Strange Fetish: Conjoining and Merging

Alright, so here’s a good one that doesn’t come across my radar all that often, though there’s certainly plenty of it out there–scenarios where characters have their bodies merge together, and are forced to conjoin. It isn’t something that I’ve thought about very often in all honesty, but it has been popping up in my head, and on various feeds, on occasion, and so I’ve found myself considering it more and more as of late.

For me, the attraction to it is on the body horror side of things. The fact that your body, which for your entire life has only been yours, is now shared with someone else, unwillingly, in the most intimate of ways, beyond your control. While I’m not opposed to body’s merging and simply being lost–as in, a character becoming another player’s cock, or asshole, or what have you–it never quite has the same appeal to me, exactly–because I think I’m mostly interested in the struggle for dominance between the two characters as they merge. Who gets control? Who’s body is superior? It’s just a really strange, visceral conflict. Anyway, all of this is to say that here’s a weird sketch I can up with while brainstorming with a friend.

There’s nothing worse about college than being assigned a roommate. Now I’m stuck in a confined space with the sort of person I wouldn’t be caught near in a lifetime–we just have nothing in common! I mean, you have me–college football player, lean muscle, handsome, all the girls on campus go wild for me–and my fucking roommate is some fat pig of a guy, easily 300 pounds. He never leaves the room either! He’s almost always studying, or playing games, or whatever–I can’t bring pussy by at all. Still, it’s clear the disgust is mutual–I thought we’d come to the sort of tacit agreement that he would stay on my side of the room, and he’d stay on his–at least until that night.

I had gone to sleep, and he’d still been awake, doing something or other. We’d gotten into a fight again–the same old fight really, about how I wanted him to leave to room on occasion so I could have some privacy or a girl over, and he would go on about how the room is his space to, and he has a right to use it how he wants. I called him a pig, he called me an idiot who doesn’t understand boundaries. So I’m asleep, right? Then the next thing I know, the covers get thrown off me (I sleep naked, you should know, I don’t give a fuck) and before I even am really awake, my pig of a roommate has thrown himself on top of me, so our faces are inches apart.

“Here roomie–why don’t we get a bit more comfortable together? I happen to know just the trick for pricks like you.”

I try and shove him off, but he’s heavy, and…and sticky, somehow. I can’t get him to budge. Finally, after a minute of struggling, he gets off my bed–and I come with him. In the dim light of the bedroom, I realize, with horror, that somehow our bodies have merged together–my flat chest disappearing into his flabby one, his fat somehow swallowing most of my body–and I can’t get free of him. I’m still flailing about at this point, and he throws us against the wall, my back to it, and he’s pressing down on me, harder, and I can feel more and more of myself sinking into him, our faces coming closer together now. “Here, give this pig a kiss…” He says, and our lips touch, our tongues touch…and something happens. I can feel his mind invading mine somehow, all of these thoughts that I know I shouldn’t have, but…I’m getting lost. I struggle harder, and managed to get his face unstuck from mine–which means I must be able to get the rest of him unstuck too, right? I shove as hard as I can, and I can feel him coming away from me, and with a loud slurping noise, he stumbles back…but looking down, I’m not the same person I was a moment ago.

I must have gained a hundred pounds of fat from him, but it doesn’t look like he’s lost any of his own weight in the process. Worse…I can hear the thoughts in my head that he left there, about how good it feels to be fat, about how much…I like touching him, and being touched by him. I rub my new gut, feeling the shudders of pleasure coursing through me, and then he’s touching me too, and I whimper. “See? I think we’ll get along just fine now, don’t you?”

He shoves me down onto my knees, and pushed his cock into my mouth. I try to pull away, but my face has fused to his crotch–I can’t see…but I can feel his cock inside my sucking mouth, and again, I feel him rewriting my brain, telling me how much I love sucking his cock, the cocks of anyone really, that I’m so hungry for cum, that I want to be a cumdump for fat men more than anything. I try to push against his thighs, but my hands sink into his hips, down into his legs, my whole head melting into his crotch as he fucks me deeper and deeper–and we both cum, like we’re one fucking being, and then he releases me at last–but I know I’ll never be the same again.

I’m his now. His cumdump, his toy. I want to touch him, merge with him whenever I can. Being apart from him…it physically hurts so much. Sometimes, he takes me to class with him, wrapped up in his fat, in his entire body, his cock filling my hole the entire time, and there’s no place I’d rather be. I’m his–and there’s nothing I can do to change that anymore.

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