(Caption) Another Flubbed Spell

October Caption Challenge (6/31)

Derek never found out for certain why, exactly, his father and uncle had fallen out. It had happened when he was ten or so, around the time his uncle had divorced Derek’s aunt. His mother thought it was ridiculous, but whatever the reason, it was embarrassing enough that his father refused to talk about it. Derek had always liked his uncle, and despite the fact that he knew it upset his dad, he still went over to work on his Uncle’s farm during the summer, and the two had gotten rather close. He was close to twenty now, and had even asked his uncle about it, but he’d been as tight lipped as his dad was about it. So, when Derek had found the ancient book of spells in the library, he’d decided that a decent test would be if the book could help resolve the difficulties between his dad and uncle.

The language was difficult, and Derek had only barely graduated high school, but he found a spell that might do the trick. Something about helping people understand each other better, bringing their fates into realignment. He didn’t quite know what it meant, exactly, but he cast it one night–and when he woke up, he and his mom discovered that his father was nowhere to be found. When Derek suggested he might be at his Uncle’s place, she shook her head–and finally told the truth. Derek’s uncle had come out as gay, and divorced his wife. Derek’s dad had never been able to forgive him for it, both for the divorce, and for lying to him for all of those years. Derek, however, was certain that his spell had done something. He got in his truck and drove out to his uncle’s farm, where sure enough, he found his dad’s truck parked as well.

He used his key to get into the farmhouse, and promptly dropped his keys on the ground, when he saw the two men in front of him. 

They were his dad and his uncle…mostly. But something was wrong–their clothes, their facial hair, the fact that the air reeked of sex and both of them were kissing heavily. “What the fuck are you doing?” Derek said.

But when his uncle looked at him, Derek felt something take hold–the spell, it turned out, was still hungry.

“Don’t be upset nephew, just relax,” his uncle said, beckoned him over, and Derek found his feet shuffling forward. “Take off those clothes of yours, no need to be so nervous and buttoned up–you understand, don’t you? Just like your Daddy does?”

Derek moaned, stripping off his clothes, and before he could really process it, he was on his knees between them, worshiping one cock and then another, feeling the leather gear wrap its way around him, the collar last, locking around his neck, signalling to everyone that he was enslaved to the passions of his father and his uncle.

That evening, he tried to disentangle himself from the sex, caught a look at himself, and was horrified at the hairy, butch fuckpig looking back at him, cum drooling down the inside of his thighs as he stood there. But he needed to get to the book, didn’t he? Figure out how to fix this? But they weren’t on his uncle’s farm anymore–the small town hadn’t taken well to their incestuous triangle, but the city had suited them all just fine anyway. The book ended up back in a library eventually, awaiting the next victim to approach.

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