(Caption) Halloween Nightmares #2

October Caption Challenge (8/31)

Times had changed, he supposed.

Jack remembered when he’d been a teenager, and it felt like he’d had all the time in the world to play video games. But now he was almost 30, with a job, and a physique to maintain. Now he was lucky if he managed to play a couple of hours a day on the weekends, and maybe sometime during the week.

But it wasn’t just that. It was that the fuckers were so fucking mean! If you wanted to play with people, that meant going online, and he was so tired of fuckers calling him whatever foul language they wanted. Sure, he understood a little trash talk, but it was ridiculous. It was enough that, tonight, he lost his temper. After getting clobbered in a round, he let loose, “If I was a fat fucking pig like you guys, I’d be good at this game too,” he said.

The guys on the other end just laughed at him, and he felt his cheeks growing red. Little did Jack know, that the demon was listening in, cackling to itself. It wasn’t long after that, that Jack went to bed, and the demon followed him into sleep.

Jack found himself on his couch again, controller in his hand, playing a game–but it seemed…harder than it should be. After struggling for a while, a dialogue popped up on the screen, asking if he’d like to decrease the difficulty. He grumbled to himself, selected yes–and felt a strange gurgle in his gut. Looking down, he saw his flat stomach bulge out into a gut, his muscles beginning to atrophy right there where he was sitting. He heaved himself up and got to the bathroom to look at himself in shock and horror. He…fuck, he looked like he hadn’t set foot in a gym in his whole life.

Then again, of course he hadn’t. He spent all that time gaming now! When the game had asked him if he wanted to make it easier, it hadn’t made the game easier–it had changed his whole life instead!

Something chuckled behind him, and he found himself looking at a strange little beast crouched in the dark. “How does it feel, being a fat fucking piggy?” it asked.

“What the fuck did you do to me?”

“Hush now, Jack, don’t you want to keep playing?”

He found himself back on the couch, the controller in his hand. He tried to get up, but he was stuck to the cushions. He tried to throw the controller, but it was glued to his hands. “What the fuck is this?”

“Play the game, Jack–I can always make it easier, if you want,” the demon said from its perch behind him on the couch.

He started playing again, and sure enough, it was easier. Everything that had flummoxed him before, his hands just…performed without any sort of effort. At least, until he passed the easy levels. Things got harder and harder, but he refused to increase the difficulty–at least until he noticed the counter for his lives at the top of the screen. It was low–only five left. How had he not noticed that before? 

“What happens if I lose all the lives?” he asked.

“It’s game over, then,” the demon said, breath hot on his neck, “Which means I get to play with you next, forever. Sure you don’t want to make it easier?”

“Please, I don’t want to play anymore. I don’t care! Make it so I’ve never played a game in my life, anything you want, I’m tired of this, please, I just want to wake up.”

“Don’t tell me you’re really going to be a quitter,” the demon said, sounded a bit disappointed.

“Yes! I quit! I’m done, I never want to play a game as long as I live.”

The demon sighed, “Well, if you say so. I guess you can spend the rest of your life on the couch, jacking your tiny cock into your fat gunt, toying with your gaping hole and fat tits, watching the most disgusting, humiliating porn you can find.”

“Wait, what?”

The next thing Jack knew, he was awake from that horrible nightmare. Imagine, him gaming! He hadn’t touched a video game in his life–though he did, on occasion, like to listen to videos of them hurling insults, imagining they were all humiliating him. He moaned, and started tugging on his fat tits, looking for the remote on the nasty couch he was sitting on. He needed to jack off, and he needed something especially filthy to take his mind off that horrible dream.

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