City of Bears: Series 2 – Bear Boutique

Originally published as a serial, from March 2011 to May 2011.

There was a rather short gap between Series One and Series Two, at least as far as publishing is concerned. Most of the gap occurred earlier, between the penultimate and ultimate chapters of Big Bears of Campus, as I realized that this thing I was writing was something a bit larger and more involved than what I had initially conceived it to be. This is going to be a constant theme, as I repost these old works, where my ambition and my work tends to outstrip itself in the process. I wrote this second series very quickly, over the course of a vacation earlier that year. At the time, it was the longest piece that I had ever written, and my first attempt to structure a longer piece at all. If anything, it reads as three separate stories, each with a beginning, middle, and end, and the weakest points, looking back, are where those three stories try to intersect at the end of the piece. It led to quite a few false starts and some unused chapters, which I will also be posting at the end of this, as appendices. It’s flawed, but plenty enjoyable. It taught be a lot about who I was as a writer, and how these stories work at all!

Table of Contents

Prologue – A Summoning

Our story so far…

Over three days towards the beginning of the fall semester, something strange happened at Bortman University. It started small, the occasional student or professor growing beefier and hairier inexplicably, but what started with a few quickly became an epidemic. Those who realized something was going on at all were caught by surprise, and in most cases, succumbed to the mysterious changes sweeping across the campus despite their attempts to escape. New majors were now offered, devoted to gay sex, porn production, bear history and a wide variety of blue collar jobs. By the end of it, there wasn’t a single person left on campus unchanged, although many still recalled their previous lives, and these few began resisting, forming a small movement against the school’s new president, a strange man named Tristan Newbeary.

He was believed by many to be the cause of all of these changes, though no one had any idea why he would want to do so. Some believed he was a wizard, others thought they were being tested on by the military, and a few questioned whether he might not be human at all, but rather an alien or a being from another dimension. Under his orders, the campus security has hunted down any one resisting these changes relentlessly, and those who they captured were never the same again, fully lost to their new forms, though often far worse off than they would have been. Undeterred, the unrest was growing steadily, taking all of Tristan’s efforts to keep the campus under his control.

We rejoin the story one cold day several weeks later in the very early morning. Tristan has left his office unexpectedly and wandered alone into the woods on campus. Those who work with him have noticed he has seemed very restless as of late, a fact which worried many, particularly his lover, Frank, the academic dean of the university. He refuses tell them what is wrong, but even they can sense that not everything is going according to plan. He trekked deep into the woods, deeper than they possibly could have extended. The veil was thin here, the boundary between his own world which he had abandoned and this new one he sought to conquer, however, it seemed that it had been foolish to try and accomplish this task alone. He had believed that the elders’ amulet alone would give him the power to achieve his aims, but it was not enough, and it’s range weakened considerably a short distance away from campus. He needed more to complete his conquest, and he hoped this gambit would not be the beginning of his downfall.

He stopped, unsure whether the summoning magic would be strong enough to reach through the veil to the other side, however, he knew that while it would be very easy to cross back, once there, he would not have the energy to return. Still, he would try, and concentrating on the image of his target, he uttered a short incantation:

“A debt is owed for a life saved,

Maxwell Longfang,

answer the call of your debtor,

Tristran Newbeary.”

A strange wind blew through the trees, shaking the boughs above, bearing strange smells of woods long forgotten in worlds such as this one. The veil shimmered for a moment, and Tristan watched as a large, humanoid bear came through. A very large, hulking bear, standing at least two feet taller than the already large Tristan, his black fur bristling with rage and fire raging in his eyes. It had been so long since Tristan had seen one of his own kind, he could not help but feel slightly nostalgic. And the fact that it was Max standing before him only made the feeling…stronger.

“You fucker!” Max snarled, “You call in this favor now? Have you no honor?”

Max was Tristan’s cousin, but more importantly, he was an alphaborn, although he did not like being reminded of that fact. Alphas were natural leaders and dominators, generally taking positions as generals and elders within the clan, but Max was born with an unusually soft heart. He did not wish to use his innate powers to create a harem of thralls or lead armies, because he believed that controlling others was a violation of their basic rights. Instead, he had rejected his status, opting for a life of solitude and effective exile in a cave a good distance away from the rest of the clan, generally meditating alone, working to control the raging beast inside of him, and nothing more. As such, he was seen as an embarrassment, and the clan tried to forget that he even existed. Tristan was the only person who visited him regularly, and it was only that connection which stayed Max’s hand from delivering the slap Tristan deserved for his meddling.

“Regardless of honor, I have called in your favor, Max. You may either refuse and renounce your life, or hear my request and fulfill it to the best of your abilities. Those are the conditions of your binding.”

“As I well know…” Max replied, uttering a gruff sigh, then smelling the wind, “So this is…Earth, they call it? It is strange. And is that the form of a human? They are frail looking.”

“They are stranger than I thought, believe me, and unbelievably…resilient when they choose to be,” Tristan replied, “And for the record I would have rather not called on you but I require aid, and since the clan has rejected me, my hand is forced.”

“Rejected you? They did not reject you, you stole the elders’ amulet! Do you grasp the amount of chaos that action has brought about? I mean, I do not receive much word from the village, but even this news did not escape my ears.”

“I believe that it was a risk that was worth taking, to accomplish what I believe will give us all greater happiness.”

“What, subjugating an entire foreign world? Do you understand how ludicrous that notion is? Return home and end this foolishness. The other clans sense weakness and chaos and arepreparing to attack. No one understands, Tristan. No one, not even Elder Father, and he is so angry that his roars have shaken even the walls of my cave. Please, end this nonsense while things can still be salvaged. I do not want to see any harm come to you, our clan, or these people.”

“This is our chance at freedom, Max. Freedom from the elders and their endless clan wars which do nothing for anyone. Here, we can have absolute power. We can be kings, and they our subjects, worshiping us. Does that not appeal to you? Ah, but you have long denied your own status, so I suppose you would rather refrain,” Tristan added, with a hint of mockery.

Max let out a low growl, “Don’t you dare mock me, cub. I have made my choices, and you seek to judge me by them? Make your request so that I may be done with you, and return to my solitude. It has been so long since I saw another face. I admit that, back home, I looked forward to seeing you each day, and since you left it has been…difficult to control,” Max said, looking away from Tristan’s eyes. “But what choice do I have? I accept your demands, and I will fulfill one task which you set before me, to the best I am able.”

“Well then, here,” Tristan said, extending a silver chain necklace, “A charm of my own devising. It shall give you an adequate disguise for your work, I believe, though I can do nothing to hide your alpha status. It’s a pity really. You have so much potential, yet you refuse to wield it.”

“It is my own life, cousin,” Max said, taking the charm from Tristan’s hand and slipping it around his neck. His bear form slowly shifted, becoming a large, heavy set man. Unsurprisingly, he looked like a hermit and smelled almost as bad, his hair and beard long and uncombed, though his eyes, while still furious, were bloodshot and exhausted. Max rarely slept, fearing the dreams that came during the night, dreams of descending upon the rest of the clan and raping every bear he came in contact with. And always, Tristan was there by his side, cheering him on, pushing him, urging him onto greater heights of pleasure and domination, and always at the end, Tristan would service him, above all the others, and just as Max would be about to cum, he would wake to a throbbing member which it would take hours, and sometimes days, to calm. He only allowed himself release once per day, more as a formality than anything else, so that he didn’t repeat the mistake he made in the past, when he first took his oath, and when Tristan saved his life.

Pushing those thoughts away, he took a moment to feel the strange flesh beneath his hands, already missing his claws and fur. As if to mock him, the cock hanging there was larger than his actual one. “Is this your idea of a joke?” he asked, looking down at the foot long monster, with two equally gargantuan balls hanging beneath it.

“A joke? No. Why would I insult your dignity like that? If anything, it suits you, I…think,” Tristan said, coming closer, “I…missed you, you know, all these weeks.” He said, mostly to himself, but when he realized he was about to reach for Max’s cock, he stopped himself. “Come, I will explain everything to you soon, but first, we need you to look presentable.” He waited to see if Max had any response, but the larger man did nothing, so Tristan led the way out from the woods, neither of them speaking to one another. It took several hours for Max bathe, have his hair and beard trimmed, and find clothes that fit on his very large frame, but finally, Tristan opened a portal and the two of them stepped through, into a large shop at the local mall.

“Now, for your task. My attentions have become somewhat…occupied of late by events occurring on campus which require more of my attention. I am trying to resolve the issue, but it is taking me longer than I anticipated. In the meantime, I need my influence to spread further out into the city, before my actions draw any attention from the authorities of this world, making things more complicated. I have managed to stake out this outpost beyond the campus, where the veil is thin and our world has seeped through somewhat already. This was a workwear store which I purchased and had…restocked with a new, and wider selection of items.” Tristan and Max walked around the front of the store, which was stocked with a large variety of clothing, most of it some kind of denim or flannel. “Out front, I keep all of the tame products, while back here is where we keep the fun stuff.” Tristan guided him to the back, were a doorway was covered by a beaded curtain, which they ducked behind. There, leather dominated the shop. The floor was dominated by a wide selection of bondage gear and dungeon equipment to one side, another corner was devoted to various tobacco products. “Also, there’s a small office in the back in case you need something with some privacy for…any reason,” Tristan added.

“Alright. but what exactly do you need me to do?” Max asked, trying not to think of all the things he could do with the multitude of objects back there. All the things he wanted to do with them.

“There are three men who will pass by the shop today. I want you to corrupt those three men for me, using anything you would like to use in this store.”

“Three? I am only bound to complete one task for you, not three.”

Ah, but their skeins runs together quite tightly, and to corrupt one, you would inevitably need to corrupt the other two as a matter of course. I do want to add, however, that there are two rules.” Tristan said, “Rule number one. Here at the bear boutique, the customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed. No one may leave if they have a complaint about your services. Second, if these three men pull anyone else into the store, then you must…satisfy them, as well.”

“Fine. I understand, but how will I recognize these three?”

“They will pass in front of your store at 1:28 this afternoon, in approximately twenty minutes. In the meantime, I will go…open their minds a bit, allowing them to notice the store, and you. Otherwise, everyone else will just see an empty store front. Lure them in, change them as you will. Your task must be finished before this day is done, at which point you will return home. I may come in from time to time, to check on your progress as well, but I’m sure you’ll do a fine job. You alphas always do.”

Max glared at his cousin, who smirked before opening a portal and stepping through, leaving Max alone in the store. He had twenty minutes, so he might as well look around and see what he had at his disposal. He took a couple steps into the back of the store, close enough to get a good look at some of the sex toys. He blushed, and returned to the front instead. Perhaps he’d just stay up here–it would be safer that way. Ten minutes later, after perusing his new wares, he was leaning against the store entry, watching the crowds of humanity pass before him. Such poor souls, he thought, unaware of what Tristan had planned for them. His anger began to simmer again. He had dedicated his whole life to preserving the freedom of others, and in turn, his own freedom from his dark heart, and now, Tristan has forced him to turn his back on that oath, but there was nothing to be done about it. The seconds passed slowly as Max watched and waited, already full of regret, and wishing for this day to end quickly.

Chapter One – Luke Tries On Some Clothes

James, Luke, and Kyle walked out of the movie theatre, unable to make eye contact, still disturbed by what they had seen. They had been friends since college, but they didn’t see each other as often now, but they made an effort to always see a movie together on the weekends. It was in some ways strange that the three of them wound up as friends. When they had found out that they had been assigned a triple in the dorms at Bortman University, each of them had spent the summer dreading the idea, but they got along famously all four years, despite having almost nothing in common with one another.

James had always been more into football than school and majored in English, figuring that it would be an easy choice. Despite being good on the football field, he’d never really had a chance at going pro, and now was stuck at a low-paying office job that he absolutely hated. Back in school he’d always been in great shape, but in the years since his physique had gone to pot mostly, with a modest gut and some extra flab everywhere else. Of course, he was still handsome, with the same wavy blond hair and blue eyes that had always driven women wild, but he hadn’t dated anyone in years, ever since he’d had to move back home and live with his father, Dan, because he couldn’t make enough to live on his own. His dad had no sympathy for him, and expected him to earn his keep, so in addition to paying most of his paycheck in rent and food, he basically waited on his father, doing the cooking and cleaning while Dan sat in his recliner watching TV, ordering his son around whenever he felt like it. Luke had offered to let James move in with him any number of times, but James had always refused, mostly out of pride.

Luke was the nerd of the group, or at least, he had been. Always the skinnier one, he’d been one of the first students at college to hop on the hipster trend, and after graduating, had scored a job working for one of the trendiest online magazines in the nation, or at least, he’d managed to get a job as a blogger, keeping people updated on the local scene. Where James didn’t pay much attention to how he looked, for Luke, image was everything. He’d spend an hour each morning coordinating his outfit before heading out on the town, searching for the Next Big Thing. He knew that if he was the one to find it, he might get a position on the actual writing staff, and finally move out of the smelly studio apartment he was currently living in, alone. James and Kyle had never questioned why Luke didn’t have a girlfriend, or why they’d never even seen him take a girl home at all. To them, Luke was just Luke, and if it was quirky, they just passed it off as who he was.

Kyle was the success story of the three of them. He’d majored in business and gotten a job at a high profile real estate company right after graduating. With his good looks and charm, he rarely failed to make a sale, and the company had rewarded him with a large salary and high profile clients looking for million dollar listings. This success had gone to his head, a fact which irritated James and Luke, but he didn’t care. Of course, just because he had money didn’t mean he had any sense of taste. In fact, he was usually dressed in the tackiest suits and always was wearing an obnoxious amount of jewelry. Luke hated his outfits almost as much as he had grown to detest Kyle’s personality. That someone with so much means could look so…disgusting–there was no excuse for it. James and Kyle had always gotten along famously though, and no matter how much Luke wanted to hate him, he usually could never feel that way when he was with him. Kyle just managed to make everyone he met feel special. He did have two very bad habits. The first was his sticky fingers. He’d been arrested for shoplifting more times than he could count. The second was gambling. Of course, he had the money to burn, and man did he burn it, often blowing thousands of dollars a week at the poker table. He knew he should learn some self-control, but life was just too much fun at the moment to try.

They had caught an early matinee on Saturday afternoon at the mall which was very busy, but each was lost in his own thoughts about what they had just witnessed in the theatre. Finally, Luke broke the silence, “Was that last scene…weird? Or was it just me?”

“No, that was fucked up,” Kyle said.

“No shit,” James added, “I mean, who would have thought those two would…”

Silence reigned again, as each thought about the movie they had just seen. It had been billed as the usual tough guy action movie, about two rough cops taking down a crime gang in the big city, and sure, it had delivered on its promise, with plenty of explosions and shooting and all that jazz. But then…

“I mean…have you ever seen two guys kiss like that?” James finished.

The other two just shook their heads side to side, unable to get the image out of their head. The two cops had just taken out the mobsters, and the they were standing in the middle an abandoned warehouse. But as the ending music soared, they suddenly embraced, and in front of the entire audience began to kiss, first gently, and then more and more passionately as they began to strip off  each other’s clothes, their sweaty bodies all over each other, and just as one was about to go down on the other, the screen went to black, and the credits rolled. Even stranger, no one else in the theatre had seemed to notice it, or if they had, they had nothing to say about it. None of the reviews they’d read had even hinted about the hot and heavy scene at the end, which would probably have dissuaded the three from it. Not that they were homophobic or anything, but…“did they have to…I don’t know, show so much of it?” Kyle mused.

As they walked down the mall, a man standing outside a shop called to them, “Hey, you three! How about taking a look around my new store?”

“Oh, uh…I think we’re all good,” James said, and looked up at the name, “Bear Boutique.” In the window there were a few mannequins dressed in a wide variety of menswear, ranging from flannel and denim to expensive looking suits. All of the models looked a bit bulkier than usual though, which seemed strange to him. Then he took a better look at the man standing outside, and it made a bit more sense.

The guy was huge–probably seven feet tall, if not a bit taller, and packed with muscle, straining the fabric of the dress shirt he was wearing, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, displaying the large amount of hair carpeting his forearms. The top couple buttons of his shirt were undone, hair tufting out there as well, climbing up his neck all the way to his face, where very full but well trimmed beard grew high up on his cheeks. Despite the the wrinkles on his face and the mans very tired eyes, he seemed quite young, or at least full of energy, as he strode over towards the three of them.

“Here, just take a quick look around. We’re having our grand opening sale this week, and there are some great deals in there,” The man said, “I’m the manager, by the way. The name’s Max,” extending his hand and shaking each of the friends in turn. His massive hand engulfed all of theirs, and his grip was firm enough to make even James’ hand hurt a bit.

“Come on, let’s take a look,” Luke said. Of all of them, he was the most intrigued. Who knows? Maybe the Next Big Thing was in there waiting for him.

I promised my dad I’d be home by two to make lunch though,” James said, pointing to a clock which showed it was nearly 1:30.

Kyle chuckled, “That fat bastard can wait. Come on, let’s just take a quick look.”  

All three of them headed into the store, followed up by Max. Luke immediately began checking out the racks of clothing, chuckling occasionally as he did. Kyle, meanwhile, was drawn to a small jewelry display set up by the register. It wasn’t anything special, he knew, just some silver rings, most of them engraved with Celtic knots or other abstract designs, but one of the necklaces caught his eye. It was a silver bearclaw with a small crystal set in the middle, that twinkled in the dim lights of the shop.

James, still checking his watch, wandered around a bit, before examining a display of cosmetics, soaps and colognes on one wall. “Still living with the parents, eh?” Max asked.

James jumped a bit, unsure of how the large man had moved so quickly or quietly behind him. “Well, my dad, at least. My mom ran off years ago.”

“That must be frustrating.”

“Ha, you have no idea,” James said, “He’s a fucking slob, and doesn’t even work. He makes me do all the housework, and I still have to pay him rent, or he’ll kick me out. If I bring a girl home, he’ll usually hit on them, or just gross them out entirely.” He felt his face starting to get red, and felt a bit embarrassed, “Sorry, I…I don’t usually gush like that to strangers.”

“Oh, I get it a lot,” Max said, slipping one hand around James’ shoulders and leading him over to a display case along the wall, “Something about me just makes people open up I guess. Maybe I can find you something to spice your life up a bit?”

“I guess. What do you have in mind…sir?” James said, surprised at the formality. It just felt…right to call the larger man that. Something about the way he carried himself, and about the way he…smelled. James tried to shake that thought away. He wasn’t gay, why would he care what a guy smelled like?

“Well, I have some things that might interest you over here,” Max said, and led James over to a counter where a number of bath products were on display. “We have this very nice line of body sprays for men. I guarantee that they will help on the relationship side of things at least, and maybe the family side as well. You never know. Maybe they’ll just shuffle everything up a bit for the better.”

“Thanks, but my dad hates scented stuff.”

“Well look, how about I give you this three pack,” the salesman said, grabbing a small package from behind the counter, “These are some of our most popular scents, and I’ll give them to you for free. That way, if you don’t like them, you aren’t out anything, but I’m sure you’ll both enjoy them.”

“I don’t know…”

“Look, it can’t hurt. Just consider it on the house. A grand opening special, if you will.”

James still didn’t really want the pack, but Max forced them into his hands anyway, “Now, I’m sure you’ll need to get on your way, since you wouldn’t want to be late.”

“Yeah, I need to get going, or he’ll beat my ass into next week,” James said, and blushed, realizing how whipped he sounded. He waved goodbye to Luke, but didn’t see Kyle anywhere in the shop. Figuring he’d taken a look around and left already, James headed out, his free samples in hand, while Max wandered over towards Luke, who was still looking through the racks of clothes.

“Hey, where’d the other one go?” Max asked.

“Oh, Kyle?” Luke said without glancing up, “He probably stole something and took off, like he always does, the fucking thief.”

Max just raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

“Yeah, the guy takes stuff all the time. Stole all sorts of things in college. He probably took some of your jewelry that he was looking at over there. He’d be interested in tacky shit like that.”

“Well, you sure do know how to compliment a business,” Max said, mostly to himself, “Oh well, if he did take something, thieves always lose the things they cherish most, in the end. Now, is there something I can help you find?”

“Well, I gotta say, this stuff is all great, just great,” Luke said, “So vintage. And the price? I mean, how ironic can you get?”

“Excuse me?” Max said.

Luke looked at the guy and sighed, “Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s hip man, just go with it. The ‘blue collar’ look is totally going to be in this season, and trust me, this is going to be a great place to come and get it. I can’t wait to blog this when I get home. Hell, I’ll tweet a hint right now, just to get people interested,” Luke pulled out his phone and started typing away, while Max just stared. He didn’t understand these creatures at all.

“Well, is there anything you’d like to try on? I’d be happy to measure you and find some things than might fit, though…we tend to stock for slightly…larger men. Still, I’m sure we can find something for you.”

Luke didn’t really have time, but pictures always made a post better. Hell, if they were funny enough, he might even have a chance at going viral. He shrugged, and followed Max over to a corner by the dressing rooms, where there was a three way mirror. Luke stood while Max got a fabric tape and began taking his measurements, occasionally scowling a bit. Luke wasn’t just thin, he was a fucking rail. Max knew he had his work cut out for him as he finished marking down some numbers and sighed, “Well, it might be a bit roomy, but I might have some things for a…petite guy like you. Just give me a second and I’ll see what I can find,” he said, and started going around the room, searching through the racks of clothes for something that might work.

Luke was a bit offended by the notion that he might be too skinny. After all, skinny was hot right now. He had his slim cut T-shirt on, and skin tight jeans he’d taken in himself just to get the fit right. In the mirror he admired his image. Checking from a few angles to make sure everything was still coordinated correctly. After making sure everything was in place, Luke took another look around the store. From the front, he’d expected it to be quite small, but it looked like there was another area separated off by a beaded curtain. He started over to see what was back there, but before he could, Max called out, “Sir! I have some things for you to try on, if you still want to.”

Luke retreated and saw that Max had a small stack of clothes in his hands. “Now, I have a few more places to look around, but go ahead and start with these. The fitting rooms are over there,” he added, pointing towards a couple of gated cubicles built into the wall by the clothing racks on the other side of the store.

“Just out of curiosity, what’s in the back there?” Luke asked, and Max smirked.

“Oh, the back area? Well, we also carry some specialty items, but…uh…probably nothing that would interest you,” Max said, blushing a bit, “Go ahead and try these on to get you started, and I’ll see what else I can find for you.”

Luke took the gear and headed over to the dressing room. He was surprised by how large the room was. It was almost the size of a small bathroom, with a bench in one corner and a large mirror hanging on one wall. It could have easily fit two guys of Max’s size in there, though perhaps not comfortably. He took a look at the clothes Max had picked out for him, and couldn’t help but chuckle. Ironic didn’t even start to describe it. In the stack there was a shirt with a smiling bear giving a thumbs up on the front, a pair of denim shorts, work boots and some rough wool socks, all things Luke wouldn’t normally have been caught dead wearing. But just for laughs, he stripped down to his briefs, pulled the clothes and boots on, and looked at himself in the mirror.

It was hilarious, and he got his phone out of his jeans and snapped a couple of joke pics of himself for later, making a few silly dumb looking faces as he did, and then headed out into the store area again to see what else Max had found. He found him waiting for Luke at the mirror again, tape in hand, “Good. Now, I need to double-check a few measurements, if you don’t mind. I just want to make sure I got everything right,” he said.

As he walked over to the large man, Luke’ heart fluttered a bit, a sensation that only got worse as Max began measuring him again. There was something about being so close to another man that was getting him kind of excited. No, not just another man. Something about being close to Max. There was something about him, some…scent. It exuded command and dominance, but also an air of sensuality, which was making Luke really horny. Hoping for a bit of fun, he “accidentally” bumped his crotch into Max’s hand, who snapped it back like it had bitten him, his face flushing.

“Hey, uh…sorry about that,” Luke said. Was it just him, or was his voice suddenly lower? “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Dont…Don’t worry about it,” Max said, “I’m just…well, never mind. I just didn’t expect you to be going…uh, commando under there.”

Luke was confused. He was certain that he’d left his briefs on in the dressing room, but now that Max mentioned it, he could feel the rough denim brushing against the head of his cock. His…hard cock. “Oh, uh…sorry about that. I usually wear briefs…”

“Well, it…uh…felt to me like you might need something with a bit more support,” Max said. “And I guess I did get some of my measures wrong, so I’ll go find some better sizes for you, not that you look bad…I mean…” Max quickly turned away and started picking out more clothes as quickly as he could. It was so hard just keeping a lid on it now that he was forced to interact with someone other than Tristan, especially after not seeing for weeks prior. For some reason, when his cousin came to the cave, Max just felt remarkably calmer, and he had misjudged how alone he really was without that one point of contact. Now, the beast in him was raging, but he had a task to finish. He’d just have to get Luke changed and out of here as quickly as possible, and everything would be alright.

“Hey, uh…just a quick question. Do you…wear cologne, or something?” Luke asked from across the room, “Because…something you’re wearing smells…really good.”

Max just stared at Luke for a moment, his face turning red, and then he quickly resumed looking for more clothes without saying a word. Luke shrugged and headed back to the dressing room to change back into his old clothes, but when he stepped in, there was nothing there. Figuring he’d gone into the wrong stall, he checked the other one, but still, there was nothing. “Where in the hell did my clothes go?” he wondered aloud, but that thought worried him less than he’d thought it would, but something still seemed off. Did he usually have that much stubble on his face? And he looked a bit bigger, or stockier maybe was a better word. He was still analyzing his reflection when Max came back over, bearing another set of clothes.

“Here you go, some more stuff for you to try on. Keep the shorts, lose the shirt, and put everything else on in the pile. I have a feeling we’re going to be making some good progress with this bunch,” Max said, handing Luke the clothes and then darting off again.

