Interactive: Hypno Time! (Part 1)

This interactive is inspired by a little story I read recently, which had a hypno/time jump mechanism that I found really intriguing. Hope you enjoy it!

“You’re the one who said that you were into this.”

“Well yeah, the fantasy of it, but not…well, how in the world do we even know if it works? It’s just some weird gun that you bought off the internet. What if it, like, gives me cancer or something?”

“It’s not going to give you cancer.”

“How the hell do you know that?”

Johnny sighed, and looked down at the little ray gun in his hand. The site had seemed…really reputable, but he couldn’t really put his fingers on how he knew it, or…even really remember ordering it. After Max, his boyfriend, had confessed to him about his hypno fetish–that he secretly fantasized about being put into a hypnotic trance and being ordered to do whatever humiliating thing his master wanted–Johnny had started poking around, because the idea was…curious to him. “There’s only one way to find out, you know–so come on. It’s probably just some weird lights or something.”

It took a few more minutes of cajoling, but Johnny eventually got Max to agree to at least giving it a shot. So Johnny turned to dial on the gun to the “trance” setting, fired it at Max–and there was a sudden blinding light that enveloped him for a moment, and when it was done, Max was still sitting there, eyes looking a little glassy, mouth a bit open…was he…pretending?

“Max, are you alright?” Johnny asked.

“Yes…I’m fine…” Max replied.

“Are…” Johnny stopped, not sure what to do next. He honestly hadn’t considered the gun would actually work, so…so now what?

He made Max stand up, and strip off his clothes, down to his underwear. He made him hop on one foot, and made him start acting like a chicken, and then like a monkey…but none of this really answered his question. How could he know if the gun had really worked, or if Max was just, well, fucking with him? He’d…have to make Max do something he would never want to do in real life, but…fuck, why was thinking about that making him hard all of a sudden?

He had Max sit down, and looked at him. Max was young, and muscular, and handsome, and while Johnny was no slouch in any of those departments, he…it wasn’t jealousy, that he was feeling, he just…maybe he was more into this than even he had expected to be. Maybe having Max under his control was…something he could get used to. Before he could think about it more, he turned the dial on the gun back to normal, shot Max again on the couch, and after another burst of lights, his boyfriend was looking around, confused, and then down at himself. He saw that all of his clothes were on the floor around him, and he looked at Johnny. “What…what happened?”

“What, you don’t remember?”

“No–there was just a burst of light, and then…then I was…wait, did it work? Did it really work?”

Max got up and looked at the clock–sure enough, he had lost almost half an hour of time, from when he and Johnny had been talking earlier. “What did you make me do?” he asked.

“Nothing…I mean, I…you make a pretty good chicken, and a monkey, but…I thought you were just faking it, honestly. You…you really don’t remember any of it?”

“Did you have sex with me?”

“What? No!” Johnny exclaimed. “I…Look, this was a bad idea, I’m sorry, alright?”

Max grabbed his clothes, threw them on, and stormed out, leaving Johnny alone with the gun. He felt bad, but that didn’t stop him from masturbating and thinking about it. It was later that evening when he got a call from Max, and he picked up.

“I’m…I freaked out, I know you didn’t have sex with me, I…I know you wouldn’t do that. I don’t think you would do that…”

Johnny wasn’t so sure himself, anymore, if he wouldn’t if he had another chance. “You were…sexy like that, all zonked out in a trance.”

“You…thought it was hot?”

“I mean…it was creepy too, I just…”

“I’m coming over.”


“I’m coming over. I want you to trance me again, and fuck me, and then wake me up as you cum inside me.”

“Max, I’m not–”

“I’ll be there in half an hour.”

Max showed up, and he was adamant, and Johnny was honestly into it, so he did as Max told him–tranced him, they fucked, and it was…fuck it was hot–for them both. The gun started working it’s way into their life, little by little, but it was Max who pushed it further, first.

“I want one day. Twenty-four hours with you under trance.”

“What? I…I don’t know, Johnny. What the hell would you do for a day?”

“You’d find out when you came out of it.”

“I…I mean, that’s…”

“I can see you want to–you’re hard as a rock.”

“I…Tell me what you’d do. You must have an idea.”

“No–that’s for me to know, and for you to find out later,” Johnny said, waving his phone in his face, “I’ll keep a record of it for you, I promise.”

It took some more cajoling, but Max did finally give in. They agreed to do it on that Saturday–that Johnny would have him under trance from ten in the morning, until Sunday morning. Johnny had been…plotting, for a while now. He still couldn’t quite believe that the gun really worked, and that Max wasn’t pulling his leg. He had to make Max do something that he would never do, without hesitation–he had to see just how far he could go with this new power.

Here’s the first poll! The categories are a bit broad, because I kind of want to see what sorts of changes you all might be interested in seeing. Here’s the bonus patron poll as well!

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