Patreon Suggested Story – Swine Flu

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Each year, Henry and Clark liked to get away from their wives and kids and reconnect out in the wilderness somewhere for a week or so. It was something they’d done as brothers ever since they were teenagers, and now that they were approaching 40, they wouldn’t give up their little trip away from everyone else for anything. Their parents hadn’t always been there for them, and so they’d been each other’s biggest support network, and even their wives joked that there was no way they could tear the two of them apart. This year, they’d decided to try something a bit different–a rafting trip down a river, where they’d start up in the mountains and ride the current of the river down to the valley, where their wives would pick them up at the end of the week. With their gear packed and route planned, all that was left to do was to rent their vessel–their wives dropped them off at their starting point–a small little town whose economy revolved around campers and backpackers in the area, and they made their way to the little shop that rented out the rafts.

The older man at the desk sorted out their reservation, but the whole time he was there, he kept sneezing, and while Henry handled the paperwork and the deposit for the rental, Clark hung back a bit. It wasn’t just that he seemed sick–though he was clearly unwell, from the sweat beading on his brow, the runny nose, the snorting–it was…well, when the guy pulled off his hat, a clump of hair fell off onto the ground beside him, and his clothes looked to be a few sizes too small for him, like he’d gained weight suddenly, and hadn’t had a chance to find something else to wear. When Henry was done, and they’d left the shop, Clark commented on the guy’s appearance, and Henry shrugged. Apparently, half the town had come down with it over the last couple of days, some flu of some sort. Clark hoped that neither of them would catch it–nothing could ruin a trip like a cold.

All was good for the first day. They spent some time reminiscing, talking about their kids, about the world, and just some nice silence on the river, enjoying each other’s company. It was on the second day, as they were having a snack in the raft, that Henry sneezed for the first time, but passed it off as allergies. By evening, when they stopped to make camp, he was coming down with a fever and shakes, and was ravenously hungry. He devoured most of the meal that Clark made for them both, and then a good helping of their snacks for the next day as well. Henry bundled up in the tent, suddenly cold, but Clark decided to sleep out under the stars. If the flu was worse that Henry thought, then at least one of them needed to be well enough to go get help, if necessary.

The next morning, despite insisting that he felt fine, it was clear that something was very, very wrong with Henry. He had, somehow, gained close to fifty pounds overnight. He was still sweating, and when Clark went to touch his forehead, he found that his brother’s hair had receded, and there was hair everywhere in the tent. It didn’t take much for him to convince Henry to stay at camp while he went to go get help. There was a ranger station not too far off from where they had set up camp, with a trail leading to it. If no one was there, it wasn’t too much further to a little town where he could call for help too, if he didn’t get reception along the way.

Clark packed a light bag for himself, made sure that Henry had food to eat since he was still starving, and set off to go get help. The ranger station was only a couple of miles up, but the trail wasn’t well marked. He was worried that he was lost and going in circles, when he spotted the little cabin tucked away, with a jeep parked beside it on a dirt road. That meant someone had to be there. He climbed up the steps and knocked on the door, but no one answered–even though he could hear someone inside. Or was that someones? There was a lot of grunting, but seemed to be two distinct voices. He opened the door, and there in the middle of the floor were two…men. Or at least, two people that were probably men once. They were naked, their bodies naked and glistening with sweat. The one on the bottom was completely hairless, and probably two hundred pounds heavier than the more muscular man fucking him, who had a coating of boar bristle running down his back, arms and thighs.

He turned at the sound of the door, and his face–what the fuck had happened to his face? His mouth and nose had pushed out into something like a snout, with two short tusks pushing their way out on either side of his mouth. He snorted, hauled his cock out of the fat one, and started towards Henry, his hard, inhuman, and very large cock pointed right at him and drooling cum in a steady stream on the floor. “Fuckin’ horny!” the beast said, and made a grab for Clark, who ducked back out of the way and ran–but not before he saw the shredded ranger uniform still clinging to the man’s body. He didn’t pursue Clark far, but went back in and resumed fucking the other pigman. 

What the fuck was happening? Clark checked the jeep, but it was locked. He wasn’t about to risk getting the keys out of the cabin, not with those two things in there. Instead, he kept going, following the road to town, which was only a couple of miles further on. There, things were much the same. No sign of women anywhere, just these monstrous pigmen, not one of them smaller than five hundred pounds, all of them fucking one another, unless they were stuffing their faces with anything they could find. He saw a few less severe cases, and all of them looked to be sick with the flu–the same flu that had stuck his brother down back at their camp. One, he watched get fucked by one of the massive, boarish fellows, and right before Clark’s eyes, he ballooned out into a soft, simple minded hog. From then on, the only thing that he seemed interested in was getting fucked, or stuffing his body with anything he could get his hands on. Clark kept his distance, and retreated back down the dirt road–hoping he could get back to his brother in time.

He slept a bit in the forest, fitfully, and didn’t make it back until dawn. There, he found Henry in the tent, wrenching in pain, face contorted, somewhere between human and beast. Clark tried to help him, tried to tell him what he’d seen, but Henry just grabbed him, tore off his clothes, and fucked him there by the side of the river. Clark begged him not to, at first, but after the first load coated his guts, the strange swine flu working through his system, Clark found that he was having a hard time thinking about, well, anything. All he could focus on was getting more dick in him, more hot boar dick, and the two brothers spent the next few days in a near constant sexual fervor by the river, until their growling bellies dragged them back to town, and then down into the cities. The world wasn’t prepared for this epidemic, and it wasn’t long before pigs took over and ruled the Earth.

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