Luke took the stack of clothes and returned to the dressing room, where the first thing he did was drop his shorts, and sure enough, he didn’t have any underwear on after all. He took off everything else, and it was strange being completely naked in such a public place, but it gave him a chance to have another look at his frame. The first thing which surprised him was the line of hair running up his chest, and the thin carpet covering his slightly chubby pecs. He hadn’t been that hairy before, had he? Before what, exactly? Besides, it looked pretty good, he had to admit, as he started massaging his cock. Max looked really good. Luke groaned softly as thoughts of the older man filled his head. Of undressing him, first unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his face in all of that hair, and his firm gut. Smelling him all over. He’d get on his knees, and watch as Max slowly unzipped the fly of his dress pants, letting out–

Realizing what he was thinking, Luke pushed the thoughts away. He was even more embarrassed that he’d even think about masturbating in a dressing room, and he quickly started sorting through the new things Max had given him, pulling on a jockstrap and then a tank top with the name of some gym on the front. The pouch of the jock was a bit loose, as was the shirt, but he trusted Max’s judgement, and pulled his shorts back on, which fit him snugly, showing off his nice ass.

When he was finished, he was surprised by how hot he looked. He started massaging his cock through the denim, then unzipped the fly, loving how his large package filled the pouch of his jock to bursting. Yeah, the guys at the site would love this. The construction site where he worked, that is. For a moment, he recalled writing…something for some web magazine, but that wasn’t right. Still rubbing his cock, he flexed one arm, admiring the bulge of muscle from his long hours at the gym. Damn, he was so sexy, especially with that full beard he’d been growing in for a while, and the light coating of fur on his muscled arms. Pulling out his phone again, he began snapping some pics of himself flexing, then palming his bulge. Yeah, his cock did fit very nicely in the pouch of the jockstrap, all eight inches of it.

He pulled his cock out the side, slowly massaging it as he took a few more shots, then put his phone away so he could fondle his big balls with his other hand. Dang he was horny. Maybe he could ask Max for a quick blow job before trying on the next set of clothes, or better yet, give the man a blow job while he shot his load all over the floor. Yeah, he remembered scoping out the older man’s cock before, the crotch of his dress pants filled to bursting. The guy sure did seem nervous though–maybe he needed some help relieving some pressure down there. He could just imagine getting down on his knees and nuzzling the soft fabric, jacking his own cock as he did, getting ready to worship him. Yeah, worship him, that’s what he was supposed to do. That’s what the aroma was telling him. Get down on his knees and kiss the man’s feet, drink his cum, and offer his ass for a good, long fucking. The speed of his stroking had increased, and without really paying attention, he suddenly blew a load all over his hand and the mirror in front of him, grunting and groaning as he did. Unable to resist, he got down on his knees and licked up his own seed, pretending it was Max’s, the older man standing over him, ordering him to clean up the mess he’d just made.

There came a polite knock on the door suddenly, and Max tucked his still leaking cock into his jock before unlocking the door, where Max stood with a new pile of clothes. “So…how do those feel?” he asked quietly.

“Oh, they feel pretty good,” Luke replied, “But I think they’re kind of tight around the crotch. Maybe you could come in here and take a more…private measurement?”

Max’s face went red again. He could smell the cum in the room, and he hadn’t smelled the scent of another man’s pleasure in so long, he barely resisted the urge to push Luke up against the wall and fuck him then and there. “Well, here’s a few finishing touches,” Max said, handing Luke a tool belt, hardhat, and hi-viz vest, “I think that’s everything you needed for work, right?”

“That should do it,” Luke replied. He’d popped in here during his lunch hour to pick up some new safety gear. Still, he had another half hour, and he couldn’t stop staring at that bulge snaking down Max’s pant leg. Licking his lips, he stepped forward, one hand reaching out to give the large man a firm grope, but Max stepped back, keeping his distance. “Hey, come on man, I just want to play a little.”

“I…I’m not…I just can’t, alright?” Max snapped, “Look. You’re all taken care of, just get out of here, alright? I have some work to take care of in the back.”

“Well, I still have a half hour on my lunch break, so I might take a look around,” Luke said, watching Max walk away, “So I’ll still be here if you change your…mind.”

Max didn’t say anything in reply as he ducked behind the curtain, avoided looking at anything in the back area as best he could, and rushed into the office, closing the door behind him. He immediately sat down on the floor, doing his best to pretend that he was back in the quiet solitude of his cave. All he had to do was calm down, he told himself, just calm down, and everything will be just fine.

Chapter Two – James Connects With His Father

James pulled into the trailer park where his dad lived and parked on the street in front of the double wide. The garage was full of junk, and Dan, James’ father, refused to park anywhere but in the driveway, not that he left the house much anymore for anything than to go to the smoke shop and get another bulk pack of chewing tobacco. He’d been on disability for ages, ever since hurting his back on a construction job soon after James’ mother left them. James had always figured he faked the accident, on account of the fact that Dan hated working, preferring to lounge around all day in his recliner, watching TV.

Looking at his watch, James saw that it was five past the hour, and knew he’d be in for it now, even though it wasn’t late enough to really matter. The bag he’d gotten from that strange store was next to him on the seat, and he decided a couple more minutes couldn’t get him in worse trouble, so he took a look at the three bottles, each with a different, corny name: “Irresistible”, “Deep Desire”, and “Ideal”. He picked up Irresistible and read the back of the package: “Guaranteed to arouse the one you love, and transform them into the raging sexual partner you’ve always desired. With this spray, they won’t be able to resist you.” There was also a lot of extra stuff about what was in it, dangers and side effects and other stuff James didn’t bother reading. Besides, how dangerous could a body spray be? It wasn’t like he was about to spray it into his eyes or something.

James grinned, thinking the description was all a bunch of crock, but he was kind of curious what it smelled like, so he sprayed a bit in the air in front of him and took a sniff. He had expected something overly pungent, but in fact, it was quite subtle. He couldn’t quite identify any of the individual scents in it, but the overall effect was rather…enticing. Arousing even. Hell, maybe he’d head out to a club tonight back in town and see if he could find a girl willing to take him back to her place. It’d been so long since he’d done anything other than masturbate, and all of a sudden he was feeling really horny. He got out of the car, and sprayed the can all over himself for a few seconds, and the more he smelled it, the more he liked it. It was actually turning him on, just wearing it.

He took a look at the other two canisters and the taglines of each. On the Deep Desire, the bottle read, “Wishing you could be the man you’ve always wanted to be? Well this spray can take those deep desires and make them real, for you, and the one you love.” The other, Ideal, read, “Don’t know how to please your lover? Try Ideal. With just one spray, you’ll find yourself becoming the man of their dreams.” Both of them came with an equally long list of warnings and dangers, which made James feel a bit uneasy. On second thought, maybe after making his dad lunch he would go take a nice long shower and wash this stink off. Sure, it smelled nice, but something about this whole thing was beginning to freak him out. Still, he was now ten minutes late, so he figured he’d better get in the door before his dad had a complete shit fit. He trudged up the steps and let himself in. “You’re late,” a deep voice grumbled from the living room as he stepped in the door.

“Yeah, Dan, I know,” James said and walked into the living room behind the recliner where his dad was lounging and watching football. Dan was by no means an attractive man, and he’d probably have never gotten married at all if that stupid condom hadn’t broken and he’d gotten James’ mother knocked up on accident. While he’d played football and worked on various construction jobs when he was younger, since his “accident” he had really let himself go, and weighed in at around 350 pounds of mostly fat. He wore the same dirty boxers and t-shirt for a week or more without bothering to change them, and he slept in his chair as more often as he did in his bed. When he wasn’t watching sports, nascar or some other mindless show for rednecks, he was usually watching some filthy lesbian porn and jacking off into the rag he kept draped over the arm of the chair, which was stiff with weeks worth of cum. He only showered when he got tired of James complaining about how much he smelled, and his hair was balding badly, with what was left falling down his back in long strings. He’d never been able to grow a decent beard, or any body hair anywhere except for a thin pubic bush, but that didn’t mean he bothered shaving. The hair on his face came in patchy and light, making him look even less attractive. To make matters worse, he chewed tobacco and drank heavily, two things which never ceased to disgust James, especially when he had to clean up the dried up tobacco slobber that Dan spit everywhere and the piles of beer cans that trailed behind him. James tossed the bag on the dining room table, which was already heaped with old pizza boxes, and asked his dad, “So, you decide to do anything productive today?”  

“Don’t you talk back to be, boy,” Dan slurred a bit. He tossed an empty beer can onto the pile on the ground next to the chair and took another one out of the twelve back sitting on the table next to him, “And go make me some lunch.”

“Already heading there,” James said, but as he walked by, Dan reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling his son over to him.

“What did I just say about talking back to me?”

“Not to do it. Sorry.”

“Sorry what?”

“Sorry, Dan.” James grumbled.

“We’ve had this talk, boy,” Dan growled, “What do you call me?”


“Better.” Dan said. James expected him to release his grip, but instead Dan pulled him closer, sniffing. “Are you wearing…cologne or something? You know I hate that stuff.”

James felt his heart race a bit, “No dad, why would I be wearing cologne? To impress you?”

Dan glared at him for a moment, still sniffing, and then released his son. “Well, something on you smells,” Dan said, and returned to watching the TV, “probably something from those fag friends of yours.” James quickly left the room heading for the kitchen to make his dad his usual sandwich for lunch, not noticing Dan reach down and start massaging his rock hard cock through his boxers. He knew that he’d smelled something on his son. Something a bit spicy, and, well, erotic. He took out his cock and started stroking it, thinking about the last time he’d seen James naked, by accident, when he’d gone to get a towel after taking a shower. Sure, he was a bit on the chunky side, but still, he was a good looking lad, always had been, especially when he was playing football, with all those muscles. Dan had especially liked watching his ass, thinking about plowing his cock deep into his boy’s hole. His cock was already leaking precum, and Dan knew he needed to get some action, but the solution to that problem was in the kitchen, making him a sandwich, he thought, and hefted himself up out of the chair and stumbled after his son.

James was at the counter, slathering some mayo on two pieces of wonder bread. Dan came closer, and smelled him again on the air. Dang, he smelled so fucking good, or was it like a good fucking? Hell, it might as well be both. “I’ll bring it to you when I’m done, dad,” James said, “You don’t have to hover over me.”

“I’m not hovering son,” Dan said, coming closer and wrapping his chubby arms tightly around James’ chest and pushing his big belly into the small of his son’s back, “I just came in here to smell ya,” he said, planted his nose in the nape of Dan’s neck and took a big whiff.

“Dan…Dad, you’re creeping me out.” James said as he tried to shake the big man off, “God damn it, let go of me.”

Dan wasn’t paying attention. His boy just smelled too damn good to resist, like sex and candy all rolled into one. He pushed his crotch up against James’ ass, rubbing the bulge up and down the crack as best he could while one of his hands rubbed lower until he found his son’s bulge in his jeans. “Yeah, that’s my boy, get all hard for your daddy,” he said, “How’d you like a good fuck, eh? That make you feel good?”

Now truly terrified, James managed to twist away from his father’s big arms, turned around, backing away from the short, hard cock sticking out from the fly of his dad’s boxers, “Jesus dad, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Oh don’t you worry about that, boy. Worry about how good it’s gonna feel sucking on your daddy’s cock,” Dan said, dropping his boxers to the floor and stepping out of them then stripping off his grimy shirt revealing his massive hairless belly. James bolted for the doorway, but his dad intercepted him and tackled him to the ground, pinning him there, “Playing hard to get huh? Well we’ll see how much you don’t want it when you’re moaning for your daddy’s cum, you little slut!” He started tearing at his son’s clothes, ripping off his shirt and pulling down his jeans before James managed to crawl away in just his boxers and socks and make a run for it. The closest place was the bathroom, so he ran inside and shut the door as quickly as he could, locking it, and then backing up against the sink, panting hard.

Dan knocked on the door, “Open up son. If you wanted some bathroom play all you had to do was ask…” the knob jiggled a bit, and he pounded on the door harder, “Open up you little piece of shit! Open up! I can fucking smell you in there. I can fucking smell you, and damn it, you smell so fucking good…” he moaned loudly, and James could hear the sound of him jacking his cock, slick with precum. “Come on boy, don’t leave your daddy all alone with this raging hardon…”

“Look, dad…you have to listen to me, alright? Just listen for a moment.”

“I’ll listen to you all night long if I can do it with my cock buried up your tight little hole.”

“Damn it dad! Look, I was at the mall with the guys, and there was this new shop, and the guy working there gave me these new body sprays, and I tried one, and I think that’s what’s making you like this. Look, there’s a bag with the empty can and two more cans in there on the table. I need you to go look at the can and tell me how to reverse this alright? Please.”

“Come on boy, please let me fuck you? Please, I haven’t had anything in years…I need it so bad, please…”

“Fine dad. You go and get those sprays, and I’ll come out, alright? They’re in the bag by the door.”

He heard his dad leap up and dash as best he could to the front door, and heard the rustling of the plastic bag as he came back. “Alright, I got the bag. Now come out.”

“No. Not until you read me what’s on the cans.”

“God damn it boy, get the fuck out here this god damn instant! Do you know how horny you’ve gotten me?”

“For the last time dad, it’s not me, it’s the fucking can! It’s the can that’s making you do this. If you want it to go away, you’ve got to tell me what’s written on the damn can.”

He heard the bag rustling for a bit, as his dad pulled out a can and looked at it. “Deep Desire? Ideal? What the hell are these, anyway?”

“God damn it, those are the wrong ones! Don’t use them, just put them back, and find the one called Irresistible. That’s the one I used. Then look on the side, and tell me what it says about how long it lasts.”

“Huh,” Dan said, “You know, this Deep Desire one sounds kind of…hot…”

“God damn it, dad! Don’t fucking use that stuff!”

James heard the popping of a cap, and then a second later, the sound of something being sprayed in the air, followed by his dad hacking. “Fuck! That shit is strong!” James heard his dad yell, The coughing continued for a minute or so, accompanied by the occasional groan and moan of pleasure, which grew deeper as time passed. After about a minute, he heard his dad drawl in a deep voice, “Dang, that sure smells mighty fine tah me, I must say. Now boy, where were we? Oh yeah, ya were gonna come on out a there, ‘n suck this piece a white trash meat fer yer Pa here.”

“Oh shit, this cannot be real. This has to be a dream,” James said to himself as he backed away from the door again. What in the hell had happened now? I mean, what could his dad possibly want to be other than a dirty, disgusting redneck?

Oh wait, James thought, that would probably explain everything.

“Well fine. If ya ain’t gonna come out, I’m gonna bust it down!” Dan said. He began slamming his bulk into the door harder than he had before, the entire thing rattling in its hinges. After the fifth slam the lock broke, the door slammed back into the wall, and Dan stumbled into the room, or at least, the man Dan had always wanted to be. He was big. Not just tall, but broad from the shoulders all the way down to his big feet, like a brick wall. Apparently, Dan had always wanted to be hairy, because now, he was absolutely carpeted in thick blonde hairs, the same color as his full head of greasy blonde hair which was pulled back into a long pony tail falling a good foot and a half down his back. His facial hair had filled in as well, his chops thick and full, connected by a long moustache hanging down over his lips, but with his chin bare below. He was also no longer a fat ass. While he still did have a substantial gut, every other part of his body bulged with thick corded muscle, from his neck, which was nearly as thick as his head, to his slab like pecs and massive thighs. Beneath the fur, James could make out a variety of tattoos. Across his gut was a massive confederate flag, the words “Southern Pride” written above it across his chest. His arms were covered with full sleeves which would have made any good redneck proud, with everything from big deer hunting to nascar to trailer parks referenced on them.

As Dan came closer, his tongue licking his lips through his moustache, James caught a whiff of him. He smelled awful, like he hadn’t had a shower in months, and had spent the rest of the time bathing in a tub filled with cum, sweat, whisky and tobacco spit. Also, it seemed that Dan had always felt that his cock and balls were too small, because the new set he’d given himself was massive. The semi hard cock must have been at least 14 inches long with a wrinkled and overhanging foreskin. His balls together were larger than a grapefruit and hung very low, bouncing against his muscular thighs as he came closer. if James hadn’t been so certain that his asshole would be their next target, he would have laughed at their almost comical appearance. However, he was now blocked in completely by Dan’s new bulk, and his only choice was to back up further into the bathroom.

Grinning at his son, Dan turned to the side just long enough to spit a loogie of tobacco juice into the dirty sink before coming closer. “Well here we are, boy. I knew I’d get to ya eventually.”

“Come on Dan, please don’t do this,” James said.

“Don’ ya fret now. I found somethin’ that might help ya along,” Dan said, holding the last can of spray, Ideal, “I know ya ain’t too keen on this at the moment, but I betcha after this you’ll see how much yer daddy loves ya ‘n needs ya.”

James tried to duck past, but Dan pushed him back against the wall with one big hand and started spraying him from head to toe. The smell was strange, and difficult to place, as though every time James thought he had a scent down, it would shift into something else. When the air cleared, James felt his body start to tingle and then he doubled over as a deep ache spread across his entire body. His fat melted away, replaced by firm muscle, and he quickly reached the best he’d looked back when he was still playing sports and then surpassed it. Hair began growing in on his body as well, though not as thick as Dan’s. A short goatee sprouted on his face, and he could feel his hair lengthening down the back of his neck. Looking over at the mirror, he saw that he was now wearing a mullet, a disgusting fucking mullet that made him look even trashier than Dan did at the moment, if that was possible.

However a moment later, it didn’t seem all that disgusting at all. In fact, he’d always thought the mullet made him look tough and hot, like his Pa. Yeah, his Pa was such a hot fucking stud, James thought as he looked at the big bear of a man standing in front of him. James tried to fight against the invading thoughts, but it was becoming harder and harder to think about anything at all, and he felt a dumb grin spread across his face, revealing the teeth he’d lost in the fights he’d been in with other kids in the neighborhood. With one hand he started rubbing his cock through his boxers. It was nowhere near as big as his Pa’s but still pretty big. “Dang Pa,” he said, in an equally thick accent, though a bit slower, as though it was difficult for him to put words together in his head, “Ya sure are’s hot.”

“Now, what d’ya say fer runnin’ ‘n hidin’ like that, boy?” Dan said, coming closer. The smell which had so disgusted James moments ago was now comforting and a bit intoxicating.

“I’m sorry, Pa,” James, said, hanging his head. He knew better than to try and get away when his Pa was looking for him.

Dan grabbed James’ boxers and ripped them off, then grabbed his muscular son by the arm and hauled him over across his lap while he sat on the toilet. With James’ ass in the air, he began hammering on it with the palm of his hand. “This is what ya get fer not comin’ when I need ya boy! Ya know how I get when I ain’t fucked mah boy in a while.”

James fought back tears, but he knew better than to break down. If he started crying, Pa would just give him fifty more slaps for being a pussy, and not taking his punishment like a man, so he held it in, even though it hurt horribly. When Pa finished, James’ ass was bright red and tender to the touch, but his cock was rock hard. Just being close to Pa was enough to get him horny. In his head, James knew he should be disgusted with himself, but he pulled himself up so he was facing Dan and started kissing him, allowing Dan’s tongue to invade his mouth, slick with tobacco spit. It tasted damn good, and Dan had to push his boy off him to make him stop.

“Now, wha’ do ya say?”

“I’m sorry Pa. I didn’t mean tah hide from ya…I was jus’ bein’ thick, I guess,” James said, looking guiltily to the side. Dan just grabbed his boy’s head and continued kissing him, one hand rubbing James’ exposed member, making him groan. Dan’s own massive cock was running up his crack, and all the way to the small of his back, it was so large. James reached back with one hand and started rubbing it, occasionally bringing a fingerful of his daddy’s sweet precum to his lips He was so horny, and he really wanted to please his daddy. He knew that it was wrong, that he shouldn’t, but whenever he felt that wet head against his hole, it just drove him wild. Hell, everything about his daddy drove him wild, from the greasy beard to the stench of tobacco and whisky on his breath to the nasty funk of his armpits. Dan pulled away from his boy’s lips and leaned back, spitting into his hand and using that to grease up his cock.

“Ya really want tah really apologize, boy?” Dan said, “Then ya know what tah do.” He spit onto James’ cock, and rubbed in the dark tobacco juice, making James groan. James got off his daddy’s lap and turned around, so the head was pressed up against his hole He tried to stop himself he really did, but the urge to a good little boy and make his daddy happy was so strong, he reached behind him, grabbed his dad’s cock and started guiding it into his tight asshole, walking himself backwards towards Dan’s lap. “Yeah, that’s a good boy,” Dan said, rubbing his nipples while he watched his son slowly impale himself on his massive cock, “Get daddy’s fuckstick up yer hole. Ya want it up there, don’ ya?”

“Oh…yeah daddy,” James moaned, “I love yer huge cock.”

“Well take it, boy, ride it like a man!”

James began sliding the massive pole into his ass, inch by inch. He’d taken the cock hundreds of times before, but still it hurt like the dickens because it was so thick, but damn, when it was all the way up there, James never felt so happy. It took a few minutes, but finally James had the whole thing up there, and his Pa wrapped his big arms around him, pulling him close. Dan dropped one hand down to continue milking his boy’s cock slowly, occasionally adding another wad of tobacco spit to the already slick shaft. Slowly, James began to slide up and down on Dan’s cock, but no matter how high he went, two thirds of the beast was always planted in him. With one arm up, Dan leaned closer to James’ face, giving his son his filthy pit to sniff and lick at as he fucked himself, moaning all the while.Dan started milking his son’s cock harder making James’ breath erratic, and after a few more strokes James was cumming, unable to hold back at all, grunting and groaning and he planted his Pa’s cock all the way into his hole.

“Yeah boy, shoot that fuckin’ cum all over yer chest. Fuck yeah. You want daddy’s cum up that chute of yers?

“Yeah, daddy, fill me up with yer cum,” James moaned. He sounded like a fucking slut, but he loved it. He loved it when his daddy was fucking him.

Never taking his cock out of James’ hole, Dan stood up and pushed his son against the wall, and began fucking him roughly, managing to get almost all of the cock out and shove it back in with each thrust. It hurt, but like his daddy’s spankings, James knew better than to complain. Pa wanted him to take it like a fucking man, so he grit his teeth and pushed back, meeting each of his daddy’s deep thrusts, every one of them sending another shiver directly to James’ cock. He’d just shot a load, but he was still so horny! With one hand he kept milking his own still leaking cock, as he felt his daddy build momentum and slam in deep, cumming in his boy and hugging him close.

“Yeah Pa! Fill me up! Fill my slutty redneck ass!”

“Fuck yeah,” Dan shouted, “Fuck yeah boy! Take yer daddy’s cum!” He buried his nose to James’ sweaty back and took another deep sniff of his boy’s musk. God, he smelled so good, Dan never had been able to resist fucking him whenever he came close. He held James to him for a moment, relishing their closeness, and then stepped back, his cock flopping out of his boy’s wide open hole, a gush of cum coming after it and splattering onto the floor before James managed to clench himself closed again after being violated by his Dad’s massive member. James was relieved for a moment, and then a new feeling washed over him, one of emptiness. It had felt so good getting fucked, and now he had nothing up there. It made him…sad, and wondered when his Pa would be ready for another session.

“Whew wee boy,” Dan said, “Ya sure do know how tah tucker yer daddy out. I gotta go sit down fer a bit.” He lumbered off to the living room, cock still dribbling, and plopped down in his old, beat down recliner.

James followed him out, fully intending to go sit on his daddy’s lap for a little while, but stopped when he saw the cans of body spray on the ground. Guilt came at him first, and then disgust. Not only had his father just fucked him, he’d practically begged him to do it! And not only that, they were both disgusting rednecks. He picked up the cans, hoping against hope that there would be some antidote, but soon found that the labels had been written in some foreign language that he couldn’t read. No, it wasn’t that, James realized, he couldn’t read anything at all. Pa didn’t believe in having his son go to school, and James was so stupid anyway, he’d never been able to learn much of anything. Everything important about life he could learn here in the trailer park, and James sure had learned plenty: how to pull an engine out of a truck, how to brew the best moonshine in your bathtub, and of course how to take your daddy’s big cock up your nasty shithole. The fact that this all seemed so natural to James just terrified him more, and the new him wanted to go curl up on his daddy’s lap and just wait for the fear to go away. Pa always knew how to make him feel better.

No. No, what he needed to do was get back to the mall. The guy who gave these to him would know how to reverse this, and when he got back, he could return his dad to normal, and everything would be fine again. He picked up the other two cans, and then Dan called to him, “Hey boy, wrestlin’s on, ‘n I know how hot ya get, watchin’ those sweaty hulks on yer daddy’s cock.”

James looked from the spray cans in his hand, over to his daddy lounging in the recliner. It was an easy decision. He dropped the cans where they were, headed over to the chair and climbed into his daddy’s lap, giving him a hug, and then kissing him deeply, exploring his Pa’s nasty mouth with his tongue. “I love you Pa,” he said when the kiss broke, and leaned his head against Dan’s shoulder. His Pa always made him feel so safe and secure–he didn’t know what he’d do without him.

“I love ya too boy,” Dan replied, hugging James close with one big arm while his other grabbed the can of chaw he kept on the table next to the chair. He popped it open and cursed–the damn thing was empty, and he knew he didn’t have any spares. “Fuck, guess I’m gonna have tah go ‘n get some more chaw, boy. How’d ya like tah go tah the smoke shop with me?”

“Sure Pa,” James said, “But only if I can suck yer cock on the way there,” he added with a mischevous grin.

“That’s mah boy,” Dan replied, and ruffed James hair, “Go ‘n grab our clothes, ‘n we can git goin’.”

James rushed off to his room to get dressed, pulling on his tanktop and overalls, without underwear of course, and his boots. He grabbed his daddy’s clothes and brought them out to him, a dirty pair of jeans, flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped off at the shoulders, boots, and his favorite trucker hat. He got dressed as well, and then spotted the three partially used cans of spray on the ground near the bathroom, walked over and picked them up. Tom, the manager at the smoke shop was a good friend of Dan’s, and he might like to have some fun with those as well, he thought with a smile, and slipped then into his shirt pocket. James didn’t notice–he was waiting by the door, eager to get into the pickup truck so he could start sucking on his Pa’s monster cock again. He loved his Pa so much, he just wanted to be with him all the time–it was all he could think about. Dan joined them and they got into the rusty old pickup and made their way out of the trailer park onto the rural highway heading towards the smoke shop, James’ face buried in his daddy’s lap, sucking his cock as best he could the whole way. Part of him knew he should be trying to figure out how to fix this, but the new James just ignored him. Besides, he was enjoying this far too much for it to stop now.

