Interactive: The House Made Me Gay! (Part 10)

Ethan arrived, and was given a little tour by Mr. Woodrow, and the entire experience was a bit…surreal for him. Sure, the house was beautiful, but the other guys living here…well, it wasn’t quite what Ethan was expecting, for some reason. He was sure he’d been planning on living here with his friends from school, but the guys here were…well, two of them were way too old for college, and Taylor…Ethan knew Taylor, but not…this Taylor, walking around in just a filthy jockstrap while the two older men ogle him, like if Ethan wasn’t here, they’d be all over his ass. 

Ethan opted to stay in his room and unpack, turning up the music he was playing to drown out…whatever was happening below, in the basement. It then that he found a little something tucked on the top of the dresser, with a little note from his landlord. The thing was a coupon–offering a discount on a haircut at a little shop not too far from the house. The note from Mr. Woodrow was written in gentle script, telling him that he was good friends with the owner, and that he knew he would be able to give Ethan a good trim before school started the next week.

It read like a bit of a dig, honestly, but when Ethan looked at himself in the mirror, he could understand it. He hadn’t really done much this summer other than smoke pot and play video games–his hair was too long, with a scruffy little beard he hadn’t bothered shaving for the last month or so, just to try growing it out. None of it looked all that…thought out, and maybe he could use a little trim, at least to get the year started. Besides, it would get him out of this crazy place tomorrow–Ethan could already tell that he was going to be spending a whole lot of time on campus, once school started–he can’t believe he signed a one year lease with these crazy fucks!

So the next morning, after breakfast, he got out of the house and walked over to the shop a few streets over, coupon in hand. When he got there, he knew he shouldn’t be that surprised–but it wasn’t exactly one of those clean, sleek, modern barbershops popping up all over the place. It was a hole in the wall, and the sign overhead proudly announced that they also did body piercings and tattoos as well. Ethan would be skipping that–he hated needles. Still, he was here, and the haircut was cheap. He ran his hand through his hair in the shop window, feeling a bit self-conscious, but stepped inside.

It turned out to be a one man shop–clean and organized, if a bit rundown. The owner, Phil, was waiting for him in the chair, reading the paper–he put it down as Ethan stepped into the shop. He was…huge. When he stood up, he towered over the five foot eight Ethan by nearly a foot, body packed with fat and muscle, head shaved, a thick grey beard, every inch of his body covered in tattoos–and plenty of piercings as well. “Hey man, welcome in! What can I do for you today?” Phil said, face beaming. He seemed…a lot nicer than his look would suggest.

“Oh, hey. My…landlord gave me this, and I could use a cut before school starts next week,” Ethan said, and handed him the coupon.

“Ah, Woodrow. Was wondering when he’d send someone by–been promising me all summer long! Well come on then, hop in the chair fella, and we’ll get you sorted out right away.”

Ethan got into the chair, and Phil started small talk as he got the cape around his neck, asking him about school, what year he was in, what he was studying. The conversation was nice and relaxing–Ethan found that he really liked listening to Phil talk, something about his deep voice was just…relaxing, somehow. He heard the clip of scissors and the buzz of a razor, and realized that Phil hadn’t even asked him what kind of haircut he wanted. He tried to rouse himself and explain that he just wanted a trim, but Phil put a hand on his shoulder, and calmed him down. Phil was the expert after all–he knew just what sort of style Ethan needed. It sounded like a reasonable sort of assumption. He laid back in the chair and let Phil get to work, the barber talking the whole time in a soothing voice, helping Ethan get more and more relaxed, as the young man’s new haircut started to take shape.

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