sudden, something that his boyfriend had proceeded to mock him over, only for Parker to take shots at Samuel’s chubby frame in retaliation. They put on a good show out in public, but things were getting rocky between them. As much as the artist could annoy the fuck out of him, he happily enabled Parker’s drug habit, his gym membership, and he hadn’t had to hold down an actual job in months, since Samuel’s year had been flush. “What’s it called?”

“Some guys are calling it BHB, or Big Horny Bastard.”

“Is it hormones? Some of those you’ve given me fuck me up, you know that.”

“Trade secrets, you know that.”

“Fine, I’ll try it.”

Hugh motioned down the hallway, “Come on then, stud, let’s get it in you.”

Hugh led the way, his rather slight frame, dwarfed by Parker following behind him. The bathroom wasn’t empty, but that didn’t matter. No one here really used the bathrooms as a bathroom. They found an empty stall, Parker dropped his pants and turned around, pushing his ass, speckled with acne, back towards Hugh. The dealer pulled out a clean hypo, drew the serum from the vial, jabbed it into Parker’s ass, and gave it a squeeze. “Now, it’s subcutaneous, but give it ten minutes or so, and you’ll be feeling it.”

Parker gripped his waistband, but Hugh tugged the shorts he had on down further. Knowing the deal, and willing to get his discount, Hugh turned around, sat down on the toilet, and let Hugh get down on his knees in front of him, and take his soft cock in his mouth, Hugh’s hands exploring his thighs and chest as he sucked. After a minute, Parker’s face went a bit red–he was still soft. This was the fucking problem! He pushed Hugh off him, embarrassed and frustrated. ‘It’s not working,” he said.

“Give it a bit, alright?” Hugh said, and pushed Parker’s hand away. “Trust me.”

Parker let Hugh get back to sucking, and after a couple minutes, he did feel something. First, and most important, his cock got hard. And not the usual sort of hard-ish he’d been working with for months now. It had been enough to get into a well worked hole, but not quite hard enough to satisfy the bottom, or give him the confidence to really thrust and drive deep. It certainly hadn’t been hard enough to crack a cherry. But this…this was properly hard. Hugh looked up from where he was sucking, grinning around Parker’s cock, knowing his customer was satisfied. But the hardness wasn’t all of it. There was sensitivity. There was control. The sensation thrumming through his cock wasn’t overwhelming, though it was intense. He didn’t feel like he was about to blow at any moment. He knew exactly how distant he was from orgasm, and when he felt Hugh getting him close to the edge, he pushed him back–not ready to cum just yet.

“What’s up?”

“Don’t want to cum yet.”

“You’ll still be hard after, trust me.”

Parker was reluctant, but when Hugh went back to sucking, he didn’t object, riding the wave of pleasure until he burst down Hugh’s throat. Hugh pulled away, licking his lips and stood up. Parker looked down and saw that, true to Hugh’s word, his cock was still plenty hard–that, and he was still horny as hell. Every touch to his cock seemed to set it further on fire, and he shook his head, trying to keep himself under control. “Fuck, this is intense.”

“Not too bad, I hope.”

“Fuck no! It’s amazing.”

“Good to hear. Now, listen, it’s not like anyone has tested this shit a lot, alright? I’m not hearing about any big problems, but currently, I’m recommending that you dose two days, and then cycle off, and repeat that each week, alright? You notice anything off, you call me right away.”

“Sure, sure.”

Have the rest of this vial. That’ll be your dose tomorrow. As always, please use clean needles.”

“Whatever, fuck! I’m so fucking hard!” Parker said, gripping his cock and squeezing it, enjoying the sensation that he hadn’t felt it quite some time. 

“Happy to be of service, as always.”

“I bet you are,” Parker said, got up and pushed Hugh against the wall of the stall, running a hand down the back of his pants. He felt good. Really fucking good, and he was ready to go all over again. “How about another tip?”

Hugh pushed back, hard enough to make Parker move away. “Not now, I have business, you know that.”

“Fine, if you say so, but you know you want it.”

“I’m sure I’ll get a taste soon enough,” Hugh said, and gave Parker a kiss on the cheek. “Pleased to be of service stud. Now, my fee? I’ll take the usual this week, but just so you know, this shit is expensive. Only one supplier, you know the deal. Gonna be $200 a week.”


“You know I would never rip you off stud.”

Fuck, I don’t have that much.”

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out, or we can go back to the usual.”

Yeah right, like Parker was going to do that, after how good he was feeling on this shit. He pulled the wad of cash he’d taken out earlier at Hugh, the dealer took it, and slipped out of the bathroom, leaving Parker alone, and still plenty horny. Should he go find Samuel, drag him back here, and remind him why he’s with him? He considered it, but a cubbish fellow peeked into the stall, saw how hard Parker was still, and turned around, hole loose and still drooling cum from whoever had last used him. He wasn’t going to object. He pulled the boy in, left the door open for anyone could watch if they wanted, and all that passed between them was a series of grunts and moans, Parker taking his time, and giving the cub the proper sort of fuck that he wouldn’t forget anytime soon. 

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