Chapter Three – Kyle Gets His Life Stolen

As he drove down the highway a good twenty miles per hour over the speed limit, Kyle took another look at the necklace he’d palmed from that weird store at the mall and laughed. The fact that he was always compelled to steal things had always bothered him when he was younger. Back in high school and college, he’d tried to give it up a hundred times, but now he just accepted it, rolled with it, enjoyed the rush that came with it. It was the same joy he got from landing a deal on a million dollar listing up in the hills, or when he scored big at the casino. No, that was a lie–the casino was a much bigger thrill. Bigger than all the others combined, and that’s where he was headed now. Sure, he might lose big. Hell, he usually lost big. In fact, he was on a damn losing streak at the moment, but that could change any moment. He could win big. He would rob the bank, any day now.

The bear claw necklace he’d taken wasn’t anything special, really. Hell, he had hundreds of necklaces which were worth more than the simple silver necklace, but this one had spoken to him. It had told him to steal it. It wanted to be his, just like everything he took. They were usually small things–he’d never stolen anything big, but they were always special to him. This one would be his good luck charm. With this, he could have anything, take anything from anyone he wanted to. Already anticipating his big win at the poker table, he looped the necklace around his neck along with his other jewelry as he pulled into the casino parking lot and headed into the building.

The doorman greeted him by name as he stepped into the smoky lobby. He was a frequent customer here, and everyone on the staff knew it. He tipped the guy a twenty dollar bill for his courtesy, already generous with his future winnings. Out on the floor, the smell of smoke and the sound of shuffling cards excited him, and he started scoping out poker tables, looking for the losers he was going to steal from today. There, he saw them. Four older guys, already drinking, ripe for the picking. He asked whether he could join them, the bear claw glinting in the dim light, and they happily agreed.

He took a moment to scope them out, trying to pick out their weak spots. They were obviously friends, and didn’t pay the newcomer at the table much notice. They were all middle-aged, in their forties or fifties, and looked like their bodies had all seen better days. Three of them were happy to steal the limelight, chatting and laughing loudly and lewdly, while the forth sat there, smoking a cigar, watching the other three make fools of themselves. He was the one to watch, Kyle figured. The other three would be easy to pick off, but the fourth one knew what he was doing.

All of them eventually introduced themselves, the three loud ones were named Bill, Mick, and Steve. The quiet one was Roger, and he was close enough to shake Kyle’s hand, and give him a wink, before turning his attention back to the game. They threw in their ante and the dealer dealt them their cards, and they played. Of course, the cards were only part of the game, the rest was in the conversation, in the tells and the bluffs, and that’s where Kyle excelled.

“So how are you guys this afternoon?” Kyle said, eyeing his cards. Pair of Jacks.

“Oh, pretty good, you know.”

“Yeah, except Bill here keeps taking all of our money.”

“Yeah, the fuckin’ thief.”

“Hey, I can’t help it if I get all the good hands you two,” Bill said, grinning. Blushing. Telling. Good hand, Kyle thought.

The dealer flipped a third Jack, just for him apparently. Luck was coming early today, Kyle thought, but kept his face tensed. No reason to tell everyone else about it just yet.

“Yeah, well you’ve been getting lucky with more than poker, I tell ya,” Steve said, “You should have seen the girl he took back to his room last night.” He was sweating, shaking a bit. Bad hand. “She was a real looker.”

“Yeah, well I can’t help being the handsomest of the three of us.”

“Ha, yeah right.”

“Gentlemen,” the dealer said, “We are still playing here.”

They all focused back on the game for a moment, Steve dropping out early, along with Roger, while Kyle, Mick, and Bill remained as the pot grew. Nothing else good turned up for Kyle, but he was pretty confident with his three of a kind, at least until Bill beat him out with a straight flush, much to his disappointment.

“Sorry man, that’s the way the game goes sometimes,” Bill said as he collected the pot, but Kyle knew one loss wasn’t the whole game.

“So Bill, you never did tell us how that girl was last night,” Mick said with a smirk.

“Like I’m going to tell you, you fucking pervert. Go get laid yourself.”

Mick laughed, “Yeah right, like I have much luck with that anymore. It’s probably all of this damn body hair I’ve got. Girls get one look at it and that’s that.”

“You could shave it, you know,” Bill said.

“Yeah right, like I’m going to take the time to do that.”

“I know how that goes. I got the same problem.” Steve said, “Girls get one look, and I can see the disgust on their face. Of course, a good prostitute will do anything,”

“Steve, that’s gross.”

“Yeah, but I still wish I could get rid of it,” Mick said.

“Yeah man, me too,” Steve added.

“Well I for one would love to get rid of this damn gut, as long as we’re wishing,” Bill said.

“Look, I’m sure this conversation doesn’t bother you,” Kyle said, scratching his chest, “but I for one find it kind of disgusting. Can we focus on the game now? I got some money to win back.”

“Yeah, well I can see that you’re a hairy one yourself.”

“Hardly. That’s what lasers are for,” he replied as he threw in his ante.

The other guys looked at him, then at each other, and started laughing, all of them but Roger at least, who kept staring intently at him. It was that stare that freaked him out the most, and Kyle felt his face begin to redden. They kept chuckling all through the round, and Kyle was too flustered to play well, and folded early. Of course, that didn’t stop their chuckles.

“Would you all stop laughing already!” he yelled.

“Sure,” Mick said, “as soon as you see what’s popping up out of your shirt collar.”

Kyle, still scratching idly, felt around his neck and was surprised to find a large amount of chest hair poking out. Not just a little, but a ton. He kept his poker face on though, not wanting to freak out in front of the guys, “Excuse me. I gotta go to the rest room.”

The men cracked up behind him as he left, but he was too busy wondering what the hell was going on. Out of curiosity, he rolled up his sleeve and saw just as much hair growing there which hadn’t been there minutes ago. He was so distracted by the hair, that he didn’t even notice the gut which was pulling his shirt tight across his belly until he was halfway across the floor, which just freaked him out more. He hurried past a busy craps table, trying to keep himself from hyperventilating, when he heard some guy say, “Come on, let the short guy through! I can’t see the damn table. Man, I hate being short.”

Kyle felt a sinking feeling in his stomach, and watched as the floor rushed up to meet him as he dropped a good eight inches, stopping somewhere around 5’6”. He was now swimming in his clothing, as he hurried the rest of the way to the bathroom, disoriented by the fact that he was looking up to see most people in the face. The restroom was empty, thankfully, and Kyle parked himself in front of the mirror to see what the hell was going on. There was definitely hair growing out of his collar, and even a heavy layer of stubble on his face which hadn’t been there earlier. He unbuttoned the top few buttons, but all he could see was a thick forest of hair. Of course, none of this was as horrifying as the gut he had suddenly sprouted where his abs had been, and his sudden loss in height. What the hell was going on?

He heard the door open, and Kyle ducked into one of the bathroom stalls to avoid being discovered stripping in the bathroom, and he heard two young guys stumble in, obviously drunk, and obviously gay.

“I still can’t believe you did that guy. I mean, did you see how fat he is? And how old?”

“Hey, he was fucking loaded though.”

“Damn it, you are such a slut.”

“Yeah, well it pays the bills.”

“Don’t you ever wish you could, you know, not have an insatiable lust for cock?”

Oh no.

“Yeah, I guess sometimes I wish I didn’t have an insatiable lust for cock. Sometimes I wish I didn’t love sucking off fat, dirty, old men and letting them fuck my ass, but hey, that’s life. Now can you please get out of my face already?”

The first guy left the restroom followed by his friend, and Kyle was alone again. He tried not to think about what he’d just heard, but suddenly, all he could think about was how hot the other players at his table had been. With one hand, he started massaging his cock through his pants, thinking about how they might look naked. Yeah, maybe he’d go rent a room at the hotel, and invite the three of them up for a private game. Then, when he’d lost to them all, on purpose of course, he could offer to suck them all off for some of his money back, and maybe a bit extra, if they wanted a turn at his ass too. Yeah, he could just picture himself on the bed, Bill fucking his ass while the other three took turns with his mouth, maybe one of them sucking the young cum from his cock while Bill started shooting his own load up Kyle’s ass. Panting and moaning loudly, Kyle’s cock started shooting a massive wad into his pants, a dark stain forming on the front of his khakis. A few moments later, he realized what he’d done, and was horrified. He couldn’t go back out there looking like that! But he couldn’t stay in the bathroom for the rest of the day either. Then again, maybe the guys would notice it, and maybe they’d be willing to head back into the bathroom for some personal business of their own…

Kyle pushed the thoughts away, trying his best to keep a calm head. He got up off the toilet, and was surprised to find that at some point his clothes had shifted sizes to account for his new physique. Before he left, he took a look at himself in the mirror, and couldn’t help admitting that he looked kind of hot with his new gut, and all that fur really made him look mature. Hell, he’d be willing to suck his cock, he thought, massaging the wet patch on the front of his pants. Unfortunately they were very light colored, and the spot was obvious, but he couldn’t worry about that now–he had a game to get back to. He licked his stubbly lips lewdly, left the bathroom and headed back to the poker table. Several men along the way saw the dark patch on his pants and smirked, but Kyle wasn’t thinking about that. All that was on his mind was figuring out how to get as many of his new friends into bed with him as he could.

As he approached the table, he saw all of the guys sitting there in a new light, but of all of them, the one Kyle couldn’t stop looking at was Roger. First of all, it was because he was fat. Well, not just fat, he was obese, with an apron forcing his legs apart as he perched on the stool. He also looked like he was a bit older than his friends, probably in his early fifties, with a very nice salt and pepper colored beard. Kyle purposely shifted over a seat so that he was directly next to Roger. It was kind of hard to sit at the table at his new height, but he managed, kind of annoyed that his feet couldn’t rest on the floor. Mick, Steve, and Bill chuckled some more as he returned. “You get everything sorted out, buddy?” Bill said.

“Sure did,” Kyle said, then reached out with one hand and placed it on Roger’s fat thigh, giving it a good squeeze. The fatter man looked over in confusion, but upon seeing the hunger in Kyle’s eyes, he just smirked. “How are you doing, big guy?” Kyle asked, “Got anything I can sort out for you?”

“Big guy?” Roger said, “Is that what you call every guy you meet?”

“Nah, just the cute ones,” Kyle whispered, giving the large man’s thigh another squeeze.

“I’m sorry, but can we play now?” the dealer said, obviously unhappy with his table, and the focus turned back to the game, at least for everyone other than Kyle. He purposefully lost the next few hands, doing his best to give his winnings to Roger, and complimenting him on his skill at the game.

It took a round or two, but soon Roger’s hand drifted over to Kyle’s crotch and felt the wet spot there. “Have an accident in the bathroom buddy?” he said with a lewd grin.

“Well, thinking about cute guys like you gives me accidents all the time,” Kyle said quietly, as Roger massaged his hard cock.

“You know,” Roger said, “I seem to remember you being…taller when you were here before.”

Kyle gulped, a bit nervous, “I…guess appearances can be deceiving.”

“You have a nice pelt of hair I must say, I like that in a man.”

“” Kyle said, blushing. He was kind of appalled that he was acting like a love sick school girl around Roger, but he was so attracted to him, he couldn’t help it, “Do you…see anything else you like?”

“Oh…plenty,” Roger said, and winked, “I’m just surprised that you see things that you like in me.”

“Well, I like everything about you,” Kyle blurted out, “I mean…I…I just think you’re pretty hot,” he added, trying to keep the others from hearing him.

“Well, you know I certainly wouldn’t mind being fifty pounds lighter,” Roger remarked casually, and watched as Kyle’s waistline grew in front of his eyes, as his own clothes grew looser. Kyle was oblivious to the change, since he was far too focused on trying to please the older man next to him, but Roger saw it all, and could barely contain his excitement.

“I like big guys myself,” Kyle added, “I could…uh…show you just how much I like them, if you’re interested.”

“You know, why don’t we head somewhere and get to know each other a bit better? I have a room upstairs. What do you say?”

“What about your friends?” Kyle asked, “Can they come too?”

“I think I’d rather have you all to myself,” Roger said, then got up from the table. The other three didn’t even notice they were leaving, and the dealer was happy to have them away from his table. He always got the fags and the freaks.

Roger led Kyle to the elevator in the lobby, which they had all to themselves. Kyle couldn’t resist feeling up Roger’s cock and sack, but was kind of disappointed by how small it was.

“Don’t you worry boy, I have a solution for that.”

“What is it? Some herbal supplement?” Kyle asked.

“Something that I think will be very effective,” Roger said, “You’ll see.”

The room wasn’t far, and as soon as the door was shut behind them, Kyle was practically throwing himself at Roger as best he could, since the man was at least three or four inches taller than him.

“Whoa now, slow down boy! You’re going to tire out an old man like me if you keep that up.”

“Sorry, I just…damn your hot,” Kyle said, got down on his knees and started rubbing his face into Roger’s crotch.

“Well, I’m glad you think so, but I am sorry about one thing,” Roger said, grinning, “I only have a three inch cock. Man what I wouldn’t give to be rid of that thing and have a bigger tool.”

Like magic, Roger’s tool began to swell in his pants, and Kyle, barely cognizant of the fact that his own cock was shrinking rapidly in his own jeans. He unzipped the fly, and Roger’s new eight inch cock flopped out. “What the hell are you talking about?” Kyle said, “This fucker is beautiful.”

Kyle licked the shaft for a moment, feeling Roger shiver, and then took the whole cock in his mouth, or at least as much as he could. It was pretty rank, like the old man hadn’t had a shower in days, but he sucked on it anyway, and actually found himself enjoying the flavor. Yeah, he loved dirty old men, the dirtier the better.

“Yeah boy, that’s a good job you’re doing there. I’m sorry if its kind of sweaty and rank down there, I’m kind of lazy and don’t shower all that often. I guess I’m just kind of a lazy ass all around, what with all of this fat. Man, I sure do wish that I wasn’t so lazy, exercised regularly, ate right, and had better hygiene.”

Immediately, Roger’s waistline shrank, while Kyle’s exploded in size. But it wasn’t just his waist that grew this time though, his entire body packed on the pounds. His stubble lengthened into an unkempt beard, and his hair grew disheveled and long, like it hadn’t been cut, or washed, in quite a while. The hand which had been massaging his short cock was pushed away as it was swallowed up by his enlarging gunt. Needing something else to play with, Kyle unbuttoned his large shirt and began tweaking the fat nipples poking out from his forest of body hair.

“Dang, that works even better than I thought it would!” Roger said, admiring his new slim, and much cleaner, physique. “Now all I need is to lose a good thirty years and I’ll have it made.”

Kyle’s changes didn’t progress as quickly this time, as he aged from his mid twenties to early thirties, but then he started to see some big changes. A large bald spot appeared on the back of his head, and his hairline receded, the hair becoming speckled with gray. In the mirror, Roger watched his his own hair grew back in, returning to a black he hadn’t seen in years. The wrinkles lining his face disappeared, and overall, a new sense of vitality filled him as Kyle kept sucking happily. Of course, the new, fit body he found himself in didn’t hurt. Roger felt like a million bucks, to be honest. New memories began filling his head as well, how he’d gone on to college and majored in business, landing a job at a high end real estate firm. Yeah, he was going to live his life right this time.

However, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of disgust wash over him when he looked down and saw the disgustingly fat old man sucking on his cock. Still, Kyle deserved something in exchange for his generosity, Roger thought.

“Get up you old faggot and get on the bed,” Roger said, helping the now fat, middle aged slut to his feet, “I want to fuck that ass of yours.” After stripping off his clothes, Kyle hoisted himself up onto the bed as best he could and Roger lined up his own cock and thrust into his eager hole.

“Yeah, fuck me you fat, old bastard, fuck my ass!” Kyle shouted, too lost in the moment to even notice the changes that had swept over him.

“Old? Fat? I think you’re mistaken. You’re the fat and old one here my friend.” Kyle looked in the mirror and finally saw what had happened to both of them. There on the bed was one of the fattest men he had ever seen, covered with grey body hair all over. The rolls of fat shook every time the muscular young man smoking a cigar behind him thrust his thick cock up the old man’s ass. “Are you senile or something?” Roger continued, “I mean, you’re lucky I’m interested in fucking you at all, you nasty faggot. Do you know how much you smell? Of course, the cigar smoke won’t help much, in a moment. I mean, this is such a shitty habit, I’ve had it for years. I’d do anything to get rid of it.”

The cigar vanished from the young man’s mouth and materialized in Kyle’s, who began sucking on it for dear life, his body craving the nicotine. Kyle was still trying to figure out what exactly was going on. He could remember being a young successful real estate agent, but he could also remember being an old dirty slob, renting a cheap room from the local casino so he could pick up old men like himself to give him a good fuck. He wasn’t entirely sure why he had brought this young guy up with him, but the cock in his ass sure felt good, so he wasn’t going to complain, as he continued pushing back, meeting the young man’s thrusts, “Yeah boy, that’s a hot cock you got there. Fuck that old, worn out ass of mine good and hard!”

“You fucking slut,” Roger said as he quickened his pace, and with a grunt he came, filling Kyle’s ass with the cum he so desperately wanted. Before he finished, he pulled his cock out and wiped it on Kyle’s furry ass, then tucked it into his pants.

“Hey, what about finishing me off?” Kyle said, rolling over and sprawling his fat body across the bed, “Daddy needs some loving too.”

“What, you honestly think I would suck off a disgusting man like you? Hell, you’re lucky I was even willing to fuck you at all. I only did this because I felt sorry for you, but don’t push your luck,” Roger said. All dressed, he headed for the door, pausing only to add, “Have a nice life. I hope you enjoy it more than I did,” and then left as fast as he could. He had an appointment with a couple of clients to keep–he couldn’t be wasting an afternoon at the casino gambling his new life away.

Kyle sighed, wishing he had someone to play with, but he figured he could make do with himself for the moment. He took a long drag on his cigar, rubbing his massive belly as he did, groaning. God, he was so hot! He rolled over and positioned himself so he could look at his image in the mirror, and wished he could suck himself off. He still wasn’t sure why he’d gotten that young man to fuck him–he wasn’t usually interested in the young, skinny ones, but hey, he wasn’t going to complain about getting a fuck. It took some effort, but he managed to wrap one of his wrinkled hands around his hard, stubby cock and start working it as best he could, eager to get off, moaning and grunting while he did. Finally, he managed to squirt off a load, and then rolled back exhausted and panting. He just wasn’t able to exert himself like he could when he was younger.

That thought struck him as odd. He was only 26 after all, he wasn’t all that old, but for some reason his mind was insisting that that was wrong. That he was a 56 year old, morbidly obese, cock whore for dirty old men. Hell, he was one of those dirty old men, the thought, and he loved it, taking another drag from his cigar, and tweaking one of his nipples. He thought about trying to find those guys from the poker table earlier, to see if they wanted to make use of his services, and if he couldn’t find them, he figured that he could at least head to the bar and see if there was someone else to pick up. It took some work, but he managed to heft himself up and swing his stubby legs off the side of the bed. Damn, he hated being short, but it wasn’t worth getting mad over what he didn’t have, like his stubby cock. Looking down at his chest, he saw a sparkle against his pelt of chest hair, and dug out a bear claw necklace. The bear claw necklace that he’d stolen. Suddenly, all of his real memories came flooding back, and terrified of what might happen if he kept wearing it, he tried his best to remove the necklace, but while there should have been plenty of room to get his head out from under the chain, no matter how he pulled and twisted, it never seemed to come loose. After five minutes of grappling with it, he finally gave up, panting. It had to be the necklace, that was the only thing that could be causing this.

He got up from the bed and retrieved the clothes from the floor. Or, at least what his head was telling him were his clothes. First came a pair of nasty, sweaty, over-sized briefs, with a large streak of shit up the crack. He knew they were disgusting, but he sniffed them anyway, feeling his cock jump in excitement. He pulled them on before his new impulses made him to something with them he might regret later. Next came a pair of cheap polyester slacks and a sweaty stained undershirt, followed by a massive button down shirt that looked like it could be used as a sail for a raft. Everything he was wearing had any number of sweat stains on it, mostly under his pits. Just out of curiosity, he took a sniff, and recoiled from the funk. He’d take a shower, but there wasn’t time. Besides, the smell made him feel…horny. He pushed the thought away, and headed out the door to the hotel elevator, unconsciously lighting up another cigar as he waited for the lift. He could feel the necklace against his chest, weighing down on him. It was insane, sure, but what else could it be? He needed to get it back to the mall, before something worse happened, although he had a hard time fathoming what might be worse than this.

Chapter 4 – Luke Meets His Reflection

Luke spent a couple of minutes walking around the front of the store, amazed by the wide variety of products that lined the racks and shelves, from floor to ceiling. Most of the clothes were arranged by style, and aside from the large amount of denim, wool, and flannel, there were some odd sections scattered throughout, such as business wear, army gear and even a collection of costumes. There was even a toy section of all things, as well as a small electronics selection, though he’d never heard of any of the things he saw, or recognized any of the brands. Every once in a while he’d look back to the curtain, hoping that Max might change his mind and come back out for a little fun, but as the minutes passed, he figured that he was going to have to make the first move. After all, Luke knew that the guy wanted him. Hell, every time they’d been near each other Max had been sporting a massive hardon, but for some reason the guy had freaked out and run off. Figuring he was probably just shy, Luke ducked behind the curtain into the back to go and find him.

He remembered Max telling him that the back section of the store was stocked with some specialty items, but nothing could have prepared him for the long racks full of leather and rubber gear, or the shelves lined with dildos, whips, paddles and anything else a guy could ever want in a dungeon. If these were the kinds of specialty items Max was stocking, then Luke was willing to bet he was pretty heavy into kink, which he didn’t mind. He just wanted to get close to him and…smell him again. Dang, something about him was just so…so…

“Invigorating? Dominating? Sensual?” a voice said from behind him. Luke whipped around and found himself staring at a mirror and his reflection in it, although, for some reason, his reflection wasn’t mimicking his movements. It was just standing there on the other side of the glass, his hairy arms crossed over his chest, grinning at Luke’s slightly spellbound face.

He took a step closer to the mirror, and his reflection didn’t move. “Ok…what’s the deal? Am I hallucinating or something?”

“Oh no, nothing like that,” his reflection said, “I’m just a…friend. Someone here to lend a helping hand when needed. I had hoped that Max would take better advantage of the situation, but apparently…well, nevermind that. What you want is to get into his pants, right?”

“Well, yeah. I guess…” Luke said, still unnerved to be talking to himself.

“Then we have our work cut out for us then. We need to get you better outfitted for our task first, however,” The reflection mused, “Now, what would Max be unable to resist?” He stepped beyond the frame of the mirror, only to appear in another one on the other side of the room, next to a shelf labeled “tattoos & piercings.” “This might help us make a better impression, and show him that we mean business,” the reflection said, then looked over at the still gawking Luke, “Well don’t just stand here, come put this on! I can’t do it myself after all.”

Luke came over slowly, and started looking at the shelf. All of the boxes said they were tattoos, but there wasn’t a studio or anything that he could see. Still, he figured they had to work somehow, but there were so many to choose from. “Which one should I pick?” he asked.

“Well, you want to serve him and become his thrall, right? That’s what his musk has been telling you all along–his alpha scent.”

“Alpha scent?”

“Oh you humans don’t know anything,” the reflection said, shaking his head, “Look, Max is an alpha born. That means, he has a natural ability to make men want to submit to him, and serve him. If he cums in you, then you’ll become bonded to him for anywhere from a few hours to a day depending on how much you received. If you remain bonded to him for long enough, eventually the changes become permanent, and you will become his property in mind, body and soul, needing your alpha’s cum to survive, and obeying his every command. That is what you want, isn’t it?”

Luke didn’t think that was what he’d signed up for. All of this was just getting a little too weird for him, “You know, I actually had better be getting back to the building site. I mean, if I’m not back on time, the foreman will ream my ass again,” he said, tried to turn around, but found his feet stuck to the floor. In the mirror, his reflection was copying him again, or rather, he was copying his own reflection.

“Nonsense,” his reflection said, “This is exactly what you’ve been wanting. Everything will make sense in a moment, trust me.” Unable to stop himself, Luke walked over to a shelf and took down one of the boxes, ripping it open, “This should be perfect,” the reflection said.

Still bewildered by what was going on, Luke looked in the box and found what looked like a rubber body suit inside. Still controlled by his reflection, he pulled it out and unfolded it, the thin material covered with a large tattoo design. The primary color was a steel grey, but he couldn’t discern the pattern exactly, though from the size of the suit, it looked like it would cover his whole body, from his ankles to his neck. Still unable to stop himself, he stripped off all of his clothes, leaving them on the ground in a pile, found the opening for the suit and started pulling it on. “Hey, stop,” Luke said, “I’m not so sure about this.”

“Oh don’t worry, everything will be just fine. You do want Max’s cock up your ass, don’t you?”

“Well…yeah, but what about all of that stuff you said about alphas? I don’t really want to be his slave.”

“They’re called thralls, and trust me, you do, you just don’t realize it yet. That’s what I’m helping you with, right? Showing you that submitting yourself to Max would be the greatest moment in your whole life.”

Luke sputtered a bit, trying to regain control of his renegade limbs, but both he and the reflection pulled on the suits, the motif coming clear when he had most of it on. Around his ankles and wrists were tattooed very thick and heavy looking steel manacles, and a variety of chains, big and small, were connected to them, running and crisscrossing all over his body. Across the top of his chest was the word “THRALL” in bold lettering, and he could see in the mirror when the reflection turned around that the words “ALPHA PROPERTY” were spelled out similarly across his back. It actually looked really hot, but he wasn’t about to admit that out loud. The suit sealed up the front, the two rubber edges merging seamlessly with one another. As soon as the seam was sealed, the entire suit began to constrict around him and lightly burn his skin for a few moments. When it was finished, the rubber had vanished, leaving the tattoos burned upon Luke’s skin. He scratched at one of the chains on his arm, but it was real, and there didn’t seem to be any way to get it off.

“Wait…What did…How…” he muttered, still reeling a bit. None of this should be possible. He shouldn’t be able to talk to his reflection, and he shouldn’t suddenly have a bunch of tattoos all over his body. I mean, he did want to have sex with Max, sure, but he wasn’t so sure it was worth it anymore.

