Caption: Gramps’ Garage

No one loves you like grandpa loves you boy.

Out there, who the fuck would want to give you a second glance? Look at all of your fat rolls, tiny cock, big ears, that annoying voice of yours. Nobody wants you, but here, with grandpa? You know that you’re special.

You know grandpa loves how fat you are, loves how you moan, loves that little cock of yours and that hungry hole. You don’t need to go anywhere else to get what you need, you don’t need a woman, and you don’t need friends. You just need gramps is all. Feel his old hands on your belly, playing with your fat. His hot breath and bushy beard scraping against your tender skin. HIs weathered hands on your scalp as he pushed you down onto your knees, face to face with his big, stinking, uncut cock.

“Who’s my hungry piggy?” he’ll ask you, and you’ll hate it, hate that the answer is you, but…but if you didn’t have grandpa, who would you have at all? So you grunt for him, and suck him off, get his old cock hard, and he’ll turn you around and plow you, there in the garage, and it hurts still, but less than it did. You’re getting used to it. You’re starting to enjoy it. You’re starting to believe him.

You’re starting to see this pig in the mirror outside of the garage. You’re starting to think that he might be right. You don’t think you always looked like this, you thought it was some trick, some spell he’d cast on you, but maybe…maybe you were just being thick. “You gonna come for grandpa today, piggy? Is that short little cock gonna blow a load for me, all over the fucking cement?” You don’t want to give him the satisfaction, but with a grunt, you do, pumping a big load all over the floor, knowing that grandpa will make you lick it up, once he finishes inside you.

Back in the house, you look in the mirror. You look like you remember, like before–mostly. But you…can see it, you know the truth. One day, you’ll look in the mirror, and grandpa’s pig is all you’ll see. The thought makes you hard, and you get in the shower, run the water ice cold, but the thought won’t go away. It’s still there, eating away at you, no matter how hard you try and deny it, and one day, it’ll all be gone for good.

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