Caption: Farm Animals

I wouldn’t say that he was lazy, exactly, but I would say that “town work” as he would call it had never suited my brother. While I was happy enough working at the diner as a busboy and dishwasher over the summer, before my senior year, Rex–a couple years my senior–was busy working at a nearby cattle ranch instead. We made about the same money–I could beat him when my tips were good–but I began to notice that something about Rex was…well, off. He’d always been big–bigger than me, though I was hardly out of shape–but that summer, he got…well, massive.

My brother in the bed of the truck, and me on the ground, at the beginning of the summer.

He also was behaving weird. He’d stare off into space a lot, and wouldn’t talk much at all, and when he would, he…well, he sounded dumb, honestly. He’d never been a brainiac, neither of us were, but now, he didn’t even seem to know what basic words meant. My parents didn’t really give a shit–he was old enough that he’d just moved out on his own anyway, so they didn’t see most of it, but I was getting, well, worried, honestly. So one day, on my day off, I decided to check out the farm, mostly out of curiosity, but also concern.

Well, I shouldn’t have poked my nose around there, that was for sure. I found my brother and the older farmer in the barn, my brother mooing like a fucking steer, while the farmer plowed his ass, and when they saw me, he sicced my own brother on me! He didn’t even seem to recognize me, and he knocked me out…and ever since, I…I’m not right.

I can’t talk about it with anyone, for one thing. I moved in with my brother, and dropped out of school, not because I wanted to, but because something told me I…I had to, but it’s what’s happening between me and my brother that has me really terrified. He…he smells so fucking good. So…dominant, and I must smell really good to him too, because he comes home, gets one whiff of me, and he…plows me. I…go with him to the farm, but I don’t work there. I don’t know what I do there, I just…black out, everytime, but my body is different–fatter, for one thing, and my balls are so…big. My cock isn’t working right either, it leaks all the time now, and it feels so good…milking it, milking it like…like a good little cow, yeah…milk my slutty little udder real…real nice…while my bull fucks my cunt…

What…what was I saying? Fuck, I hope Rex gets home soon, I’m so horny, I…fuck, that’s his truck, gonna…gonna fuck me real good, like a proper bull should.

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