“Of course it’s worth it.” The reflection said, answering his thoughts, “Think of how great it would be to be Max’s thrall. The only thoughts in your head revolving around how to best pleasure your master, your entire being dedicated to his cause. From the look of that cock of ours, it’s turning you on big time. his reflection said, “After all, you’ve always been interested in being someone’s slave, haven’t you?”

Luke felt confused and bewildered, like things were changing in his head every time his reflection spoke. But he was really into the whole master and slave scene, or at least, he wanted to be. He’d always been too chicken to try it for real. Still, some of the guys on the building crew who’d fucked him had offered to roleplay with him a bit, but he’d never taken them up on the offer. “Yeah, I guess. But I’m just scared…a bit.”

“Well, I can assure you that Max doesn’t want a scared little cub, he wants a big man who knows he wants to be a thrall,” the reflection said, bounding from mirror to mirror again, eventually landing on the other side of the room, “So how about we make you a bit more experienced?”

“Wait, come back! How in the hell do I get this stuff off me?” Luke said, following the reflection as best he could, picking at the tattoo across his body as he did, “I mean, what if someone sees me like this? I thought it was just for fun, not something permanent!”

The reflection stopped and smirked, “I thought this is what you wanted? Well, if not, it’ll be what you want soon enough. Now come over here and try this on. I’m sure it’ll help clear some more things up.” Luke came over to where the reflection was, and saw in the mirror that he was standing next to a rack of leather gear. Luke tried to back away, but the reflection attached himself to Luke, and forced him to walk over to the rack, where he pulled out a harness and started strapping himself into it.

The harness was made of thick pieces of leather, around three inches across, and the reflection cinched the straps tight across him, a little too tight for Luke’s comfort. He’d never felt so constricted and bound before, but the feeling was turning him on. The final strap dropped down and was attached to a cock ring which looked a bit too small for Luke’s new equipment, but he found himself forcing it on over his semi hard cock anyway. When he’d managed to slip it into place, he couldn’t figure out why it had taken so much effort. He only had a four inch cock after all, and balls a little smaller than average. A more dominant guy might have wanted a bigger tool, but Luke didn’t mind since he was a total bottom anyway. It wasn’t like he needed a big piece of equipment down there. With all the straps secured and double checked, the reflection walked Luke over to a display of accessories, picked out a three inch thick metal collar and fit it around his neck.

“Now, how do we look?” The reflection asked, positioning Luke in front of a mirror.

Luke had to admit that he looked hot, but it didn’t seem quite like him. The wide leather straps were almost too large for his body, it seemed, and the collar was a bit heavy, but hey, he wasn’t going to complain, if it meant he could get Max to shove his big cock up his ass. Luke now had one mission in life, to find the man who could dominate him entirely, controlling Luke like no other could. The guys at the construction site knew all about his desires, and had actually come up with a game to play with him. Whenever one of them was feeling horny, they’d hook a leash to the collar he was always wearing, and then he had to obey every order they gave him. Sure, it was hot, but it just wasn’t enough for Luke. He wanted to be owned, a mindless slave existing only to serve, and if anyone could give to him, it would be Max, a real alpha.

“Yeah, that looks damn hot,” Luke said, slowly stroking his small cock, “I bet Max would want to fuck me now.” With one hand, he reached back to play with the buttplug he kept lodged in his ass, but found there was nothing there. His hole was empty, and he cursed, wanting something to fill him up.

“Looking for something?” his reflection said, “Why don’t you give one of those a try?” he said, pointing to a shelf stocked with a massive amount of dildos. Licking his lips, Luke went over, wondering which one to choose, there were so many. “I think you should try The Expander myself. That should help a lot, I think.”

Luke shrugged, and looked around the shelf. He’d expected something named the Expander to be something on the large side, but instead it was a tiny thing–probably three inches long and only a little thicker than a finger. “This?” Luke said, “I think I can handle something a bit bit bigger than this.”

“Oh? Then put it in hot shot, and see what happens.”

Luke smirked at the challenge, lubbed the dildo up with some spit and worked it into his hole. It slipped in easily, but as Luke kept pushing, he found that there was always more to insert, and that he could feel it…growing thicker, stretching his hole wider and wider. Soon, it was about as large as a normal cock, and Luke began thrusting it in and out, stroking his cock as he did, the head of the dildo slamming against his prostate and then going further in as it kept growing. “Fuck yeah, that’s the stuff, get that fucking thing in there. Fuck my slutty hole!” Luke said, unable to help the stream of dirty talk cascading from his mouth. Before long, he had to shift his grip on the rubber, as it surpassed cock size and began to take on the width of a fist. Still, Luke thurst it in and out of his hole, stroking his slick cock faster and faster until he came with a loud groan, shooting his spunk all over the floor, then getting down on his knees to lick it up, the five inch thick, foot long dildo still planted in his ass. When he finished, he stood back up and left it in, smirking at his reflection. “See, I told you I could take something that big. Hell, the guys on the site have started double fisting me now just for fun.”

“I stand corrected,” the reflection said, “But I think we still need one more thing to finish you off. How does a post-sex smoke sound to you?” He bounded across the mirrors to another corner of the store, Luke following behind him, walking a bit funny with the massive dildo crammed in his ass. In that corner of the room was a selection of tobacco products, but Luke didn’t recognize any of the names or brands, and he’d never even smoked before, though he did love having a lit cigar shoved up his hole. “Which one should I try?” he asked, and the reflection pointed to a box on the shelf.

“Try a burly bear. They’re good for guys just starting out, like you.” The cigar was on the short side, but decently thick, with a good taper that fit in his mouth naturally. He gripped it awkwardly, unsure of what to do with it. “Here, allow me,” his reflection said and took control. After snipping the end off, he lit it and took in his first breath of smoke. The scent was loamy, like the smell of damp wood burning in the middle of a forest, and it immediately relaxed Luke. He settled in on a nearly stool, remembering how nice a cigar was after sex, or anytime really. He’d been a heavy smoker for years, and was rarely seen without one clamped in his maw. He usually preferred ones a bit larger than this, but the flavor was so smooth, he could have smoked it for hours and not gotten tired of it.

With his other hand Luke worked his spent cock, letting out the occasional low groan of pleasure. Wanting to get another look at himself, he shifted the stool over so he could look in the mirror. His reflection was smoking too, but looked different–hairier, but also…bigger. Not that Luke had been a small before this, but now that he thought about it, the straps of the harness were feeling a bit tighter than they had, and in the mirror they seemed better suited to his large frame, or rather increasingly large frame.

After a few minutes of watching himself smoke to big cigar down about halfway, Luke was certain that he was changing again. His well trimmed beard had grown much fuller, probably a couple of inches long, while his hairline had receded quite a bit, revealing a swath of forehead he hadn’t seen before. His body was definitely hairier too. It was thickest on his chest and forearms, but his pubic bush had also grown substantially, making his already smallish cock look even smaller. But hell, that was the only thing on his body which was the least bit small. His muscles had grown further, bulging out in an almost ugly and uneven way, but of course, that’s what happened when the entire construction crew uses you as a beast of burden all day long, at least when they weren’t fucking his hungry asshole. Luke had begged the crew to make him their communal slave, which meant hauling around anything heavy they could find for him, and satisfying any man who needed it throughout the day. He’d also go home with a different guy each evening, servicing them all night long in whatever way they pleased. Luke had never been happier–all he needed in life were orders to obey, and some big bear’s fist or thick cock up his hungry ass. Still though, he’d never found that perfect master. The man who could truly destroy his mind, leaving him as nothing more than a empty vessel for their own desires and wishes.

He was so horny, that he probably could have blown another load, but he reluctantly took his hand away after rubbing out the butt of the cigar in a nearby ashtray. After all, he had an alpha to serve, and Luke wasn’t going to take no for an answer this time around. In fact, he was a bit famous for being such a domineering bottom. If he wanted someone to fuck him, he would pin them down and ride their cock whether they liked it or not, and most of them became quite willing before too long, he thought with a grin.

“Yeah, I think we’re about ready,” his reflection said, “Let’s go show Max what he’s missing.”

“Damn straight,” Luke replied, and headed over to the office door. He jiggled the handle, but it was locked.

“Here, allow me,” his reflection said. He moved to a mirror across the room which Luke could see the door reflected in. The reflection pulled a key from…somewhere, and unlocked the door. Luke didn’t have any pockets on his new get up, so he didn’t know where it had come from, but shrugged, figuring it wasn’t exactly the weirdest thing he’d seen all day. When Luke tried the door again it opened freely, and he strode into the room, finding Max a few feet away, sitting crosslegged on the floor, deep in meditation. So deep in fact, that Max didn’t notice the intruder until Luke shoved him backwards so that he was lying on the ground, eyeing the massive bulge in Max’s dress pants. “Here, sir,” Luke said, pinning down Max’s legs with new strength, “Let me take care of that for you.” He began sucking on the alpha’s cock through the cotton, and the sensation was so overwhelming for a for a moment, Max just lay there, unresisting.

Max realized what was happening mid moan, kicked his legs away from the large tattooed bear who had suddenly materialized in his office, and backed away, trying to figure out what in the hell was going on. Luke pursued him across the floor until he backed Max into a corner and pinned him down again. “There’s nowhere to run, sir,” Luke said, “Why don’t you just relax and let this humble slave take care of everything?” He leaned in to kiss Max, but he twisted away, and Luke settled for running his tongue along his neck, feeling the large man shiver with pleasure beneath him.  

“No…Don’t, you don’t understand what will happen if this keeps going,” Max groaned, halfheartedly pushing Luke away, “I can’t…”

“I know you’re an alpha, Max. That’s why I want you. I want you to own me, control me, dominate me, do whatever the fuck you want with me! Wouldn’t that be so fucking hot? I know you want it, I can feel it…” Luke said, running one of his fingers along the bulge in Max’s pants. “I’ve been looking for a master like you all my life, and I’m not about to let you go now.”

Fear and panic gripped Max’s heart as Luke said that. he didn’t want to be a master–he couldn’t dare bring himself to force himself upon another being like that. But that wasn’t it, and he knew it. The beast in him, the alpha would be perfectly happy pushing Luke over and fucking that furry ass of his. No, what Max was terrified of was being entirely responsible for another being. How could he possibly deal with that burden?

Unbidden, a memory came to him of one of his talks with Tristan, shortly before the young bear had run off. “Have you ever realized that you worry too much?” he’d said with that nasty smirk on his face, “maybe you should just let go and enjoy yourself for once? Why don’t you let go and have some fun?”

For a moment, Max sat there stunned, and then rage began building in his chest. Unfortunately, it was just too much for his mental defenses and blockades, and they crumbled under the sheer force of emotion pouring from him. He grabbed Luke by the neck roughly and pushed him over so he was face down on the ground, helpless. “Is this what you fucking want?” Max growled, “Because you’re gonna get it, you fucking bitch. You’re gonna fucking get it!”

“That’s what I want to hear, sir!” Luke said, “Fuck this naughty bear’s hole!” He started grinding his ass into Max’s crotch. Max wasn’t quite sure what he doing, but he was just so tired of worrying all of the time, he couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to fuck, and he needed to fuck a hole right now, Tristan and the rest of the world be damned. He undid his pants and shoved them down around his knees, letting his rock hard and very eager cock stand out. He’d thought it was massive before when he saw it earlier in the forest, but it was at least a foot long when fully engorged, and thicker than a beer can.

After hauling the massive dildo out of Luke’s ass, he pushed the head of his cock up against the gaping hole, his precum already leaking and running down Luke’s crack, but Max hesitated. He had swore to himself that he would never do this. His entire self was structured around his belief that what he was about to do was a horrific atrocity. He was afraid–had always been afraid. He was tired of the worry, the fear, and the self-loathing–yet still he held back, clinging to the primal idea that to destroy the free will of another would be to destroy himself.

Luke however, was tired of the stalling, so he pushed back, the fat head of Max’s cock popping into his used hole. Max gasped, and felt his cock begin leaking even more precum, the pleasure radiating from his groin to the rest of his body in large waves as he helplessly began shoving more and more of his shaft deep into Luke. “Yeah sir, yeah. That’s what your slave wants. Get it up there! Get it…up…there…” Luke said, but it felt as though his mind was clouding over. His ass had actually grown numb all at once…well, partially numb. He didn’t feel the pain of being violated by Max’s massive member, but every bit that slipped in sent massive amounts of pleasure throughout his body. It became harder and harder to think about what was going on, as his mind slipped further and further away.

“That would be the alpha cum, beginning to course through you,” Luke’s reflection said from a mirror in the office, “It’s one of the most potent drugs in existence. If you think the precum feels good, just wait until you get the real thing. You won’t be able to live without it.” He laughed, somewhat evilly, and through the haze, Luke wondered whether this had been all that great of an idea. “A great idea? No, no it probably wasn’t but it suits me just fine,” the reflection said, and shifted into a new form, a bulky bear of a man with black hair and an obsidian bear claw hanging from his neck. “You humans are all the same, so easy to manipulate and control with the promise of a little pressure. But thank you for your help. I couldn’t have gotten Max loosened up without you, and I’m sure you’ll be happy, even if this isn’t what you wanted. Anyway, enjoy your own thoughts while they last, they won’t be there for very long, I don’t think.” The reflection laughed again, and disappeared, the mirror reflecting Luke again normally, Max behind him working his massive cock in deeper. In the alpha’s eyes, all thoughts of mercy and compassion had disappeared–all that mattered was fucking the ass before him and cramming as much of his cock up that hole as he could.

Fear cut through the growing euphoria, and Luke started to crawl away from Max and the huge cock buried in his ass, but Max grabbed him by the thighs and hauled him back, pushing his cock in further. “Where do you think you’re going? We’re just getting started, thrall,” Max snarled, and began fucking Luke good and proper, working his cock deeper with every push, precum leaking from Luke’s hole every time he pulled back.

“I…please, I…” Luke managed to slur, none of his words wanting to come out of his mouth like he wanted them to. He concentrated, and managed to put together a few words, “I can’t…do this. Something…wrong.”

“Oh, nothing’s wrong slave. Nothing is wrong at all. In fact, everything is great, don’t you think?”

Luke tried to disagree, but as soon as the notion came to him that Max might be wrong in his assessment, all of the pleasure in his system suddenly turned into nerve wracking, stomach churning pain and discomfort. Luke did his best to resist vomiting, wondering what was going on. He must have been the one who was wrong, he realized, everything is great–the greatest it’s ever been. With that, the euphoria returned and Luke sighed. Everything was great. He pushed back into Max’s cock a bit, thinking how great it was to have such a magnificent and powerful man fucking him. He was better than Luke in every way, and still he wanted to fuck him. Pride swelled in his heart, that an alpha had chosen him to be his thrall, even though he was so undeserving. “Thank you…master…thank…you,” Luke heard himself slurring slowly. He felt so good and it was all thanks to his alpha.

“Yeah pig, you’re mine now. I bet you didn’t know what you were getting into, but you’re fucked now, ain’t that right?” Max said, “How does it feel boy, to have this fat fucking alpha cock up your ass? It feels damn good doesn’t it?”

“Yes…Sir. Please…”

“Yeah, this is the only cock you’ll ever want up your hole again, I think. Nothing else can ever make you feel this way. In fact, I bet the only way you’ll ever be able to cum is with your alpha’s cock buried deep in your ass.”

Luke tried to respond, but the feelings of lust and joy had only grown stronger. Unable to hold his head up any longer, he slumped his face to the floor, his ass still high in the air as Max pistoned deep into his wreaked hole. Drool seeped out of the side of Luke’s mouth as the drug began shutting down parts of his brain. The only person that he could remember with any clarity was his alpha–everyone else was a pale shadow by comparison. His other concerns no longer seemed to have any importance–the job he was an hour late to, his strange reflection, his friends, nothing mattered except satisfying his alpha. A few spurts too late, he realized that he was cumming, and that he was cumming hard, unable to even stop himself. He hadn’t noticed because he no longer derived any pleasure from his orgasms. The only thing which could bring him any pleasure him now was Max’s cum. That was all that mattered to his drug addled brain.

Max let out a series of grunts and snorts, followed by a loud roar which Luke swore shook the walls a bit, as Max unloaded into his ass. Suddenly, the feelings of euphoria intensified far beyond anything Luke imagined possible, and there, he had a sudden vision. It it, he was a thrall, living only to serve his master and bring him happiness and pleasure, and only that way could Luke be happy. He would serve his master. That was his purpose, his only thought and single goal. If he could not be with his master, he would surely die. A moment later, Max collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily into Luke’s face, and even his breath was the sweetest thing Luke had ever smelled.

Max let out a massive sigh of relief, and then realized what had just happened. Cursing at himself, he rolled off of Luke as fast as he could, “Oh fuck! How could I…Fuck fuck fuck!” he said, pulling his pants back up.

Luke immediately sprang up, eager to help, grabbing helping tuck in his alpha’s shirt, “Please sir, please. I can do it for you. Let me.”

“God damn it! Get the fuck away from me!” Max roared. A deafening silence ruled for a moment, as tears welled up in Luke’s eyes, and he took a step back from his master.

“I’m…I’m sorry sir, I was just trying to help. You can beat me if you want, I deserve it, or I can do it myself. Here, I’m sorry,” Luke said, looking for something to use to beat himself, spotting a belt hanging on the wall, he grabbed it and began whipping himself across the back as hard as he could.

“No! No, don’t.” Max said, grabbing the strap from him, “I’m not mad at you, please, don’t hurt yourself.”

“But I displeased you master. I just want to make you happy. Can I suck your cock sir? I know you’d like that,” Luke said, dropping to his knees, “Please sir, can I suck your cock? I love you sir, I love you so much. Thank you for making me your thrall sir, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Please, can I show you how thankful I am?”

“Look, just be quiet,” Max said, and Luke immediately shut his mouth. It was strange, seeing such a massive, domineering bear kneeling on the ground like that, a look of childlike innocence in his eye as he pleaded. Pride welled up in Max’s breast at the realization that he now owned this massive man utterly, but he quashed that idea as quickly as it rose, and turned away, regaining his calm. At least he’d only gotten a single dose, he thought. Luke would be fine in a day or so, as long as Max didn’t lose control like that again. He swore at himself again for being so stupid, but then again, that’s exactly why he confined himself to a cave, so temptations like this would never arise. “Look, I need you to stay here, alright? It’s really important that you don’t leave this room.”

“Yes sir, I’ll stay here sir. But can I suck your cock, sir?”

“No. No never again, alright?” Max said, and watched Luke’s eyes tear up again.

“But…but why sir? Did my ass displease you? I just want to make you happy sir, please, you’re all I can think about. I…I need your cum sir, without it, I don’t know what I’d do.”

“No, it wasn’t that at all, it’s just…” Max said, looking for the right words to say, but he knew Luke wouldn’t understand anyway. “Look, I just have some work to do, alright? But you might be able to suck my dick later, if you’re good, and don’t leave this room until I come back.”

Luke’s face lit up with joy, and he nodded eagerly, “Yes sir! I won’t leave this room for anything, I swear!”

Max shook his head, and left the room quickly, just wanting to get away. God, if he could get his hands on Tristan at the moment he’d fucking throttle him, he was so angry. He walked back out to the front of the store, and tried to calm down as best he could. All he needed to do was get through the rest of the day, and everything would be alright, at least, he hoped it would, but at this rate, he had a feeling that the day was only going to get rougher from here on out.

Chapter 5 – James Meets His Dad’s Friends

Dan pulled into the gravel parking lot of Tom’s smoke shop, turned off the engine, then tilted the seat back, giving James better access to his massive cock. James had done his best during the ten minute drive, but between the steering wheel and his dad’s bulk, he could do little more than just lick at the shaft as best he could, not that Dan minded. He knew how much his boy loved licking his dirty cock. James especially liked cleaning out all of the cheese from under Dan’s heavy foreskin, just like he was doing now. For the first few minutes in the truck, James had done his best to keep focused on what had happened, but it was so difficult keeping any thoughts in his head anymore, worshipping his Pa’s cock took up all of the focus he could muster. As such, over the course of the ten minute drive, James had for the most part forgotten his old life, although Dan remembered everything, and couldn’t wait to have some more fun with the cans of spray tucked away in his pocket.

“Alright boy, that’s enough fer now,” Dan said, pushing James’ face away from his cock.

“Awww, come on Pa, can’t I git some more a yer cum?”

“Later, but I need me some chaw first–then we can git ya taken care of, trust me.” Dan got out of the truck, and James followed, a bit disappointed and the crossed the parking lot towards the small wooden cabin. From the looks of things business was slow because the parking lot was empty aside from Tom’s motorcycle and a couple of cars which probably belonged to a few regulars. Tom ran the shop by himself, and it was little more than a rundown trailer next to the highway, but he had a loyal following in the mass of trailer parks around, which gave him enough money to keep the lights on. James had been there many times before when he was young, and he he hated it there. It was always hazy from Tom’s cigar, as well as the smoke from whoever else was in the building, and was part of the reason he was such an adamant anti-smoker himself.

Of course, Dan was a regular customer, and knew all the other regulars, and generally considered them his good friends. James began to feel nervous about meeting people who might recognize them, or not recognize them as the case may be. Sure, he did love his Pa, but at the same time, he was afraid of what other people might think if they knew about what they did back home. These fears only worsened when Dan beckoned him over and took a few sniffs of James, scowling. “ Shucks, that stuff don’ last all that long. Oh well,” he said, pulling the can of Irresistible from his pocket. James started to back away, but Dan sprayed it quite liberally all over him before he could get far. “Don’ worry son. I jus’ wanna make sure ya smell all nice ‘n hot fer my friends here.” When he finished, he pulled his boy close and gave him a sloppy kiss, “Dang boy, ya smell so good I have a good mind tah fuck ya here on the porch! But I’d better go ‘n see who’s all in there, and reintroduce myself. I doubt they’ll recognize me, or you. But come on in when I give a whistle, got it?”

“Sure thing Pa,” James said.

Dan stepped in into the shop and glanced around. Tom was over at the register as usual, smoking one of his cigars. He was a short round man, who looked like he didn’t enjoy moving around very much. In fact, Dan had never seen him leave that position for much other than heading to the bathroom. He was munching out of a bag of chips, chatting with Bill, a neighbor of Dan’s and another regular at the shop. He worked as a long haul trucker, or at least, sometimes worked as a long haul trucker, as his bitchy wife would often remind him. He tended to take as few jobs as he could to scrape by, preferring, like Dan to spend his time at home, relaxing. When he got tired of his wife, which was often, he’d usually come to Tom’s for a smoke and a beer or six. If it was night and Tom’s was closed, he’d often come to Dan’s place for the same thing.

On the other side of the trailer, perusing the titty mags Tom kept stocked there, was Ned. Ned didn’t smoke much, preferring cigarettes when he did, but his main addiction was porn. Lots of porn. Dan, Tom and Bill didn’t really know what to make of the guy, but he was nice enough, if a bit eccentric. Ned would often burn a few CD’s of whatever raunchy lesbian porn he’d dredged up from the internet and give it to them if they wanted, but often he would corner them later, wanting to discuss strange details about the scenes and the models which always made the other guys uncomfortable. His tastes were definitely on the sketchy side, usually some fat woman servicing a big muscle man, worshiping his muscles and generally behaving like a mindless slave. Dan had grown to enjoy it somewhat himself, though he probably wasn’t an aficionado like Ned.

Tom looked up when he heard the bell to see who’d come in, and didn’t recognize the massive redneck who stepped in the door. The man looked over at him and gave a wink, “Hey Bill, hey Tom. It’s me, Dan. Don’ ya recognize me?”

Tom and Bill looked at each other, confused, and then looked back at Dan. The muscular redneck sure didn’t look much like Dan anymore, between the massive amounts of body hair, thick corded muscles and imposing height. But on the other hand, why would some random redneck just barge into the smoke shop, call Bill and Tom by name and claim to be Dan? “Uh…you don’t really…look like Dan, buddy,” Tom said.

“Here. I’ll prove it tah ya,” Dan said, “Tom, the last time I was in here, yesterday that is, we talked all abou’ that second wife a yers, and how ya used tah slip yer cock in her asshole on ‘accident’ all the time ‘cause it was tighter than her sloppy cunt. Bill, ya came over tah my house on Wednesday, complain’ ‘bout how the wife is naggin’ ya to take a truckin’ job haulin’ dynamite. We joked that she’s probably jus’ wantin’ a chance tah blow ya’s up. And Ned over there gave me this really filthy porno last week, called ‘Fat Girls & Five Cups’, n’ I could only watch twenty minutes a that before it gave me a stomach ache. That satisfy ya’ll?”

The three men just stared at him for a moment, and then Tom spoke, “Alright hold on. Let’s just suppose for a moment that you are Dan. Then how in the hell did you suddenly turn into that tall muscular guy we’re all staring at overnight?”

“I thought ya’d never ask,” Dan said, pulling the can of Deep Desire from his pocket, “But ya’ll never believe unless I shows ya, but fer that, I need a volunteer.”

No one stepped forward, unsurprisingly. “This is nuts,” Bill said, “This fucker can’t be Dan! We should just throw his crazy ass out of here.”

Tom couldn’t help but agree with that, though he was also very curious. Still, there was something very strange going on. He was about to ask Dan to leave, when Ned spoke up, “I’ll volunteer.”

“Good man,” Dan said, glad one of the three wasn’t a complete chicken, “So, all ya gotta do is imagine the man ya’d like to be, then I’ll give ya a spray, ‘n we’ll see what happens.” He walked over to Ned, and gave him a good spray with the can, and sat back to watch. Ned wasn’t exactly an attractive man, although none of them were. He was about average height, but looked shorter due to the massive gut he carried around his waist which made him look like he had swallowed a beach ball. He had a smattering of hair all over his body, aside from his head, which was balding badly despite the fact he was only in his early forties, and what hair he did have was long and ragged.

However, all of that began to change very quickly, as the spray took effect. The first big change was all of Ned’s fat simply shrinking away and disappearing over the course of a few seconds, leaving him looking like a twig, until his frame exploded with muscle a moment later, quickly surpassing even Dan’s large frame, until he approached a solid body building physique, though really, he was a bit of a caricature of one. His upper body was impossibly wide, with big pecs and thick arms making him appear very top heavy due to the tapered waist and abs below. Then his bottom half grew wide again, his thighs and butt composed of nothing but slabs of muscle. Dan had expected the body hair to go too, but instead it grew in thicker, and Ned’s porno mustache became thick and full, hanging down over his lips. His hair grew back in as well, and Ned looked like he was growing younger, stopping at his early thirties. The change began to slow, as Ned’s face reshaped itself, his acne scars disappearing as his face became rugged and angular, and his entire body acquired a deep, healthy tan. Finally, the oversized T-shirt he’d been wearing morphed into an undersized tank top, and his jeans became athletic shorts stretched tight across his groin, highlighting his massive package.

Ned looked down at himself, flabbergasted at his own body, as he ran his very large hands over his muscles, “Holy shit!” he shouted in a deep rumble, “It fucking worked!”

Tom and Bill just gaped at the massive bodybuilder porn star which Ned had become right before their eyes. Dan was grinning from ear to ear as he watched their expression, and then asked, “So, would you two like a chance at this too?”

“So wait, that little spray bottle of whatever that is, that can turn you into whatever the fuck you want to be?” Tom asked.

“It ain’t called Deep Desire fer nothin’.”

Tom wasn’t exactly the smartest guy, and Dan could see on his face that he was trying to process what had just happened in front of him. Bill on the other hand was just gaping at Ned, who was too busy flexing his new muscles and fondling his massive cock to pay much attention to anyone else at the moment. “Alright,” Tom finally said, “I’ll give it a try.”

“Oh come on man, you can’t be serious!” Bill said, “Who knows what that shit might do to you?”

“Bill, trust me,” Tom said with a grin, “I know exactly what this spray is going to do to me.”

Bill backed away from the counter as Dan came over and started spraying Tom where he sat. Again, the first change they all noticed was Tom’s body, but rather than all of his fat disappearing like Ned’s, his entire frame simply began expanding up and out, piling on pounds of fat and muscle in equal measure. His figure was certainly more rounded and fatty than either Dan’s or Ned’s, but from the look of it, it certainly didn’t have much give. His height grew as well, until seated on his creaking stool he was only about a foot shorter than Dan, who guessed he’d probably be close to an eight foot giant when standing. The next major change was his hair. All traces of white quickly disappeared, and his auburn brown lightened to a deep red color, as his beard began to grow and extend out and down until it was a good four feet long, and then, seemingly of its own accord, it began twining itself together into a series of interlocking and intricate braids. The hair on his head on the other hand shrank up into his scalp and disappeared, leaving him with a shiny bald dome. Tattoos of flames and skulls covered his body next, followed by a good covering of red body hair, and his clothes began to shift. His jeans became quite grubby and a pair of leather chaps materialized over them, the crotch distended due to the massive member tucked inside. His shirt disappeared all together, revealing a very hairy ball belly covered with ink, with only a ragged leather biker vest on top. As a finishing touch, the short cigar he’d been smoking began to thicken and lengthen into a ten inch long, 50 ring monster that would have looked excessive clamped in any jaw other than the massive biker bear Tom had grown into. “Dang, that shit does work fucking nicely,” he said and let out a booming laugh as he felt up his new cock, “You really gotta give this a try Bill, it’s fucking fantastic!”

“How about it Bill? Ya want a go yerself?” Dan said, advancing on his neighbor, who was looking more and more fearful the closer the big redneck came. Without saying anything, he bolted for the door, burst out, and slammed right into James’ big frame who was still waiting outside for his Pa to call him. The boy was so big, Bill bounced right off of him and fell flat on his ass on the porch.

“Oh sorry sir!” James said, “Here, let me help ya.” James grabbed Bill under the armpits and hoisted him up to standing, but Bill wasn’t really paying attention. Something smelled…amazing, and he had to know what it was. Leaning in closer, he found that the closer he was to James, the stronger the smell, and the harder his dick grew, and the more he just wanted to fuck him and be fucked by him all night long. Before he could lunge in and kiss James and begin ripping off his overalls, Dan grabbed Bill’s collar and hauled him out of James’ arms.

“Well see? Now ya gone ‘n spoiled my surprise!” Dan said, and dragged Bill back in, James following behind him, “Everyone? I’d like ya tah meet by boy, James. Or at least, reintroduce ya tah him. I know ya ain’t too keen on him, but I has a feelin’ he’ll grow on ya. Go say hi tah Tom ‘n Ned, boy,” Dan said, and pushed James into the shop.

James was surprised by the shove and stumbled forward, falling against Ned at the counter. Blushing, he quickly backed away. “Sorry sir, my Pa don’ know his strength sometimes.”

“That…That’s alright…” Ned muttered, but for some reason, he couldn’t get the thought out of his head that the young cub in front of him smelled fantastic. And looked pretty fantastic too. “You can come as close as you want,” he said, leering a bit, “I don’t bite…hard.”

James scent reached Tom a moment later, and he leaned over the counter, sizing the by up, “Yeah, you do look good boy. You…smell good too.”

“Yeah, don’t he?” Ned said, pulling James close and taking a deep inhale, “He smells like a good fuck.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. A good, long fuck,” Tom said, massaging the hardening cock in his pants. He took a deep breath off his cigar, leaned in close, and pulled James into a smoky kiss while Ned started massaging James’ ass through his overalls. James wasn’t entirely sure what to think about the whole thing. He liked being fucked by Pa, sure, but he wasn’t so sure how he’d like being fucked by Pa and all of his friends too. Still, the smoky kiss was making his cock hard, and he did like the feel of Ned’s hands caressing him, so he leaned in and went with it.

“Now hold on ya pigs, don’t get too carried away now,” Dan said, “We have some unfinished business here, and then we can get tah the fun ‘n games.”

Both Tom and Ned gave a cursory nod, then went back to feeling up James, unable to help themselves. They soon found that the smell was infectious, and looking at one another, they couldn’t deny that they were finding each other very attractive as well. The fact that Dan had just made them gay never crossed their minds. All that mattered was how irresistible the thought of wild sex with burly men was at the moment. Sandwiching James between them, they began to kiss, while Dan addressed Bill. “Now, did ya like the way my boy smells?”

“Yes, oh god yes!” Bill said, fighting to join in with Tom and Ned, but Dan refused to let him go.

“Well, if ya wanna play with us, ya gotta let the real you out, alright? Otherwise I’m gonna have tah spray ya with somethin’ else, ‘n trust me, ya won’t like what that one does tah ya. It’ll make ya a redneck slut like my boy here, is that what ya want ta be?”

Bill’s eyes grew wide with terror, he gulped, and nodded, “Alright, you can spray me, you fucker. But you…you have to promise that…that you won’t laugh at me, alright?”

Dan was caught off guard by the comment, but nodded. “Sure man, I ain’t gonna laugh. Trust me, yer gonna love it, just wait,” Dan said, and sprayed Bill all over, who held his breath and braced himself for it. However, the change didn’t start until his lungs gave out, and he took in a deep breath of the smell. As he inhaled, his gut expanded, and then kept growing even after he stopped, the pace quickening as the rest of his body began to pile on fat as well. Dan kept expecting it to slow, but Bill kept growing, his gut falling out the bottom of his T-shirt and descending into a large apron descending several inches past his crotch. His ass inflated as well, becoming wide and jiggly, eventually ripping open the seat of his jeans and his boxers, leaving them in tatters on his very fat body. Dan had to say that Bill was now one of the fattest men he’d ever seen, with sagging tits, and a second and third chin hanging down from his soft, round face. Bill hadn’t grown much taller, and his relative shortness simply emphasized his girth. His hair lengthened until it was quite shaggy, with long bangs hanging down over his face and to either side, and a wiry beard sprouted from his jaw, growing almost a foot in every direction, looking wild and uncombed. Suddenly, Dan was hit by a smell. It was similar to his own unwashed odor, but somehow ranker, as he watched Bill’s body acquire a sweaty sheen, even his hair looking slightly damp from all of the sweat he was putting out. Finally, his clothes began to knit themselves back together into a wifebeater and sweats which were even a size large for him, draping across his body, but from the look of it, he had nothing else on, aside from a pair of ratty tennis shoes.

Looking down at himself, Bill’s face turned bright red and flushed with sweat, but the way his hands explored his figure, kneading his new mounds of fat, he was obviously turned on by his new look. Dan just looked at him quizzically, “Ya wanted tah be…that fat?” he couldn’t resist letting out a chuckle.

“You said you wouldn’t laugh, Dan.”

“I’m not laughin’, I’m jus’…surprised is all. Most guys don’ want tah be fat, and they don’t want tah reek either.”

“What makes this any more normal and well adjusted than Ned the muscle freak over there? I mean, he should barely be able to move, looking like that. And I could say the same thing about you wanting to be a nasty redneck!” Bill said, growing heated.

“Ya best watch how ya talk tah me, ‘cause I can make ya regret it,” Dan said, scowling.

“Hey you two, quit fighting!” Tom said, “You had something planned, right Dan? We’re all friends here, just let bygones be bygones.”

Still scowling, Dan lead Bill over to where James, Ned and Tom were making out with one another, and pulled James away from them, positioning him in the center between all four of them. James looked around at the four imposing daddies eyeing him hungrily, and a tinge of fear crept into his heart. When he saw the mean sneer on his Pa’s face, he knew he was in for something, but he had no idea what it was, at least until he saw Dan pull out the final can–Ideal.

“Now, here’s the game,” Dan said, “This spray’ll change someone intah whatever ya’d like him tah be. I thought it might be fun, tah play a little game with ‘em. We can all make a change tah him, and then have our fun, how does that sound?”

The others all nodded in excitement, and Dan passed the spray to Ned. “Well, as you all know, I have a thing for chubs, so I think we can kiss those muscles of his goodbye,” he said grinning, and sprayed James down. Immediately, his muscles all began to sag and turn into fat, his arms becoming heavy and flabby, his pecs drooping and becoming moobs, and his belly expanding into a large gut. Dan gulped, unhappy with the change, and watched Ned pass the bottle to Bill.

“You know James, I hate a lot of things about you, but what I hate the most is your constant brown-nosing. You’re always trying to please people at work, your friends, but when it comes to us you treat us like shit. Well, if you want to be a brown-noser so much, I guess you’re going to find eating out a shitty ass like mine incredibly hot, how does that sound?” Bill sprayed James, and new memories flooded his head, like licking Pa’s ass after taking a shit and then having him sit on his face until James blew his load. He hadn’t had a taste of sweaty ass in a long while, and thinking about being crushed under Bill, licking his fat crack clean got his cock hard in his pants.

Tom received the spray next and gave James a good dose while he spoke, “Well, I think he’s always been a bit too high and mighty myself, so I think it would be good for everyone to know exactly what his place is in the world. How about some nice tattoos to go with that new body of yours?” James felt a stinging across his forehead, causing him to wince in pain, but he already knew what it said: PIG. Immediately, the stinging spread across his entire body, from his neck to his legs, as any number of filthy names across his body: slut, whore, asslicker, biker bitch, piss pig–there were too many to count, and most of them came with images which James would never have shown off in public in a million years. He tried to cover himself up as best he could, but gave up. What was the use of hiding them? He was fucked, or at least he would be soon, he was sure.

“Alright, I guess I’m last then,” Dan said, and sprayed his son, “Now boy, ya see all those words written on ya now? I want ya tah not only believe that they’re a perfect description of who ya are, but I want ya tah be proud of it. Yer nothin’ but a whore, with two gaping holes hungry for massive cocks, and serving yer new daddies makes ya happier than anything else in the whole world.”

James brain pulsed, as all of the words on his body seared themselves into his consciousness. He loved serving men, any man, sucking cock, getting fucked, eating ass, drinking piss, and anything else anyone wanted to do to him. He fell to his knees, and words began tumbling from his mouth, “Please sirs, I know I’m nothing but a pig, but please fuck me. I’m so hungry for your cum, I need it to live, please don’t make me suffer without it!” He crawled over to Dan and began rubbing his face across his Pa’s package, desperate for sex. His own cock was leaking, and as the four descended upon him, now fully engrossed by his own musk, he couldn’t have been happier.

They shoved him down and ripped off his overalls as they all hurried to undress themselves. Dan was the first to his boy’s ass, and slammed his fourteen inch cock in up to the hilt with no resistance from his son’s now permanently wreaked hole. James gasped from the feeling of satisfaction which came from having his ass filled with his father’s cock, only to find Bill’s massive ass descend on his face, and James began licking eagerly, the taste of sweat and bitter shit making him hornier than he’d even been in his life. Tom began making out with Dan as he fucked, while Ned explored Bill’s massive figure, incredibly turned on by his new fatter physique. Without warning, Bill let off a massive fart right in James’ face, and the smell overwhelmed his self-control, causing him to blow a massive load all over the floor beneath him.

“God damn it boy! I fuckin’ raised you better ‘n that!” Dan said, when he saw James cum, “Ya know ya ain’t supposed tah cum ‘til yer daddies do. I’m jus’ gonna have tah fix it so ya can’t cum at all!” He pulled out the can of Ideal again, and sprayed James all over. James let out a moan, as he felt himself begin another transformation, his cock and balls shrinking and tightening up to almost nothing. His sack was barely the size of a grape, his cock barely an inch long and incapable of cumming, though if he rubbed it enough, he could still orgasm, but only with a cock in both of his holes. In fact, he didn’t even consider it a cock anymore, it was his clit, and he had two pussies just aching to be filled by cocks. The tattoo on his forehead shifted until it read SOW, and all of his body and facial hair shrank back, though he kept his mullet, which lightened to a bleach blond color. With a high pitched voice tinged with a slight lisp, James cried, “Oh yeah daddy, fuck my filthy sow pussy! Fuck yer naughty pig!”

“Shut up bitch!” Bill said, and smothered James’ face back under his ass again, as Dan resumed his fucking, pounding the pig’s ass even more savagely than before. Eventually, Bill turned around, lifted up his massive gut revealing his own foot long cock which he slammed down James’ gaping throat, the massive member sliding in just as effortlessly as Dan’s had into the boy’s asshole, and both of them came quickly, hurried on by James’ moans of delight and hunger.

Tom was about to replace his cock with Dan’s, when Ned piped up, “Hey, I have a better idea. Here, Tom, sit on the ground with your legs spread apart.” Tom looked skeptical, but did as Ned suggested, his massive cock sticking straight up in the air. Ned sat down across from him, his own cock nuzzled up against Tom’s, sticking up a few inches higher. James saw what they were doing and grinned. He squatted down over both cocks and began working Ned’s into his hole, and then Tom’s as well, a fit which stretched even his well used ass to the limit, and had him groaning with pain. To keep the pig from moaning too loud, Bill shoved his cock back into the boy’s mouth, muffling him, while Dan whispered words of encouragement to his pig. “Come on ya slut! I know ya can take those fuckin’ cocks, both of them at once. Hell, just last week ya took most of Ned’s forearm up yer ass, don’t ya remember that? This should be a piece a cake!”

James moaned louder, unable to speak with his mouth full, and squatted down further, Ned and Tom working their way in deeper together. James had never felt so full, or so content in his whole life, and as he took inch after inch of both cocks, and his Pa kept congratulating him on what a good sow slut he was, all while slowly rubbing his tiny clit, he felt a massive orgasm begin building in him, which hit when he got a foot of both cocks shoved up his ass. He began sliding up and down on them in a wild euphoria, faster and faster, and Bill blew his own load all over his face while watching James do his work.

Tom let out a groan and came first, groaning loudly as James milked his sensitive cock for all it was worth. Ned however, kept going for a good half hour, Tom eventually pulling out, allowing Ned to push the slut up against the counter and pound the pig’s hole for all it was worth, his fellow daddies cheering him on as James moaned and begged for more. Finally, Ned came deep in James’ ass, bringing the pig to a second mind blowing orgasm which sent him to his knees, once Ned pulled his cock from his ass. Unable to shut his hole, three massive loads leaked out in a small puddle beneath him, and he began scooping up handfuls of it and licking it off his fingers. “Oh thank you daddies,” he moaned, “Thank ya’ll for fuckin’ this lowly sow ‘n givin’ him all yer lovely cum. It tastes so delicious…mmm…” he groaned, still high on his own orgasm. He crawled over to his daddies and began servicing all of their cocks, relishing the taste of his own ass left on them, and occasionally receiving a blast of acrid piss, which he swallowed down happily.

“What do ya think guys? He a keeper?” Dan said, and the others just laughed, making James feel so happy. He loving being a dirty sow for his daddies.

“You know,” Bill said, “I have an idea. Where’d you get this stuff anyway, Dan?”

“Don’ know. James brought it home with him from the mall. Some new shop was carryin’ it, or somethin’.”

“Well, why don’t you go get some more of this stuff, and the three of us can call up all of our buddies, and get together at your house tonight. After changing all the guys, we can go have some fun with the rest of our families. Hell, I know my bitchy wife could use a good dose of this stuff. She’d be a hot little cub begging for my cock all the time. That would be so fucking hot!”

The others all agreed, and after making sure everyone was good and clean, Dan grabbed a few cans of chaw, on the house, and headed back out to the truck with James in tow, climbed in and set off for the mall. The party was going to be a good one, but James didn’t care. He was happy kissing his daddy as he drove, while three of Dan’s fingers and eventually his whole fist worked their way into his slutty hole, sending shivers to his minuscule clit which he rubbed all the way into town. He was a sow, and damn if he wasn’t the happiest sow in the whole damn city.

Chapter 6 – Kyle Rides the Bus

Down in the lobby, Kyle did his best not to stare at every fat, balding man in the casino, but it was difficult, and there were a lot of them. Kyle tried to catch his breath, still smoking his cigar, but with his new body, he obviously wasn’t used to any amount of aerobic exercise. Hell, who was he kidding? He was a lazy ass, preferring to sit around the house watching porn than do anything productive. What windfall he had from his home accounting business he spent at the casino, mostly as an excuse to cruise for lonely old men looking for some company, or at the very least a mouth and ass to fuck.

He exited the front door, the doorman not even giving him the time of day, and started searching for his valet ticket, but he soon realized that he didn’t own a convertible, or at least he didn’t own a convertible now. Looking at his ring of keys, all he had was the key to his smelly apartment and his mailbox key. He didn’t own a car at all. Of course, why would he need a car? He took the bus everywhere, which was better anyway. He saw some of the hottest guys on the bus, and would usually sit in the back, rubbing his stubby cock, fantasizing about sucking off older businessmen, or the occasional construction worker. A couple of times, he’d even managed to pull off a couple of hand jobs for guys who wanted them, and once even blew a guy in the back seat.

Kyle shook his head, trying to clear it. These weren’t his memories, and this wasn’t his body. He couldn’t let himself get sucked into this. It was all the damn necklace’s fault. In the elevator, he’d tried to pull it off again, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t. He was stuck with it until he returned it, he was certain–that was always how these curses worked, right? He’d take it back, apologize, and the store owner would tell him how to get his life back, and then he’d be on his way, lesson well learned.

He walked the short distance to the bus stop, but even that exertion almost proved too much for his weakened state. He checked the schedule, and saw that it would be another ten minutes until the bus arrived, so he sat down on the bench and waited, smoking his cigar. Damn he loved these things, he thought as he took a big inhale. He knew they’d kill him one day, if all the sex didn’t first, but he didn’t care. He ran a hand through his greasy hair and figured he should probably take a shower when he got home. Hell, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d bothered. Still, he’d probably just end up in his easy chair, watching some porno or other, massaging his cock until he eeked out something resembling an orgasm and a trickle of old, smelly cum, then order in some Chinese or something for dinner and maybe get some work done for a client or two.

“No,” he said to himself, “No, I have to get to the mall. I have to return the necklace.” He gripped it with one of his old hands, using that to remind himself of his real goal so he wouldn’t forget again. The bus arrived a few minutes later, and Kyle put out the butt of his cigar on the concrete bench next to him, heaved himself up, and climbed the stairs into the bus. He smiled when he saw Dennis, the usual driver for the 716 city bus. He was probably a bit older than Kyle was, sixty or so. He had a shaved head and a full white beard, but what Kyle loved staring at was the large belly pressing out and almost touching the steering wheel, it was so large. Of course, Kyle knew Dennis both clothed and unclothed, and had invited the large driver back to his place numerous times. Dennis was as much a pervert as Kyle was, if that was even possible, although it was a shame that he was impotent. Still, he enjoyed watching Kyle shove a big dildo up his ass while he sucked on his soft cock. Kyle flashed him a grin and his bus pass at the same time, one of his hands rubbing against the older man’s firm belly as he passed. Maybe he’d invite him over for a night cap after his shift was over today. It had been a while since the two of them had played together. Yeah, that would be damn nice.

He thought about taking a seat up front so he could chat Dennis up, and get him all hot for that night, but then, he saw the nasty looking derelict on the back bench, asleep with his face plastered against the window, snoring away. Damn, Kyle couldn’t resist an opportunity like that, so he headed on back too, and took a seat next to him. The rest of the bus was lightly crowded at least, and everyone else was generally tuned into their own business, their music, the paper, or their phones. No one was paying him any attention, well, no one except Dennis. He caught the older bus driver’s eye in the rear view mirror and they flashed each other a grin. Yeah, Dennis knew what was going to happen, and he sure as hell loved to watch.

The bus pulled away from the transit center, and Kyle edged closer to the still sleeping bum. He was someone who would have filled Kyle with disgust not hours earlier, but now he found himself entranced. The man had obviously been living on the streets for quite a while, with wild unwashed hair long enough to reach his shoulders and a bushy beard sticking out in every direction. He had a variety of plastic shopping bags filled with junk at his feet. His many layers of clothing couldn’t hide his prominent gut, sticking out from his ill fitting shirts and overhanging the crotch of his filthy jeans. He was definitely asleep, so Kyle scooted closer still, so his own fat thigh was rubbing against the bum’s, leaned over, and took a whiff of the guy’s funk. He reeked of alcohol, and who knew what else, but the stench just made Kyle hotter, and he could feel Dennis’ eyes on him in the mirror. Kyle started to massage his own cock through his suit pants, or at least he did to the best of his ability, given how fat he was. Damn, he was such a nasty pig, he thought, and leaned in a bit closer, taking another deep breath, but not as nasty as this guy was. This was going to be so fucking hot.

Careful to be gentle, Kyle reached out with one hand and began massaging the derelict’s crotch. The man didn’t wake up, which suited Kyle fine, and his cock began to harden in the denim. It wasn’t very big, probably five inches, but Kyle didn’t care. He was so turned on by his perversion that he couldn’t help himself. He began massaging the shaft gently, bringing a moan to the man’s lips as he stirred awake groggily, muttering.

“Shhhh…” kyle whispered as the man gradually realized what was happening, “Shhhh….Just relax.”

The bum didn’t say anything, but his body was about as stiff as his cock was. Still, he didn’t pull away, which was as much permission as Kyle needed. He reached for the zipper of the guy’s jeans, but the man pushed him away, “Hey, come on, not here.”

“Why not man? You got a hot cock man, a good hot cock.”

“I’m not gay.”

“I never said that you are. Besides, it’s hotter if you aren’t,” Kyle said, and grabbed the zipper, slowly undoing the fly.

“What? What kind of perv are you?” the man mumbled.

“The kind of perv that would be more than happy to suck your cock, right here, right now. What do you say? I know you want it. When’s the last time you got any action? Weeks? Months? I mean, feel how hard that cock of yours is,” Kyle said. He undid the rest of the fly and pulled out the man’s cock, slowly stroking it. He twisted his body so Dennis could see, and the bum jerked away.

“Man, the fuckin’ driver can see us.”

“Sure he can, but don’t worry, we’re good friends,” Kyle said, leaning in closer, “He likes to watch.” He wrapped his hand back around the bum’s cock and kept stroking it, while he got his face close enough to be brushed by the man’s filthy beard. “You smell good man, good and ripe. When’s the last time you took a shower?”

“Leave me alone.”

“Come on, it ain’t going to hurt,” he said, “Just let Daddy take care of everything.”

The derelict tried to push Kyle away again, but Kyle ran his finger around the head and he couldn’t help but let out a whimper. Kyle shifted his hand, stroking the shaft, and with one last look to Dennis in the mirror, he bent over and took the man’s cock into his mouth.

It was filthy, but somehow that just made Kyle hornier. Part of him was absolutely horrified, but that part was small and growing smaller. He couldn’t resist the sexual drive, more powerful than anything else, blotting out reason and decorum in favor of pure lust. The derelict stayed stiff for a while, but eventually settled in and relaxed, allowing Kyle to go about his work.

“Damn you have a hot mouth, man,” he muttered, and then laughed, “God, I can’t believe this, getting sucked off in the back of a bus. Well, at least I’m not sucking, that’s for sure, but still…god I had a good home, a nice wife, kids…It was the alcohol that did it,” the bum continued, “God, I couldn’t go a day without drinking myself silly. I didn’t stop for work, or for my family, I still can’t stop. Alcohol ruined my life, no I let it ruin my life. I hate it, but that’s the truth.”

A new craving entered into Kyle’s mind: booze. He could taste the alcohol on his breath, feel it clouding his head even further. He drank when he woke up, he drank himself to sleep. He’d been in the hospital plenty of times to get his stomach pumped, but he just couldn’t stop. He didn’t even want to.

“Yeah, what I wouldn’t give to have that all back. God, I hate being homeless, I hate being unemployed, I hate being such a god damn fuck up. That’s really the best way to put it. If an opportunity came my way, I fucked it up, if only I had it to do all over again.”

The suit which Kyle had been wearing began to fade into a grubby T-shirt, barely stretched over his massive gut. He could feel his hair and beard growing longer and greasier, from his years spent living on the streets. As he sucked, he could feel the numerous teeth he’d lost over the years, a few from bar fights, other’s that had just rotted from his head. He was a disgusting derelict, sucking some guy’s cock on the bus. He’d messed up his entire life, and the old part of him just wanted to cry, but the new part of him, the derelict accustomed to life in alleyways, to sucking off drunk dirty men on the way home from the bar in exchange for a few dollars to spend on liquor or food, this was simply his life. It was horrid, but that’s what it was.

The man grunted, and came, Kyle sucking down as much as he could. When the flow stopped, he sat up, wiping his face with one filthy hand. The man next to him was no longer a derelict, rather he was a middle aged business man, zipping up his pants and checking to make sure no one was looking.

“Where’s my five bucks man? A guy’s gotta eat,” Kyle slurred.

“Here’s a dollar,” the man said, “That’s all a piece of filthy trash like you deserves anyway.”

“That wasn’t the deal. Gimme my money,” he grabbed at the man’s sleeve, but the man shook him off and stood up.

“You touch me again, and I tell the driver you were threatening me. I call the cops, and they take you to jail. You want to go to jail?”

It wouldn’t be the first time for Kyle, but he scooted back, shoving the crumpled bill into the pocket of his pants with the rest of his loose change. At the next stop, the businessman got off, leaving Kyle alone in the back. He leaned against the window and took a swig from the bottle of whisky he carried with him, wishing he could light up a cigar, but knew better than to try on the bus. There was something he’d been trying to do, something important, but he couldn’t remember. Looking around, he saw the Dennis still eyeing him in the rear view mirror, licking his lips. Yeah, that’s what he’d been doing. Dennis likes a good show, so Kyle would usually hop on his bus when he got cold and give him a little demonstration, if he let him ride for free from end to end, from the stadium to the mall transit center.

“The mall…Wasn’t there something he needed to do at the mall?” he thought, as he played with his nipples through his shirt, licking his lips while his eyes were locked with Dennis in the mirror. He was just so horny, he couldn’t stand it, fished out his tiny cock from his jeans and started jacking off. He didn’t notice a couple of the riders see him and get off, disgusted, Kyle was too focused on his own pleasure, his glazed expression and drooling mouth oblivious to everything other than his cock.

Of course, he’d been that way for as long as he could remember. He’d sucked cock early, and often, running away from home after failing to pass the seventh grade again. He’d been on the streets, smoking, drinking and sucking cock for as long as he could remember. Still, something about that didn’t seem right. Something about the mall, something important, like jacking off, or eating ass. Damn, he needed a cock up his ass. There was a good ten minute turn around at the transit center, maybe Dennis would fuck him with a dildo. Damn, that would be so hot. A few spurts of cum shot out of his cock, soaking the area around his fly. Whatever little bit got on his hands he brought to his lips and licked off sensually, still staring at Dennis in the mirror, showing him how desperate he was.

Sated for the moment, he took a swig from the shitty whisky he had with him and let out a loud belch, then laid his head against the window, watching the city pass by. Occasionally he would try to think about what had been so important, but he was never able to pin two or three things together before his mind drifted back to sex, or simple emptiness. It took him a couple of moments to realize they’d pulled into the transit center. The passengers all exited the bus, but Kyle stayed where he was. When the last person got off, Dennis got up out of the driver’s seat and headed back to where Kyle was seated.

“Last stop, Kyle,” The driver said, “You gotta get off,”

“Hey Dennis, what’s the harm?” Kyle answered, taking another swig from his bottle, “I thought you were liking my show.”

“Yeah, well I’ve had a good number of riders complain about you today, and if you don’t go, the bosses will have my head for letting a filthy pervert ride around for free, so you gotta get off.”

“I know a better way to get off,” Kyle said. He reached out and started massaging Dennis’ crotch with one hand, his other still nursing his own cock in his pants. “How about a quickie?”

“Damn it Kyle, you know…” Dennis said.

“Yeah, man, but come on, I know what you like,” Kyle said, and rummaged around in one of his bags until he fished out a nasty, unwashed dildo, “How about I fuck myself with this while I suck that limp cock of yours off? How does that sound?”

“Look Kyle, now’s not the time–”

“Oh quit being such a fucking pushover and grow a backbone for once in your life, would you?” Kyle said, growing a bit frustrated.

“Oh shut up, you fucking loser,” Dennis said loudly, “You know, you’re lucky I’m a pushover, because otherwise you’d be fucked. Hell, you’re the scumbag here with the fucked up life! I should be the one in change here, not you.”

Reality twisted around them for a moment, Kyle desperately trying to keep anything in his head that he could, but drunk as he was, be was helpless against it. When everything settled down again, Dennis was standing in front of him, grinning maniacally at him, holding the filthy dildo in his hand as he whacked it against his other palm. It was bigger than before…much bigger. Probably bigger than Kyle’s fist, at least a foot long, and covered with studs. It looked like it would stretch even his well used ass to the very limits.

“Come on Dennis, I’m sorry. I tried to get him to pay me, but he wouldn’t.”

“Shut up you fucking pig, you know the rules. You suck the cocks, you get paid, you pay me, I let you sleep on the floor, instead of on the street. You don’t get the money, then you get your punishment.”

“Dennis, come on man, I–” Kyle started to say, but was silenced by the driver slapping him across the face with the rubber cock, hard enough to sting.

“How many times do I have to tell you that you and I are not on a first name basis?”

“Sorry…I’m sorry,” Kyle said, trying not to cry. God, he hated this, but he was such a pushover, and he really didn’t want to be back on the streets…

Sorry…what? What do you call me?”


“Good pig, now get on the floor and take your punishment.”

Trying not to cry, Dennis hated it when he cried, Kyle undid his pants, dropped them to his ankles, and got down onto the floor of the bus. Kyle put the dry rubber against his hole and shoved it in, making Kyle cry out. “Come on Dennis, I’m sorry! Please, not so hard!”

“What the fuck did you call me?” Dennis shouted, pushing the dildo in another few inches and twisting it viciously, “What the fuck is my name, pig?”

“Master! Master, please. Please don’t. I’ll get more money for you, I promise…please,” Kyle begged, but Dennis was relentless. It was so big, Kyle couldn’t help but start sobbing quietly. It just hurt so much, he couldn’t take it.

“Yeah, take it you fucking slut,” Dennis said, “and thank you’re lucky stars that my cock doesn’t work, because otherwise, you’d be getting by cock shoved up there instead. Man, I wish I could get hard just so I could fuck your horny ass. I wish I had a big thick cock, massive fucking balls, and the stamina to ride you until tomorrow. Then I’d show you who’s the fucking master around here.”

Kyle was too absorbed in his own suffering to notice the tingling in his pants. His already short cock shrank even smaller, to around two inches, and his balls shrank to the size of grapes. What he did notice was that he was starting to feel really tired. Sure, he wasn’t exactly the fittest guy in the world, but a minute ago he’d been fine, but now he found himself heaving for breath, despite the fact that Dennis was doing all the work. Dennis on the other hand had never looked, or felt, better. As he massaged his crotch, he began to notice something changing, or rather, growing down there. He undid the fly and pulled out a massive ten inch cock, rock hard and almost as thick as the dildo crammed up Kyle’s asshole, and a ball sack the size of an orange, if not a bit bigger. He just stared at it in disbelief for a moment, and then grinned menacingly pulling the rubber cock from Kyle’s hole.

For a moment, Kyle thought he’d been spared, and was about to turn around and kiss his master’s feet for his mercy, until he felt the head of Dennis’ new cock begin working its way into his wreaked hole. He was actually thankful for the dildo punishment from earlier now, because otherwise, the brutal fucking Dennis gave him, which had the bus rocking on its wheels, would have had him screaming in pain. God, he hated this. Why couldn’t that fucker have just given him the money?  But Kyle was such a pushover, he just let that fucking businessman off without trying to stop him. Dennis kept pounding away, until finally unloading a massive shot of cum deep into Kyle’s ass. He pulled out quickly, and Kyle started to get up, but Dennis pushed him back down and slammed the dildo home, making Kyle gasp.

“Yeah, maybe that will make you think twice about not getting paid this time around. You still owe me fourteen dollars for tonight, don’t forget, unless you’d rather spend the night in The Hole over at P & P…”

“No sir, please. I’ll get the money this time, I promise. I’ll do good.” P&P was short for Pain and Pleasure, the leather bar Dennis frequented, and The Hole…well, Kyle didn’t want to think about what it was like in The Hole.

“Yeah, you’d better, you fucking piece of trash. Now clean off my cock. You got it all filthy.”

Kyle got on his knees with some difficulty, partly because of how exhausted he was, but also because the massive dildo in his ass didn’t give him much range of movement. Dennis’ cock was filthy, but he licked it clean anyway, not really wanting to find out what his master would do if he refused. Kyle couldn’t refuse him anything, not really. He knew that he deserved everything Dennis did to him, and was lucky that he let him live with him at all. Thirty dollars got him a dog bed in the living room, a bowl of dog food and some water. Yeah, it was humiliating, eating that filth while Dennis fucked his ass, and the horrific things he said to him usually left Kyle in tears for half the night, but what else was there? He was too stupid and drunk to keep down a job. This was his only hope. Dennis, his master, was all he had.

Satisfied that it was clean, Dennis shoved his semi hard cock down into his pants. “Now sit back down and make me some fucking money, you worthless piece of shit,” he said over his shoulder as he walked back to the driver’s seat and sat down, opened the door, and let in the few people waiting at the transit center. Using the seat for support, Kyle managed to get back to standing, waddled over and sat down again, heaving for breath. God, he was so tired all of a sudden, but still so horny. He hadn’t shot a real load in weeks now, and he felt almost delirious with lust. Night after night, Dennis would keep Kyle right on the edge of orgasm for hours. It didn’t help that his cock was permanently soft, a fact which Dennis never tired reminding him of. God he hated his life so much. How had it come to this?

Looking out the window, Kyle saw the mall across the parking lot, and something nagged at him. He needed to get there, but why? What at the mall was so important? He felt a small nudge around his neck, and reached down his shirt, pulling out the bearclaw necklace, trying to remind him of his goal. Get it back to the bear boutique, and everything would be alright. It had to be. Purpose gave him energy, and Kyle stood up, only to lock eyes with Dennis in the rear view mirror. Those cold, hard, terrifying eyes, Kyle thought, and sat back down, hoping he hadn’t made his master angry. He still had to make fourteen dollars today, and they only had four more circuits before Dennis’ shift was over. If he didn’t make his quota by then…he’d end up in the hole. Dennis was good friends with the owners of a leather bar, and each night, one unlucky slave would be forced into the hole. A little cage in the backroom, where all night long, men would use him as they pleased. As a cum dump, as a urinal…anything they wanted, but what Kyle really couldn’t stand was the pain. The beatings, the whips, the paddles, needles, clothespins, and cigarettes. He couldn’t go back there, not after last time, and the time before that, and before that…

Looking around, he saw that everyone who had gotten on the bus was a woman, so there were no targets yet. There were quite a few guys who knew Dennis and Kyle, and would wait for their bus to have a turn at Kyle’s willing hole. Of course, Dennis would usually let those customers off with a discount, making Kyle’s job even harder. The bus lurched forward, and Dennis pulled away from the transit center, Kyle watching the mall grow farther and farther away. He knew this wasn’t his life. That he’d been a successful real estate agent with a nice car and a bad habit of stealing trinkets. God, how could he have been so stupid? He’d do anything to have a chance at that life again. Hell, any life would be better than this one. Looking down, he saw a sign on the window, “Emergency Exit: Pull lever and push out glass.”

This was an emergency, Kyle thought. He pulled up the lever as quietly as he could, hoping Dennis wouldn’t notice, and then leaned on the pane, which fell out onto the ground with the smash of broken glass. That caught everyones’ attention. Before someone could try and stop him, Dennis had climbed onto the seat and was squeezing his way out. For a single moment of terror, he thought that he wouldn’t be able to fit his massive body through the window, but he popped out, tumbling the five feet to the moving asphalt in a mass of flailing fat. He scrambled up as best he could, already winded, and took off for the nearest mall entrance as fast as he could go, panting and sweating and heaving, but he knew that if he stopped, he would never get there.

Looking over his shoulder, he saw the bus keep rolling for a bit before coming to halt. The door opened, and Dennis came down the steps, angrier than Kyle had ever seen him. Hell, if he stopped now, no one would even be able to find his remains. Cursing to himself, he made off for the mall entrance, begging the necklace to would be merciful to him, just this once. He knew he didn’t deserve it. For everything he’d done, he deserved to be Dennis’ slave. But he wasn’t about to just give up, not when he was so close. Not while there was still hope.

Chapter 7 – James Finds a Backbone

James knew that people were staring at him and Dan as they walked through the mall, or rather, they were mostly staring at him, but he didn’t care. They were certainly quite the sight, but a hulking, heavily tattooed redneck was nothing compared to the short, round pig tattooed all over his body wearing nothing more than an ill fitting pair of overalls waddling beside him. James, though, only had eyes for his daddy, now and forever. He wasn’t entirely sure why Dan wanted to go to Bear Boutique so much, but he was so much smarter than his stupid pigboy, James probably wouldn’t even be able to understand if Dan told him. He just led the way through the mall, until they arrived back at the shop and stepped inside. Max saw them come in through the archway and let out a sigh, looking from Dan to James and then back again. “Something I can do for you?”

“Uh…yeah,” Dan said, “Is this the place where I can git some more a this stuff?” He held up one of the nearly empty canisters and grinned. “I’m havin’ a party with some friends a mine, ‘n I was wonderin’ if I could pick up some more.”

Max didn’t have time for this. Well, he had all the time in the world in fact, but none of the patience. He still had two hours before the shop closed for the night, when he would be free, finally. He didn’t want anything more to do with this, or Tristan, or the sexy thrall he had waiting for him in the back…no, he couldn’t go there. He couldn’t lose control like that again. He focused again on his breathing and calmed down, trying not to think about his raging hard-on which still wasn’t satisfied from his earlier fuck.  “Whatever. The whole selection is over there. Just take what you want. Here’s a bag to fill up.”

Dan was a bit taken aback by the shop owner’s disinterest, but accepted the plastic bag, walked over to the display and started looking at the sprays, soaps and everything else. The selection was massive, and there were far more types of body spray than he had expected, and with a big grin, he started loading bottles into the bag, not even bothering to see what they would do. The surprise would be more fun that knowing anyway.

James followed his Pa around for a minute or two, but soon grew bored and looked around the store for a bit on his own, when he heard a voice call out to him from behind a beaded curtain at the back of the store. Out of curiosity, he ducked behind it and looked around, entranced by all of the sex toys, and imagining how they would feel in his pussy hole.

“Psst! Over here!” Looking over, James saw his reflection in another mirror beckoning him over, “Let me get a good look at you.”

A bit confused, James walked over, scratching his head, “Am I goin’ crazy? I didn’ know ya could talk tah mirrors.”

“Dang, that bastard really did a number on you,” the reflection said. He turned around, and James felt himself mimic the movement, spinning in place and looking over his shoulder, the reflection hemming and hawing and sounding downright displeased with everything he saw, looking especially disgusted when he reached under James big apron and found his shrunken cock and balls. “This is simply not what I was expecting at all. It’s almost like you want to be his pigslave or something.” the reflection added,

“But I like being a pigslave,” James said defensively, “My daddies are gonna throw a party tonight, ‘n they’re all gonna fuck my cunt, ‘n it’s gonna feel so good,” James said, and let out a little snort, reaching back with one hand to finger his hole.

“Oh stop that!” the reflection said, pulling James’ finger back, “I think we need a little something to clear out those sinuses, and remind you of just what the hell is going on here.” The reflection walked away, James following along, helplessly mirroring his steps. In a storage cabinet, he began rifling through the contents until he found a first aid kit. Inside, amongst the band-aids and ointments James pulled out a bottle, labeled “Smelling Salts,” uncorked the top, and took a deep whiff.

The smell was impossible to describe. In fact, it wasn’t so much that James smelt something as much as he felt every single synapse fire in his brain all at once, as though his entire brain had been set on fire. He dropped the bottle to the ground and fell back, clutching his head in agony as he rolled around on the floor for a moment or two, his reflection watching calmly as he relaxed again. “Oh god, what…what the fuck happened?” James asked, his voice returning to his normal accent, though still high pitched. He looked at the reflection in the mirror and saw his body, and began to panic, “Oh fuck, it wasn’t a dream at all, how the hell…what did…what did he do to me?”

“He used you, just like he always has,” the reflection replied, “and for the most part, you sure did enjoy it. And I think he’s probably noticed that you’re missing by now, and is on his way back here to come find you.”

“Wait, what? Fuck! How do I change back? Come on, you have to help me!”

“Ha, help you?” the reflection laughed, “Why would I do that? The only person who can help you is yourself, buddy. I just thought I would give you a fighting chance. If you’re so tired of Dan pushing you around, then I guess it’s finally time for you to learn how to push back. Otherwise, I have a feeling you’re going to be a dirty little sow for the rest of your life.” With a final laugh, the reflection faded and disappeared from the mirror, replaced a moment later by James’ true image, just in time for Dan to come thundering through the beaded doorway and spot his sow across the room.

“There ya are! Ya know better than tah wander off like that, piggy.”

James saw his Pa there, and immediately felt a wave of guilt wash over him. He had a habit of not really paying attention and wandering off, and he hated making his Pa worry like that. James struggled against the thoughts even as he realized he was running over to Dan and giving him a big hug. “I’m sorry Pa, I jus’ wasn’t payin’ attention.”

“That’s alright, sowboi, just don’t let it happen again. Now, what do we have back here?” Dan said, and started walking around the backroom, looking at the selection, James following along behind him, trying to fight back against the constant barrage of thoughts telling him to submit, to fiddle with his clit while imagining Dan’s cock in his pussy, to beg his Pa to fuck him right here and now. He was so horny, but he fought back against it as best he could, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to last long. There had to be something he could use, something which could help him.

“How about these, pig?” Dan said, stopping at a selection of piercings, “How’d ya like some nice big rings in those nipples a yers? We could even pierce yer clit, how does that sound?”

“That sounds so hot Pa, I’d love that!” James said, playing with his fat nipples, “I’m so horny Pa, could ya fuck me soon? I need yer cock up my pussy so bad…”

“Later ya little sow. Ya’ll get all the cock you need at the party tonight, trust me.”

The thought of the party filled James with equal parts dread and excitement. It was becoming harder to remember that he had to fight this. He watched Dan set down the bag full of sprays he had been carrying in order to better examine some of the piercing sets, and James crept closer to it. Unable to think of a better idea, and knowing he was running out of time, he mustered up all of the mental will he could, grabbed the bag, and took off as fast as he could, ducking into one of the back area changing rooms and locking the door behind him before Dan could catch up.

James rifled through the bag as fast as he could, looking for anything that could reverse the changes, while Dan pounded on the door, demanding James open up and come out. He knew he was being a bad pig–a really bad pig–and that when Dan got in he was going to get it. James tried not to thing like that, and focused back on the sprays. “There’s nothing in there that will do what you’re looking for. I guess you’ll just have to settle for something else,” a familiar voice said, and looking up, James saw that his strange reflection had reappeared in the changing room mirror. Outside, Dan began ramming his bulk against the door, making the weak wood clatter on its flimsy hinges. “It also sounds like you don’t have a whole lot of time, so I’d hurry up and pick something if I were you.”

A loud crack came from the door as it began to buckle, and terrified for his life and sanity, James reached out and grabbed one of the cans (and while he couldn’t be sure, his reflection might have been guiding him to one in particular), popped off the cap, and began spraying himself madly, praying that he wasn’t just making a horrific situation even worse. Outside, Dan slammed into the door again, the metal hinges buckling, and he cracked his knuckles, certain that one more hit is all it would take to break it down. He was angry. He thought he’d been clear enough in his desires, but apparently not. There was still some small piece of his asshole son left in there, but another spray of Ideal ought to fix that. When he was done with Dan, he wouldn’t be able to speak. He wouldn’t be able to think about anything other than pleasing his Pa and anyone else his daddy took a liking to. He got set to ram the door a final time, when the lock slid back, and the door swung open to reveal James standing there in the dressing room, or at least, a massive man Dan could only assume was James.

James had somehow, in a matter of moments, grown from about five feet to a height which was an inch or two taller than Dan’s. His new body was about as muscular as his father’s too, although he cut out all of the fat, with a ripped set of abs and rock hard pecs with meaty nipples jutting from them. James asked. He was tall, and muscular, and hairy, and the moment Dan saw him it was all he could do to keep his jaw from dropping. He was still tattooed all over, but they had changed from images of submissive humiliation to aggressive domination. The word SOW across his forehead had changed, now reading BRUTE, and his face was hard, rugged, and aged. He had a big grin plastered on his face surrounded by a full beard, and he explored his muscular and hairy body with one hand, and looked at the can he had ended up with in his other. “Alpha Brut, eh? Not too bad. What do you think, Pa?”

Dan didn’t really know what to say. His son had grown up, and grown up…well. The overalls he’d been wearing no longer fit him. They were loose at the belly, and with his two foot growth in height, the legs and straps were biting into his shoulders, so with both hands, he ripped the denim apart, allowing his massive cock to flop out, dribbling pre-cum, and Dan could…smell it. He could smell it, and he let out a little whimper as a strange desire rose to fall to his knees and worship this man, his son, his…alpha? No, he shook his head and tried to ignore what was happening. He still had the sprays in his pocket, he could use those. He reached for them, but James was faster. With one massive hand, he gripped the front pocket of Dan’s shirt, cans and all, and ripped it away, most of the shirt and some of Dan’s chest hair coming along with it, making Dan gasp in pain.

“Oh, sorry, did that not feel too good?” James said, “well then I bet this isn’t going to feel any better.” He dropped the shirt to the ground, balled up a fist and swung it into Dan’s face, sending him tumbling back and down to the ground, his nose gushing blood. He tried to crawl away, but James stalked over and with massive feet began kicking him in the ribs viciously, unable to control the rage which had been bottled up inside of him so long.

“Please….please, don’t…” Dan gasped out, clutching his chest, trying to shield himself, so Dan kicked him in the face as hard as he could, making him howl.

“Please don’t what?” James said, putting one big foot on his father face and grinding it in, “Please don’t hurt me? Please don’t turn me into a pig slut with a measly cock like you did to me? Please don’t treat me like a worthless piece of trash? Fuck that Dan, you’re fucked. Now lick it, lick my nasty foot, you fucking bitch.”

Dan immediately began lapping at the calloused sole pressing against his mouth, the mix of  sweat, grime and his own blood turning his stomach, but he found himself unable to refuse. He was terrified. In his whole life, Dan had gotten everything he’d wanted by exploiting those weaker than him, and being smart enough to not get into trouble with anyone who might be bigger than him. Suddenly being at the mercy of someone bigger than him, someone who could do anything he wanted to him, terrified him, as control of the situation slipped away. But part of him, the part of him lapping up every drop of James’ smelly foot he could reach, didn’t want to be in control. James was an alpha, and alpha’s deserved to be worshipped. He should be grateful that James allowed him to lick his foot. Dan should do anything James asked him to do, anything at all.

With one hand, Dan reached down to free his massive cock, to stroke it in the majesty of the alpha standing over him, but James moved his foot quickly and brought it down on Dan’s massive balls, making his scream in pain. “What, you actually think I’m about to let you get any pleasure out of this?” James asked, smirking as he crushed down harder, “How about I use your fucking sack as a trampoline? How about I smash these fuckers like grapes, and drink your fucking nut juice like wine? It’s what you fucking deserve, for what you did to me! It’s what you fucking deserve!” James shouted, and resumed kicking Dan as hard as he could in the crotch, sending Dan into an attack of gasping and coughing as he curled up into a fetal position on the floor.

James got down behind him and began ripping his jeans to pieces, giving him access to his father’s hole, which he immediately began prodding with his massive fingers, Dan trying to scramble away, but James always pulling him back. “What, you don’t like having something huge shoved up your hole? Bet you didn’t think about what I wanted as your two fuck buddies fucked me with their cocks at the same time, did you? You didn’t think about how I’d feel with my face shoved up Bill’s ass crack. No, so why in the fuck should I give a flying fuck about this fucking hole?” James yelled, and with two fingers of each hand in Dan’s ass, began stretching the virginal hole apart, Dan gasping in pain, his cock still painfully hard despite the rough treatment he was receiving. He wanted James to fuck him. He wanted his son’s masterful cock shoved up his ass. Dan wanted to be his thrall. It was what he deserved.

“Please…Please fuck me…Please…” Dan heard himself cry, and he hated himself for wanting it so bad, but it was all he could think about.

“Fuck you? No…No, I don’t think so,” James said, prying Dan’s hole apart a bit further, the hole now a couple of inches wide, James’ fingers bloody, “But I have a better idea of what could go up this nasty pit,” he said, and worked more of his hands into the hole, Dan screaming in pain. James was relentless, and before long had both of his hands buried in Dan’s ass. The pain was excruciating, and Dan felt himself begin to grow lightheaded from the pain. “See? This is what it feels like, you fucking asshole! This is what it fucking feels like! Do you like it? Do you like having your ass ripped apart?”

“Yes…No…God, please! Fuck me sir! Please…” Was all Dan could manage to say before collapsing into sobs. It hurt so much, but he could smell James all around him now, and the desire to worship him grew stronger and stronger with each passing moment. Unable to stop himself, Dan’s cock began unloading in his pants, cum soaking the denim and the carpet beneath him.

“You disgusting piece of trash,” James said, then hauled his fists back out, making Dan groan. He tried to get up, to thank James for having mercy on him, but he couldn’t move. Everything hurt too much. He saw James wipe off his hands on Dan’s shirt, disappear into the dressing room for a moment and reemerge with the bag of spray cans. After a moment of rummaging about, he pulled out a familiar can–Ideal, and returned to Dan’s side. “Now, I’m afraid this is where you and I part ways, unfortunately. But you know what? I think you, and all of your buddies need to learn a lesson. A…big lesson. So here’s how this is going to work. First, let’s give you a good spray, and that should make things a bit clearer, I think.”

Dan tried to crawl away, but between his still throbbing hole, his most likely broken ribs and general panic, he didn’t get very far. James sprayed him down, and Dan bent over in pain and surprise as he felt his body began to shift. His muscles dissolved and softened into fat, growing about as massive as James had been before all of this, with a large apron hanging down. All of his hair fell out next, leaving him completely bald and hairless. He figured that would be the worst of it, then he caught a look at his face one of the many mirrors around the room, and saw that his face was twisting and contorting strangely. His mouth and nose bulged out into a snout, his nose flattening into a pig’s, with two tusks growing up over his upper lip. He watched his ears grow larger and floppy as his eyes shrank a bit, becoming more piggish. He let out a snort, and was surprised by how sexy it sounded. How animalistic and guttural and…just plain old hot.

Dan felt the pain of his injuries begin to fade as he healed quickly, but they were replaced by an unbearable horniness. While one hand played with his massive moobs and very sensitive nipples, his other hand dug under his fat to find his cock, which he found had changed as well. It was smaller to start off with, and he could feel a strange sheath which his cock was poking out of, and heavy, low hanging balls below. His cock wasn’t shaped right either, with a strange twisting head, but it was so sensitive, Dan barely noticed a sharp pain as a curly tail erupted from right above his wide ass.

James walked over and kicked Dan’s hand away from his cock, which just made the pig whimper. “Please sir, *oink* Please I’m so horny!” Dan cried, grunting and snorting as he kept playing with his fat, unable to help himself. Deep in his mind part of Dan screamed and shouted in anger and rage. He was fully aware of what he was doing, and he hated it. Hated debasing himself like a ten cent slut, but the excitement he got every time he tweaked a nipple, or grunted loudly just pushed those thoughts farther and farther away, but they never left, and he knew they’d be there in his head for the rest of his life.

“Yeah, I know you’re horny, so I’ll make this quick. Here’s how this is going to work, pig. You’re a slut now–the only thing you care about is sex. However, I have a very special mission for you. You are going to go to that party you were planning tonight, and from now until midnight, you’re going to excrete a very special hormone, one which will make any man who has ever mistreated or abused someone want to fuck you, and if they cum up your ass, or down your throat, they’re going to become a pig just like you. And then you are going to go out, and you’re going to find men who will treat you like shit. Who will beat you, and rape you, and pimp you out, and you’ll just beg them for more, because it’s what fuckers like you deserve, got it?” James paused for a moment, and just watched Dan, sitting on the ground, one fat hand reaching around and playing with his loose asshole, desperate to cum, and shook his head. “Aw hell, what’s the fuckin’ use? Just get to the party on time, alright? That’s an order.”

“Yes *grunt* sir! But I’m…I’m so horny, God my ass!” Dan cried, “God, fuck me! Please! Don’t leave me like *snort* like this…”

“What? Unsatisfied? Unhappy? How do you think I have felt almost everyday of my life with you? Forget it asshole, you’re not going to be getting anything from me. If you want cock, I’m sure your friends will be more than happy to give you some. But if you really need something to tide you over, here,” James said, and tossed him a dildo from a nearby shelf, “Give yourself a good fuck with that.” Dan grabbed the rubber and slammed it into his hole as fast as he could, eager to get off, and James shook his head in disgust. He didn’t want anything else to do with Dan. One final change he’d made with Ideal was to remove all genetic similarity between the two of them. Dan was no longer his father–had never been his father. James was free, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to be going anywhere near that disgusting trailer park ever again. No, his life was his own now–and he wasn’t about to let that slip away again.

Looking up, James saw that a door along the back wall was cracked open, and a face was looking at him through the crack. The door shut quickly, but James needed to know who was back there. He’d recognized the eyes, buried underneath that thick brow and hairy face. He pushed the door open and found himself face to face with Luke, standing there sheepishly in a leather harness, and just looking at him was making James horny. But this was his friend…he couldn’t do something like…fuck him up the ass, or beat the cute muscular butt with a paddle, or any of the wonderful ideas suddenly racing through his head.

Luke was equally smitten. He’d had no idea that today he would run into not only one real alpha, but that a second one would show up as well. He knew it was James, sure, but that just made it hotter. He’d always wanted James, all through college. He’d kept his sexuality under wraps as best he could, although he knew James and Kyle wouldn’t really care if they had known. It was just that…Luke had always had a thing for James. He’d expected it to go away eventually, but it just got worse as time passed, and now he was right in front of him, his frame packed with muscle, both of them covered from head to toe in tattoos and fur and sweat, and it was all he could do to remember that Max owned him now, and that he needed to be faithful to his true master.

James took a step closer, neither of them knowing what to say to one another. James wanted to ask how it had happened, but he had a good enough idea. Luke wanted to tell James about all of the feelings which he had kept buried for so long, but he didn’t know where to start. Neither of them remembered who kissed who, but one moment they were apart, and the next their faces crashed into one another, and neither of them could stop. James pushed Kyle back onto the desk and lifted his legs up into the air, thrusting against the thrall’s ass until he finally popped into Luke’s hole, making him sigh with satisfaction. Neither of them needed to say anything, they realized. This is what James had come back for, what Luke had been waiting for, Dan and Max and Kyle and the entire world fading away from them, as James fucked his new thrall roughly, Luke occasionally letting out a moan or grunt of pleasure, a strange satisfaction washing over them, exuded by the man watching the two fuck like animals and long lost lovers, unnoticed on the other side of the mirror.

Chapter 8 – Kyle Gets What’s Coming

Max could hear some sort of commotion coming from the back from the store, and a couple of times already, had almost stood up to go and see what was going on, but never could bring himself to follow through. He just didn’t care anymore, and decided he was going to sit there and wait for the day to end. He’d changed all three of his targets, and there was no going back for any of them, so Tristan couldn’t say he hadn’t held up his side of the bargain. He just wanted to go home. Although he had admitted it to no one but Tristan, he hated his life in that cave. He hated the loneliness, and being constantly haunted by his alpha nature, which seemed to pace the shadows of his mind and the cold stone walls, but now he saw it was all for good reason. He couldn’t exist with others–not simply because he would lose control, but because other people were simply so confusing and aggravating that Max didn’t think he’d be able to stand it.

It was, of course, at this moment when Kyle came charging down the mall and ran into the store, heaving and panting, Dennis close behind him and in similar condition. “Please!” Max cried, yanking at the necklace around his neck, “Please get it off me, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take it, I swear!”

Max took another deep breath and tried to reign himself in. “Look,” he said, “There’s nothing I can do. You took it, so it’s yours. You don’t like it…well, I guess that’s too bad.”

“There you are!” Dennis shouted, storming into the shop behind his slave, “Get over here!”

Kyle looked over his shoulder, fear and terror in his old eyes, and darted around behind the counter, cowering behind Max, “God, please…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please, you can’t let him have me, please.”

Dennis stormed over towards Kyle, and Max stood up blocking his way. “Hey, come on, maybe you’d better just calm down, and we can all talk this–” Max said, but Dennis just came up and gave him a big shove backwards. Such a push wouldn’t have done much, had Max’s feet not gotten tangled in the massive derelict crouching behind him, which sent him toppling over, his head crashing against the counter, knocking him out cold.

Kyle and Dennis both stared at the limp body on the ground for a moment or two, before Kyle spoke. “Did…did you kill him?”

“I’d be much less worried about what just happened to him, and much more concerned about what’s going to happen to you, fucker,” Dennis said, seething with rage. He grabbed for Kyle, and wrestled the massive man to the ground, but Kyle bit down on his hand, allowing him to wriggle away and dash deeper into the store. He ducked behind a beaded curtain, and looking around for a moment for a place to hide, ducked behind a rack of leather gear and tried to keep quiet.

It was then that he heard that he wasn’t alone. Someone was grunting and snorting loudly, and from the loud slapping, also jacking off most likely. Curious, Kyle peeked around the other side of the rack, and saw a massively fat man thrusting a dildo in and out of his ass as quickly as he could while desperately trying to cum. Well, kind of a man. His face and head actually looked more like a pig, and his cock was …strange, but not unattractive. Of course, no cock was unattractive to Kyle. His head was suddenly filled with images of crawling over and sucking off the pig’s cock and cleaning off his fat body, and anything else the pig wanted him to do. Kyle fought the thoughts back down, but he couldn’t help but feel a sudden wave of guilt wash over him. Dennis had been nothing but good to him, and Kyle had thrown it into his face. He deserved to spend the rest of his life serving men on the bus. Besides, he did like it…didn’t he?

Dennis came crashing through the curtain, gripping his injured hand, and Kyle almost crawled out, planning to apologize as meekly and humbly as he could, hoping his punishment wouldn’t be too great, but he held himself back. It took all of the will he could muster, but he kept silent and watched Dennis approach the middle of the room, where the pig was still fucking himself. Dan hadn’t even noticed that he was no longer alone–all of his focus and mental energy was invested in getting himself off as fast as he could, so he could get to the party.

Dennis looked at the strange figure in confusion for a moment, but as the musk of the pig’s body hit his nose, he felt lust begin to boil and rage in his chest and cock. He could worry about finding Kyle later, he figured–it wasn’t like the fat bastard could get very far anyway. He’d tried to escape before, but he always came crying and whimpering back to his master. He knew that a night with Dennis was far better than a night on the streets. Sometimes the slave just forgot what was good for him, and needed a good, solid, reminder. A week in the hole would help him get his priorities straight, but none of that was really important now. What was important was this dirty pig writing on the ground, aching for a good fuck. A good fuck which only Dennis could give him, he was certain.

Dennis pushed down his pants, revealing his rock hard cock, and licked his lips as he got down and rolled Dan up onto his hands and knees. He gave the dildo a shove or two, working the slut’s loose hole with glee. “You want a good fucking pig? Well here, let me help you with that.” Dennis said cruelly as he threw the dildo to the side, and replaced it with his cock, making Dan groan and grunt with desire.

“Oh god *snort* Oh god, thank you sir, thank you for fucking this pig sir!” Dan cried, pushing his ass back as hard as he could. He needed cock–it was all he could think about anymore. He needed cock, and he needed cum, every hour and every day for the rest of his life. The old him still trapped in his mind fought back, but couldn’t gain a grip on anything. He couldn’t believe he was letting this fat old bus driver fuck his ass, but it felt so good, and this was his place after all. He was just a fatass slutpig, little more than a hole to fuck, but he sure did like it. Yeah, he liked being a cumdump a whole lot.

Dennis gasped as he thrust in and out a couple of times. It felt like the pig’s hole was sucking him off, even though he could see it was as loose as could be. The combination of sensations made his entire body shiver with lust as he thrust deep into the pig over and over. “Fuck…oh fuck! Your fucking ass!” He cried, “God, I’ve never…I’ve never *grunt* felt anything like this before!” Dennis fucked his ass brutally, slamming his entire shaft in again and again as deep as he could go, and even though it hurt, Dan loved every moment of it. He deserved it. He deserved to feel pain, to be abused and humiliated. He felt his cock pulse and quiver and unleash a massive load of cum, all over his belly and the floor beneath him, the orgasm building higher and higher until it plateaued and held there, every thrust bringing him even more pleasure than the last. It felt so good, Dan couldn’t even hold himself up any longer–he just collapsed to the ground as Dennis fucked him like a beast possessed.

From behind the rack, Kyle couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. He wanted Dennis to fuck him like that. He pulled down his pants and with one hand started working the massive dildo still up his ass in and out, imagining he was the pig beneath his master’s cock. With his other hand he tried to find his own soft member, but couldn’t get a good grip on it, and gave up. It wasn’t like he could get a hard on anyway, so what was the point of trying? His ass sure did feel good though. Why had he run away like that? He couldn’t even remember. He just wanted to crawl out there and be a good pig slave for his master Dennis, and suck lots of cocks for him and make him money, and then go home and serve him like a good slave should. He laid back, caught up in his fantasy as he fucked himself with the massive dildo, not even noticing Dennis begin to change.

It started slowly, with Dennis’ hair falling out, not that he’d had much of it to start with. Before long, he was entirely hairless, and his body began to grow even fatter, surpassing even Dan’s massive frame. He began pulling his nipples as hard as he could, surprised by how sensitive they were, but at the same time, everything on his body was sensitive. He could feel every bit of his cock pulse with desire as he fucked, and every flab of fat sent erotic shivers to his bones, but he needed…something more. Looking around, he saw the discarded dildo next to him, and slammed it up into his asshole as deep as it would go, not even noticing how loose he was now, nor the tip of a tail beginning to sprout from his backside. Feeling his ass full of rubber cock just made him even hotter, and he fucked even more viciously as his face began to morph, mimicking Dan’s own piggish features, grunting and snorting more as his mouth and nose elongated into a snout.

With a loud squeal, he came, thrusting wildly out of control, his cock and balls morphing as they released their final load of human seed. His cock shrank into its new sheath, becoming even smaller than Dan’s pig cock, popping out of the hole when it couldn’t extend past Dennis’ massive belly any longer, becoming buried in his massive gunt. No longer caring, Dennis got down on his hands and knees behind Dan and began slurping as his wide open hole, sucking out as much of the cum he had just shot up there as he could. He was so hungry all of a sudden. He needed cock, and he needed it now. He rolled Dan over, nursing his pig brother’s cock, and cleaned up as much of the cum he’d shot as well, but it wasn’t enough.

They collapsed on the floor together for a moment, exploring each other’s fat body’s and licking each other’s snouts, when Dan’s stomach growled. He was starving too, and figured that he had better hurry and get to the party, or else he’d miss it altogether. But there certainly wasn’t any reason why he couldn’t bring a date along as well. “Hey, *grunt* ya wanna come to a party with me? Lot’s a guys will be there tah fuck us. It’ll be fuckin’ *snort* hot man, come on.”

“Sounds fuckin’ fantastic to me *oink*. let’s get out of here.” Dennis replied, both of them heaving themselves up as best they could, still reeling from their continuing piggish orgasms. They struggled into their too small clothes, fat bursting out of every seam, but they eventually got on their way, waddling out of the store as fast as they could go, passing the still prone and unconscious Max without a glance. There were redneck cocks to suck, they were gonna be sucking all night, the two pigs thought with joy as they hurried out to Dan’s truck and drove off towards the trailer park as fast as they could.

Meanwhile, Kyle was still behind the rack, playing with his dildo and caught up in his own fantasy. Frustrated that he couldn’t get his cock the least bit hard, and that he was just so fucking horny, he couldn’t take it anymore. He came out, ready to beg for Dennis’ forgiveness if he’d just fuck him, but found the room empty, aside from himself, and his many reflections in the mirrors scattered around the room. His first thought was panic. His master had abandoned him now, left him alone again. That means Kyle didn’t have anyone to rely on, and he’d be back on the streets, begging passersby for change, and getting the occasional facial for a buck or two–nothing like the sweet gig he’d had on Dennis’ bus. He wondered if he’d taken that pig he’d been fucking as a replacement for Kyle, which just made him even more angry and jealous. He knew he could suck cock and had a nicer ass than that pig. He’d just have to find Dennis and prove it to him. There was no way he was about to let some upstart pigslut take his master from him. He hoisted up his dirty jeans, ready to hurry after them, when a voice spoke suddenly in the empty room, “Hey now, hold your horses, big guy. What’s the hurry?”

Kyle looked around in confusion for a minute or two, trying to figure out who had spoken in the empty room, when he noticed something strange. His reflection had disappeared from most of the mirrors in the room, and was now in only one of them, and he was staring at him, and not looking like a reflection at all. The proportion was all wrong for one thing, because Kyle was a good fifteen feet away, but it looked like his reflection was just on the other side of the glass. He came closer, and the image didn’t change at all, just watched him cockily, with an expression Kyle certainly wouldn’t use. He wondered if he should just run away, but his curiosity got the better of him. “Did…did you say something to me?” he asked.

“Yes, yes I did,” the reflection said, “My goodness, look at you! That curse sure did a number on you, didn’t it?”

“Curse? What curse? What are you…oh fuck!” Kyle said, his old memories coming pouring back in, and he nearly was sick, thinking about how he had just been fucking himself, and planning on chasing after Dennis and keep being his pig for the rest of his life. “Oh god, I have to get this thing off of me!” he said, and tried to pull it off, but to no avail.

“Yeah, funny things, curses. When you don’t want them, they stick to you like glue, but when you do want them, they’re the easiest thing in the world to get rid of,” the reflection said, slipping the necklace off from around his neck like it was nothing, and tossing it to the ground beside him.

Kyle just gaped at him. “How in the fuck did you do that?”

“I just told you. You have to want it.”

“But I don’t fucking want this!” Kyle shouted, gripping his fat gut with both hands and shaking it vigorously, “I don’t want to be some fat, homeless geezer obsessed with sucking off old men! That isn’t what I want at all!”

“Well, then I guess you’re stuck,” the reflection said with a shrug, “but that’s no reason to get so angry. It sounds to me like someone hasn’t had a drink in a while…That would make any alcoholic cranky, I think.”

“I’m…I’m not an alcoholic…” Kyle said meekly, licking his lips at the thoughts of his hip flask abandoned on Dennis’ bus, “I can stop whenever I want.”

“I’m sure you can, but just because you can stop doesn’t mean you want to, now does it? ” his reflection said, moving to another mirror next to a long counter in front of a wall displaying a wide variety of cigars, pipes and other smoking supplies. Just the sight of the cigars made Kyle’s mouth water more, but he resisted. Besides, the need for alcohol was far more pressing at the moment. “I heard that the shopkeeper keeps a little something here just for emergencies like these. Why not check under the counter?”

Kyle wanted to refuse. He wanted to turn around, and march right out of the room and focus on getting this damn necklace off somehow, but he needed a drink. His hands had started shaking suddenly, and he knew a drink would calm him down a bit. He just needed one, and then he’d be able to think better, is all. Satisfied with that rationalization, he rushed over to the counter and started scrounging beneath it, finding a six pack of beer of some brand called “Urin Ale.” Figuring it was some foreign brand or something, he screwed off the cap of one bottle and chugged it, unable to control himself as some of it seeped out around his mouth and flowed down his tangled beard. When he finished, he let out a contented belch, popped open another one and took a seat on a stool behind the counter, thankful for the buzz already starting to flood his system.

He drank this one a bit slower, still guzzling it, but also taking a moment or two to relish the taste. How long had he gone without a good drink? An hour? He didn’t really want that to happen again, he thought, taking another sip. The beer was…good, but it had a strange taste to it–something he couldn’t quite identify, but it was also familiar, for some reason. As he finished the second bottle and popped open a third, his reflection, which had been silent as he drank, started chuckling.

“What’s so funny?” Kyle asked.

“Oh, nothing really. How’s the beer?”

“It’s good…Thanks…I really needed something back there.”

“No problem. However, if you keep drinking them that fast, you’re going to have to piss like a racehorse.”

Kyle just shrugged off the comment and finished off the third beer, when he felt a strange gurgle in his stomach, and a pressure building in his bladder. Dang, this stuff really did go right through a guy he thought, but he knew what to do with this load. He unzipped his pants and leaned back against the counter at as low of an angle as he could manage, found his tiny cock in the mass of fat, pointed it up, and released a jet of piss up and over his gut, covering his chest, filthy beard and face, drinking down anything which got close to his mouth, moaning all the while.

“Dang, that’s hot,” his reflection said, jacking his own cock in the mirror, “You put on a show like that for everybody who buys you a drink?”

“Hell yeah, if they ask for it,” Kyle said. He cut the stream off and zipped his pants back up, letting the rest of it go as he laid back, loving the warmth spreading under his fat thighs and belly and down his pant legs, “I’m a fuckin’ piss hound man, I’ll drink anything guys are willing to give me.”

“Well, you know what would go great with all that piss? A good cigar. I’d suggest the box at the end there,” he said, pointing to one end of the display.

Kyle grinned happily, waddling over as he continued pissing himself, and picked up one of the cigars from the box. He noticed that all of the cigars in the box where shaped slightly different, which was odd. While they were all cylindrical, they also bulged a bit strangely, and when he picked one up, it didn’t quite feel like tobacco, but he couldn’t quite figure out what it did feel like. Still, he bit off the end as he accustomed to doing and lit it up, pulling in the first smoke he’d had in ages it felt like. The taste was strange–very bitter and a little rancid, but there was something enticing about it, and by the second inhale he didn’t even notice the bad taste anymore. He popped open another beer and just relaxed for a moment, trying to remember what he’d been doing before all of this.

“You were telling me what you’re looking for in a master, I think,” the reflection said, answering his question for him.

That didn’t sound quite right, but Kyle shrugged. Didn’t he already have a master? Then again, he’d never had the best memory, so he probably didn’t. “Well, I love older guys. A bit of grey in their hair and beard, some wrinkles, yeah, a good old daddy like that really gets me going, especially if he has a big old saggy gut that I can lick clean. There’s nothing better than cleaning out some fat daddy’s fatty rolls, especially if he doesn’t shower that often, and they’re all sweaty and musky. Yeah, that sure gets me going.” Kyle took another drag off his cigar, then took a moment to sniff his pit, and he could smell the piss drying on his shirt as well. All this talk about musk and stink was getting him horny again. He rocked a bit on his dildo, and moaned a bit. “This is a really good cigar by the way.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it. That brand seems to appeal to dirty slobs like you for some reason. Most guys are disgusted by them, but filthy perverts like you can’t get enough.”

“Yeah, I am a filthy pervert alright. Filthy as they come.”

“Aw, I bet you can get filthier still,” the reflection said with a grin, “So, what would you want this fat old master of yours to do to you?”

“I’d just want to be his dirty slave, licking his grimy feet and pits clean, drinking his piss. He’d have a big cock too–giant, and with a lot of foreskin that I could clean out for him before he fucked me up my ass, or fisted me. Yeah, I’d love to have a master fist me, shove his whole fat forearm up my loose hole. And he’d have all of his friends piss on me too, or anyone really. I’d just be his urinal, drinking all the time, pissing myself whenever he commanded me to, unable to stop myself.” Kyle blushed, listening to what was coming out of his mouth for the first time since he’d started drinking. He knew he should stop, but took another swig anyway. It all felt so good, he didn’t really want that good feeling to go away.

However, something was starting to bug him. His ass crack was itching like crazy all of a sudden, so he reached back and started scratching close to his hole, and when he pulled his hand back out, he couldn’t help but smell his fingers as he smoked the cigar down further. The scent of his ass was close to that of the cigar, but the tobacco was…purer somehow. He gave his ass another scratch, just to sniff again, and then gave his fingers a tentative lick, to see what it tasted like. It was sweaty and bitter and delicious, and unable to help himself, he started sucking each of his fingers clean in turn, stopping only to take a swig from his beer, or another long drag from the cigar.

“Dang man, that’s fucking filthy,” his reflection said, “You like the smell of shit?”

“Hell yeah, it’s fucking sweet man,” Kyle said, “I’d want a master who never wiped his ass, and then he’d sit on my face while I cleaned him up, and he’d probably fart, and I’d just breathe in as much of the funk as I could, that’s how much I love the smell of ass.”

“Well, if you love the smell of it so much, I bet you love the taste of it even better.”

Kyle blushed, and didn’t speak immediately. He knew what was on his tongue…and he wanted to say it, but something held him back for a moment. It was getting him so hot, talking about all of these pent up fantasies that he couldn’t resist for long though. “Well…I do like the taste. I mean, I’d certainly lick his crack clean, no problem with that.”

“I bet a pig like you is always hungry for a taste of ass.”

“Hell, you have no idea. It gets me so hot just thinking about it…Sometimes I’ll even take my dildo and lick it clean, it gets me so horny.” As he said that, Kyle realized what he was about to do. He tried to stop himself, but he pulled the massive dildo from his hole and started licking it clean, getting every bit of shit off it that he could, moaning as he did. A loud fart came from his gaping ass, and he breathed in as much of the smell as he could, his soft cock leaking cum like a faucet into his piss soaked pants. He knew he should stop. He knew he had to focus on the curse and getting rid of the necklace, but he was so horny, and this was the closest he’d gotten to getting his rocks off in ages. The cigar was just a nub now, only one or two drags left. He didn’t want to finish it, but he had to. It was…something he needed. Not the tobacco. In fact, he wasn’t sure it was tobacco at all.

“But you know what gets you really hard, I bet? When that master of yours is all loosened up by your tongue, and starts dropping turds right in your mouth. You cum everytime–you hate doing it, but you love shit so much you couldn’t stop yourself if you wanted to.”

As Kyle took the last drag off the cigar, he moaned in terror and lust all at the same time. He knew what he was smoking now–he knew what was shaped like that, what felt like that. He tried to stop himself, but as the cigar dissolved into ash, the hunger in him grew even greater. The hunger for his master’s shit, or any shit really. For cleaning up filthy asses and dirty dildos. For fucking himself with his fingers and licking them clean. He was a filthy pig, but he loved it. It horrified him, what he had become, but there was no stopping himself as he returned to licking the dildo clean with a fervor.

The reflection smirked, and the image shimmered, Tristan standing on the other side of mirror where Kyle’s reflection had been. He stepped through the glass and out of the mirror, and Kyle would have been terrified if he hadn’t been so caught up in his new perversions. “Now then, I think we have you in a good place, don’t you?”

Kyle just moaned, part of him wondering whether the stranger would be nice enough to give him some piss to drink, or shit in his mouth. He was starving for some shit, he realized, and couldn’t remember the last time he’d had any. “Can I…Can I have some shit, sir? I’m so hungry…”

“Sorry pig, you’ll have to wait a bit for your master if you want to get fed, but I’m sure he’ll be along soon. First things first, we need to lift that curse of yours, I think. Now don’t you worry about a thing,” Tristan said as he gripped the necklace, “Once this is off you, you’ll never worry about that old life of yours ever again. It’ll just be filth, piss, fucking and shit for the rest of your days–how does that sound?”

Kyle struggled to resist, to fight back, but it felt so good just licking his dildo clean, he allowed Tristan to pull the necklace from around his neck. Nothing happened for a moment, and then the bearclaw glowed brightly, and shone a ray directly into Kyle’s forehead, his eyes rolling back as he felt all of his old self being pulled away. All of his memories, his desires, his life plans, gone in a flash. He tried to cling to something, anything, but all that remained was filth. Memories of running away from home and living on the street. Memories of different masters he’d served, toilets he’d eaten from, bars where he’d worked as a urinal. The part of him fading knew they were lies, but they were so strong, and what else was there for someone like him, beyond serving men, and being a filthy pig? Soon, there wasn’t anything, and Kyle resumed cleaning his dildo like nothing had ever happened, hoping his master would return soon.

“And that, my friend, is what you get for stealing,” Tristan said, and walked back to the front of his store, where Max was still unconscious behind the counter. He hung the necklace back on the rack and watched Max’s chest rise and fall as he slept.

“You know,” Tristan said, “I really am sorry about how this is going to turn out, but you didn’t leave me a lot of options, so it’s really your fault. You could have built yourself a wonderful world here, in this little store, but you didn’t do anything. You’ll be happy here, I can assure you that, but you won’t like it.” Tristan blushed, realizing Max couldn’t hear him, but he had needed to say it. He needed to hear himself say it, and something else too. “It’s not the way I wanted us to be together, and maybe we…maybe things can be different one day, when I show you how marvelous my vision for this world is…sir.”

Tristan hadn’t really wanted to word to slip out, but it came unbidden. Ever since that day, when the elders had gone to destroy Max because he had become enraged, Tristan was the only one willing to stand up to him. He had entered alone, and submitted to Max, and…well, the rest wasn’t worth dredging up, he supposed. It would just make what he had to do even harder than it already was. He hoped Max would hate him, because that would at least make it easier, in some ways. Maybe he would understand one day, but…well, he was just putting off the inevitable at this point.

He knelt down and pulled the necklace he had given Max from around his neck. He hadn’t been entirely honest when describing it to Max that morning. It had disguised him as a human, sure, but it had done so by extracting much of the alpha’s true essence throughout the day, and now, after wearing it for so long, Max had been fully transformed into a human. Of course, he was still an alpha–no mere magic could take that away from him, but he certainly could never return to his home. This essence alone would be enough for Tristan to continue his plans for months to come, although the fact that he had betrayed someone who had once trusted him hurt in ways he refused to fathom. Still, he needed to make sure Max remained occupied here. And so, he cast one final spell:

“Into the weave of three so great,

Twine this man with bonds of fate.

May that which bind three, bind four,

And hold them together, evermore.”

He released his will into the store, and felt the strands which held James, Luke and Kyle so close together reach out and pull the alpha’s own fate into their skein and wrap themselves around him–present, past and future. Max tossed and turned for a moment, unconsciously resisting, but with his essence drained, he was effectively powerless, and calmed down a moment later, still unconscious.

Tristan walked over to one of the many mirrors in the room and stepped back in. He didn’t really want to watch what would happen next, but he made himself. First to make sure that everything would work as he had planned, but also, so that he could witness what the destruction he was about to wreck. To witness first hand, the necessary sacrifices which must be made to his cause. He knew it was cruel, but it was justified–or at least, that’s what he told himself over and over as he tried to sleep at night. He was so tired, but the dreams…He pushed the thoughts away and watched Max stir on the ground and moan. It would be finished soon. It would be finished, and Tristan would have won. Sadly, it didn’t feel like a victory. He watched and waited, hoping it would hurt him as much as it would hurt the alpha he loved.

Chapter 9 – Scuzz Finds a Family

The big bear groaned and rolled over, unprepared for the spike of pain which came from the back of his head as he did. He remembered little. He had fallen, but what had happened to make him fall, and many, many more memories were simply missing. Using the counter next to him for support, he hauled himself up as best he could and looked around, one hand patting the sore spot on his head, checking for blood. It looked like he was in a store of some kind in a mall, but as he searched around for some piece of context to tie it all together, he found there was nothing. No memories of how he’d gotten here, no memories of what he had been doing, and only a few pieces of information about himself, but nothing substantial, not even his name.

He sat down in a chair and thought harder about what was going on. Sure, head trauma could cause memory lapses, but how often did it give someone full blown amnesia? Still, he knew he could remember things–or he knew that there were things in his head to remember, but…couldn’t, for some reason. Like they didn’t belong to him anymore, and were being kept away from him behind a…block of some kind. Trying not to think about it too hard, since it was just making his head hurt worse, he checked himself for any other injuries, but he seemed fine besides the bump on his head. Dang, he had a hot body though. Good and muscled, with a lot of hair, and a really big cock. He let out a groan as he palmed the shaft through his dress pants, a wet spot appearing on the front. One thing was certain–he was horny. Really horny.

He got up slowly, making sure he could keep his balance alright, and walked over to a mirror. The reflection was both familiar and alien to him. He was definitely hot though, from the well trimmed beard on his face, to his massive pecs and muscle gut, but especially his bulge, which any guy could spot from across the room. He was a real…alpha. Yeah, that seemed right for some reason. He was the kind of guy who could walk into a room, and every guy would take notice. He was the kind of guy who could have any ass or mouth he wanted, and that turned him on big time, although, a strange thought popped into his head that it shouldn’t turn him on. That he should push those thoughts away, but he ignored that idea. He liked being an alpha, he thought, or at least he liked the thought of being an alpha, since he couldn’t actually remember being one.

Nearby, he heard a loud groan. Wondering who else was in the store with him, he stumbled over to a beaded curtain and peeked through into the back section of the store, where a very fat man was sitting on a stool, licking a dildo clean and moaning as he did so. The man was filthy, with a massive, unshaven beard and clothes that looked like they’d never been washed in the man’s life, but there was also something…familiar about him. Like he knew him from somewhere…but couldn’t remember from where. All of the thoughts led him back to that wall–that immovable barrier between him and everything in his mind which he couldn’t find any way around. Maybe talking to him would help. The man might at least know something about who he was…maybe if he told him something, that would help him figure out what was going on.

He ducked under the curtain and started over towards the dirty man, who didn’t notice the bear approaching, he was so caught up in getting every bit of shit off his dildo that he could, but when the big man did catch his eye, he let out a little squeal of excitement and tossed his dildo to the side. After almost falling off the stool, given how drunk he was, he crawled over and started rubbing his face into the bear’s crotch, moaning “Master! Master!” over and over as he did.

“Whoa now,” the bear said, pushing the dirty man away from him, “Hold on, I’m…I’m your master?”

The man nodded excitedly, “Yes sir!” he said, then noticed the lack of recognition in the bear’s eyes, and the excitement faded into confusion.. “Don’t…don’t you remember, sir? I’m Toilet, sir…Your thrall.”

“I…don’t actually,” he said. It was hard to resist the urge to shove the fat pig’s face back into his crotch. It had felt really good, but right now he needed answers. Had the man actually called himself Toilet? That was…odd, and yet, the name did seem to suit him. “Did you say your name is…Toilet?”

Kyle nodded, “Yes sir, that’s what you call me sir. I’m your toilet, whenever you need it. I love being a toilet for my fat, old and filthy master, sir!”

The bear just looked at the man, confused. “Hey,” he said, “I might be looking a little grey around the beard and all, but I’m certainly not that old. And I’m definitely not fat or filthy.”

“But…but look sir!” Toilet said, caressing his master’s stomach, “Look at how big your gut is!” As he massaged it, the bear watched as his gut began to expand as the filthy man pulled and kneaded it with his dirty hands. The bear wanted to push him away and stop him, but it felt so good, he let the man do his work. Besides, he loved it when Toilet rubbed his belly. He reached up and started playing with his nipples through his shirt. They were big and meaty, larger than he’d thought they would be, and he didn’t notice that as he tugged on them, his pecs were loosening and sagging into massive moobs pushing out against his button down shirt, which he began to grope as they grew larger.

“That feels damn good, Toilet,” the bear said with a sigh.

The dirty man beamed, “Thank you sir! I love massaging your belly sir, you know that, and your massive ass sir.” He pulled the bear close and reached around, kneading his ass as he had his belly, pulling and growing it into two fatty globes which balanced out his massive sagging gut. The rest of the bear’s body filled out as well, his thighs growing together and his face growing chubbier as Toilet continued, “And sir, I don’t know why you think you’re young either. All your hair turned white ages ago, and you’re almost bald. But don’t get me wrong! You’re a hot daddy, sir, the hottest there is.”

Toilet unbuttoned the front of his master’s dress shirt, revealing a massive forest of white hairs coating his belly and chest. The bear looked down at his arms and saw the hair on them had turned white as well, and over in the mirror, his beard and hair had undergone the same change, and his face looked weathered and wrinkled. As he watched, his hairline receded, pulling back until all that was left was a horseshoe of white hair, and he had to admit, he was a pretty hot daddy bear.

As Toilet continued to play with his daddy’s gut, the bear kept trying to figure out what in the world was going on. He could remember being a massively muscled, young bear not a minute ago, but this new body of his just felt so much more…comfortable, for some reason. Like this is what he was supposed to look like all along, and that previous body was that of an impostor. He grabbed the back of Toilet’s head and ground his face into his belly, which Toilet licked at. “Yeah, you fucking pig, eat your daddy’s belly.” he said. His voice sounded different now too, deeper, and raspy, like a smoker’s, though he couldn’t remember ever smoking in his life.

“Yes sir! I love your dirty belly, sir.”

“Dirty? How dirty is it?” the bear asked.

“Yeah, sir, I love my dirty master. I love how you don’t shower or anything like that, because you want to be as dirty as possible. You don’t cut your hair or beard, or brush your teeth, or use deodorant, and you fart and belch all the time, which is so fucking hot! You’re a nasty daddy, just how I like them, sir.”

As Toilet spoke, the bear became aware of a raunchy smell on the air. At first he thought it was Toilet, but then he found it was coming from him. Looking down, his previously clean dress shirt was now dirty and stained, like he’d been wearing it for months, the pits actually colored a light brown from all of his pit sweat. He felt something brush his chest as he turned his head, as well as something brushing his back, and he realized it was his beard and hair which had grown massive and uncombed. Toilet pushed off his master’s shirt, letting it fall to the floor, and started licking at the bear’s pit. “Yeah Toilet, that taste good?” he asked.

“Oh, yes sir!” Toilet moaned in reply.

The alpha groped his slave’s belly with his other hand, working his way down to his crotch, where he pawed at Toilet’s tiny cock. It didn’t get hard often, but apparently this attention had him at half mast, which was quite the accomplishment. “Dang, looks like I’ve got a horny Toilet on my hands, today.”

“I’m always horny for you sir, you know that. I’m so hungry sir…will…would you feed me, sir? Please?”

“Is my Toilet hungry? I guess you haven’t had much to eat today, have you?”

“No sir, and I’m starving,” Kyle said, licking his lips.

The bear grinned, showing off several gaps in his smile from where quite a few teeth had rotted out of his mouth, “Well I might be able to work something up for you, Toilet,” he said. He dropped his pants and shoved his fat ass into Toilet’s face, who swooned a bit. The crack was brown, crusty, and reeked, butToilet just took it all in, loving every bit of it. “You’d better get me loosened up a bit though, or else I might not have anything for you at all.”

The pig moaned and threw himself at his master’s hole, licking and probing as deeply as he could, the bear moaning all the while. He sure did love his nasty toilet’s tongue up his hole. With a grunt, he let out a big fart right in Toilet’s face, and he heard the nasty fucker breathe in as much as he could, and let out a contented sigh, and then resume licking even more vigorously. After a few more farts, The bear finally began to push log after log into Kyle’s hungry mouth, every moan of delight coming from the toilet’s mouth just encouraging him to shit faster. His toilet was a pro though, and swallowed it all down. Hell, he’d been eating his master’s shit for years now, so he could eat most any load as fast as his alpha could push it.

When the bear finished up, Toilet licked his crack clean, and then the bear stood up again, while Toilet just laid back and massaged his full belly. “Oh thank you sir, that was wonderful…” Toilet moaned.

“Well, know what might make it even better? If you pissed yourself,” the bear said, and watched as his toilet’s bladder released beyond his control, who just moaned in embarrassment and perversion as he soaked his pants for the second time that day. The bear came up in front of him and started pissing all over his face and beard, Toilet trying to drink it down, but not getting much, since his master was intent on soaking him to the bone. When he finished, Toilet took the head in his mouth and sucked the last few drops out, before running his tongue under his master’s dirty foreskin, making him groan. The bear grabbed the back of the pig’s head and started slamming his cock down his throat, Toilet rubbing his full belly with both hands, sucking down all of his alpha’s delicious precum, feeling the euphoria wash over him. His soft cock hardened almost instantly, and like a man possessed, Toilet started jacking it, but he sat on the edge of his orgasm for what felt like ages–after all, he couldn’t cum until his master came, but he didn’t have to wait long. His alpha started shooting, still fucking Toilet’s face, which pushed the toilet over the edge, and his long awaited orgasm finally came. While Toilet’s old balls couldn’t produce much cum, his entire body shook with the force of the sensation, heightened by the alpha cum coursing through him.

“Getting started without us, I see.” A deep voice said, and the bear looked over to see two tattooed muscle men exit a door in the back of the room and strut over. The man in front was a bit smaller, but every movement exuded a domineering confidence that made him look even larger than the beast following meekly behind him. The bear tried to find something to say to these two newcomers, but it was hindered by the fact that he didn’t know who they were, though it sure did seem that they recognized him. Across the dominant man’s forehead was the word BRUTE in capital letters, and that name seemed familiar, and words tumbled from his mouth naturally, though he didn’t recall thinking them. “Nah Brute, just getting a bit of a warm up is all. Toilet here was hungry, and wouldn’t stop begging. You know how he gets when he hasn’t been fed.”

“Yeah, well you could have come and found me. You know how much I love seeing him eat that nasty, biker shit of yours, Scuzz,” Brute said. He came closer, grabbed the back of the bear’s head and pulled him into a kiss. Their tongues fought with one another, but he felt himself submitting, like he always did to Brute. Sure, they were both alphas, but he’d always had a submissive streak which Brute could drag out of him in no time. They broke off, and he licked his lips, savoring his partner’s spit still in his mouth.

Scuzz the man had called him–was that his name? It sounded familiar, and at the mention of it, other memories started falling into place. The two of them had met one day after a bar fight at some dive in the industrial district, and a fierce friendship had formed between both of them which was rare between alphas. Part of it was the fact that Scuzz was perfectly willing to give into Brute’s desires when necessary, having always been easy going, and a bit on the slow side. It had been on a drunken dare that both of them agreed to get their nicknames tattooed on their foreheads. Well, not really nicknames, even then, since they were the only one’s they’d gone by, even before they’d met. In fact, Scuzz couldn’t even remember when he’d been called something different. Besides, he knew that it just made the two of them look even more intimidating and tough.

Over the next year or so, both of them decided to find personal thralls, Brute settling on Beast, a massively muscled constriction worker who’d been begging to be Brute’s thrall for ages. The construction crew he’d been working for used him as their own personal beast of burden and sex slave, hence where he’d gotten his name. He was the biggest bottom Scuzz had ever seen, in more ways than one, and he certainly enjoyed playing with him as well, though Brute would always be his one true master. Scuzz had found a nasty old derelict outside of a bar one night and taken a liking to him, making Toilet his own thrall, a hole for not only himself, but his two muscle bound partners as well. The four of them had been together ever since. Scuzz wondered how in the hell he had managed to forget all of this, but was relieved to have it coming back to him finally. “Well, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time for butt licking tonight,” he said, “But right now, I’m fucking starving. How about some dinner?”

“Sounds good to me,” Brute said, then turned to Beast, “Get in the kitchen and make us something, would ya?”

“Yes sir!” Beast growled, gave a mock salute, and hustled his leather clad body back through the door he’d come out of, Brute and Toilet following him. Scuzz took a moment to throw his grimy biker gear back on, pausing for a moment to wonder whether that’s what he had been wearing minutes before.

“You coming or not?” Brute called from the doorway, and Scuzz quickly zipped himself up and followed his friend through the door and into a small apartment, with a cozy living room, a kitchen where Beast was already banging around pots and pans, a dungeon and slave quarters, bedroom, office and bathroom. Scuzz just gawked at it all for a moment, wondering where in the hell of it had come from, and what it was doing even existing behind a small store in a mall.

Brute gave him a pat on the back, “You alright man? You seem…confused.”

“Oh, yeah…I’m alright. Just…tired I guess.”

“Well, Toilet and I have some business to handle in the bathroom. Take a break while Beast cooks us up something tasty.” Toilet’s eyes lit up with excitement at Brute’s comment, and he crawled after the massive alpha eager to serve. Brute led the way into the bathroom, where Toilet was usually kept chained to the floor, ready for his masters, or any customer, to use him as they needed. Scuzz, still trying to sort out what was happening, sat down on the leather couch and put his booted feet up on the coffee table. Before he had even settled in, Beast emerged from the kitchen and asked, “Can I fill a pipe for you, sir?”

“The half-bent billard tonight with Virginia, Beast.”

“Yes sir,” the hulking thrall said, took down the pipe filled it, tamped it, and brought it over to Scuzz, where he lit it for him.

Scuzz took a deep inhale of the smoke, and felt immediately calmer. Beast walked over to a bar, poured his master a whisky on the rocks and brought it over promptly, which made Scuzz grin. “You sure do know how to make a biker bear happy.”

“I do my best, sir,” Beast replied, blushing from the compliment, “Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?”

With a growl, Scuzz reached around with one hand and pulled Beast closer to him, his fingers slipping easily into the thrall’s well fucked hole, making the slave moan. “Feels like Brute already dropped one load into you today,” he said, and slipped in most of his hand, making the muscle man a bit weak at the knees, “But I’d really like a taste of something else, I think.” Licking his lips, he started sucking on Beast’s short cock, still probing the thrall’s ass with one hand. Beast didn’t last long, and as soon as he started shooting, Scuzz pulled his mouth away and moved his glass under Beasts’ dick and collected as much of the man’s cum with his whisky as he could.

“Thank you, sir,” Beast said. He didn’t derive any pleasure from his orgasms, only from being fucked by his masters. Still, he was happy his cum could be of service.

“Be a good pig and give me some of that sweet piss of yours too, would ya?” Scuzz said with a grin, and Beast let loose, filling the tumbler to the brim. Scuzz pulled his fingers from the thrall’s ass and gave the drink a stir with his index, before taking a sip. “Dang Beast, you make a fine cocktail, you know that?” he said, sitting back with his pipe streaming smoke and nursing his drink, “That’ll be all, for now.”

“Yes sir,” Beast said, and hurried back to the kitchen to continue making dinner. He flipped on the TV in front of him and restarted the porno he had been watching earlier, with two burly bears taking a chubby cub from both ends. With a happy groan, he laid back and started massaging his crotch. This was the life he thought–a loving alpha for a partner, a muscle bear thrall, a hot fucking toilet, and this…store. Weird, he still had no clue what he was doing here, or what any of them were doing here. He just kept drawing a complete blank whenever he tried to remember what was going on. He knew that it would probably all come back to him in time, but he was starting to feel restless. He finished his drink in a few gulps, but when that didn’t settle his head at all, he got up off the sofa, still smoking his pipe, and wandered back into the store, figuring that maybe if he took a look around, something would jog his memory.

In the backroom, he was surprised by how quiet the store had become all of a sudden. The mall had closed a good half an hour before so the crowds had dispersed, leaving Scuzz alone with his many reflections in the mirrors around the room. He walked over to one, and looked at himself closely. His face was old and quite weathered, shrouded by tobacco smoke. He saw the tattoo on his forehead, and felt his stomach turn. What had compelled him to do that to himself, he wondered? Sure, it had been a bet, or a dare, or whatever, but still, it was ugly, and humiliating to think that was the first thing people would associate with him was ‘SCUZZ’. Of course, that wasn’t the only sorry part of his look either. His clothes were filthy for one thing, from the poorly fitting T-shirt and leather biker vest to his dirty jeans and biker leathers. His hair and beard were knotted and unkempt as well, but hey, he wasn’t called Scuzz because of his clean cut good looks, was he? Still, that couldn’t be his real name, could it? He searched hard for a moment, trying to remember, but couldn’t come up with anything. He’d always been Scuzz, in the same way Brute was Brute, and Beast was Beast, and Toilet was Toilet. What other names would have suited them, really?

Wanting to get a better look at himself, he took off the vest and peeled off his t-shirt, exposing his massive belly covered with white fur. He had tattoos of pipes and bikes all over him, and he remembered getting most of them at the behest of Brute, usually while drunk out of his mind. Sure, he looked hot and all, but…well, was it really…him? Well, of course it was him, but there was still some lingering sense that something was wrong–or, at least, not right. All of his memories, it felt like they were not really his, but from someone close to him–someone he might have been, perhaps. That was silly though. If he wasn’t who he was now–if he wasn’t Scuzz, then who exactly had he been? He wanted the question to be nonsense, he really did, but he felt his pulse begin to quicken, and he started to panic. He didn’t know why, but he needed to get out of here, and he needed out now. He hurried to the front of the store, but found the front gate had been drawn down and locked by security. He ran over and shook at it, but couldn’t get it to open. He was trapped.

“Everything alright, Scuzz?”

The biker whipped around, ready to fight like a cornered animal if need be, and found a sharp looking bear in a business suit standing in front of a mirror across the room. He was nowhere near the alpha in size, but had an aura of authority which made Scuzz wary. Some nagging thought in the back of his mind told him that he knew the black haired bear from somewhere, but try as he might, he couldn’t recall from where. “Do…Do I know you?”

“You really shouldn’t take to drinking so much this early, you know,” the bear replied with a smirk. The same smirk that Scuzz had seen hundreds of times…somewhere. Why couldn’t he remember anything? He knew it was important, but every time he tried to summon them up, he ran into that same barrier in his mind, over and over again. It made him want to walk over to a wall and start beating his head against it, until he killed himself, or he remembered everything.

Brute’s voice came from behind the curtain, “Scuzz? You out here?” and a moment later he ducked through the curtain and entered the front of the store. “Oh, Mr. Newbeary. How are you this evening?”

“I’m fine Brute, how are you?”

“Doing good. Is there something we can do for you?” he asked, sounding a bit uncomfortable. Scuzz wasn’t feeling all that great around the man either. How had he even gotten in there in the first place, since the front was gated shut?

“Oh, I just thought I’d drop by and see how the first day of business went for you two.”

“Good, though a bit slow. I wasn’t really out here much, to be honest. It was Scuzz minding the shop for the most part.”

“Oh, then I guess I should ask him. Well Scuzz, how was business?”

With one hand, Scuzz wiped his suddenly sweaty forehead as he racked his brain for an answer. Thankfully, he felt the final bits of fog begin to clear, and he found something to say. “Well, it was pretty slow for a grand opening, but we didn’t exactly put a lot of effort into advertising or anything, so I can’t say it was unexpected.” Mr. Newbeary scowled a bit, which sent a few shivers up Scuzz’s spine. He decided he didn’t want to see that man angry, ever. That would definitely not be a good thing. “But…uh, I do have a few ideas on how we can get the word out. I’m sure that by the end of the month, we’ll be the new hottest store in the city.”

“Hmmm,” Mr. Newbeary said, “Well, I certainly hope I wasn’t misguided in my investment.”

“Not at all! Just give us a couple more weeks, and business will be booming. Trust me,” Scuzz said.

Mr. Newbeary smirked again, and Scuzz found himself still trying to place his face. Of course, he and Brute had had plenty of meetings with the President of Bearman University over the past few months, when they had pitched the store idea to him. He’d been keen on the idea, and invested a ton of money, which Scuzz knew they had better return with plenty of interest, or there would be hell to pay. “Well, I think I have made an impression on you two at least. Have a good night, and I’ll be by to check on things occasionally.”

With that, Mr. Newbeary strode past Brute and through the beaded curtain, into the back of the store, but when the two alpha’s followed after him a moment later, the man had seemingly disappeared. “Is it just me, or does that guy give you the creeps too?” Brute asked.

“He is a strange one, I’ll give you that.”

“So what are these ‘ideas’ of yours?”

“Haven’t a clue. I figured we just needed something to get him off our backs while we figure out what to do,” Scuzz said with a shrug, “But I’m sure we’ll come up with something.”

“I hope so,” Brute said, and came closer, “But just out of curiosity, what were you doing, all bare-chested and hot out here? Trying to hit on our investors?”

“Him? Hell no! He’s too clean for one thing…” Scuzz said. Brute started tweaking one of his nipples, and Scuzz let out a soft moan as he started working his fellow alpha’s cock through his leather pants, “How about you? Are you a dirty enough bear for me?”

In response, Brute shoved Scuzz around and pushed him up a against the wall roughly, grinding his crotch into the biker’s ass. “Like you have a choice in the matter, bitch,” Brute growled, “I think I’ll have a round with that fat ass of yours,” Brute said, “Especially looking at you smoking that pipe and covered with tattoos. You get me so hot looking like that.”

Scuzz pushed his ass back, unbuckling his jeans and chaps while Brute undid his fly, and after greasing his massive cock up with some spit, he started working it into Scuzz’s hole, the big bear groaning and moaning all the while. Sure, he was an alpha and he enjoying dominating their thralls, but for some reason, whenever he got around Brute, he couldn’t help but beg for that fucker’s cock, every time. Of course, the muscle bear wasn’t exactly gentle, but Scuzz had taken the massive cock enough to know not to complain about it. Brute began grunting and snorting like a bull behind him, his entire mind focused on fucking, and fucking hard, as he slammed Scuzz into the wall over and over again, and Scuzz just groaned and urged him on, telling him to fuck him harder and rougher, and Brute was perfectly happy to oblige. Scuzz looked over once and saw the two of them reflected in a mirror, Brute’s young muscled body a strange counterpoint to his fat, old one, and he no longer felt ashamed of it. He was Scuzz, and he loved his life. Sure, that barrier was still there, but he figured it would go away eventually. It was best not to worry about things he couldn’t control. Brute pulled Scuzz close to him, burying the entire foot long shaft up the biker’s ass and bit down on his neck as he started shooting deep, Scuzz stroking his own hard cock until he shot his own massive load all over the wall in front of him. Brute hauled his cock out, spun Scuzz around again and pushed him back up against the cum soaked wall, kissing and biting his lips, Scuzz returning the favor as they groped and punched each other’s bodies in the afterglow.

When they managed to part, Scuzz limped over and got on his shirt and vest, while Brute called to Beast, who appeared a moment later in the doorway. The thrall smelled the cum, and before Scuzz or Brute could say anything, he ran over to the wall and was licking it clean, grunting in pleasure all the while. A minute later, the wall was spotless, and he hurried back into the kitchen to finish up dinner. Scuzz and Brute followed him, taking a seat on the couch together, Scuzz nuzzling up to one of Brute’s pits and taking a whiff. Everything was making perfect sense now, he told himself, but not really believing it. Yeah, everything was going to be alright.

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