Bros to Brothers (Caption)

Fuck, look at my boys there, coming along so damn nicely. You should have seen them just a couple of months ago when they showed up at the gym. New in town, they said, they were roommates, and they’d moved here together to make a fresh start in a new city. Not gay, much to my surprise–well, maybe a little, to start with. After all, I’ve never met a man who isn’t a little gay.

I kept myself friendly for a while, offering them advice, a little bit of support, mentorship and spotting when they needed it, dropped a few hints that I’d been known to coach guys and help them make some great progress. Progress into what, is the question of course, but not one I’ve ever known a guy to ask–especially not after they listen to a few of my files.

I knew I couldn’t get one without the other–so I decided to work on them both, at first. Fixing their memories, bit by bit, encouraging them to grow…closer to each other. The tattoos were an idea I suggested to them both, a way to push them closer, show that they were brothers–and soon, in their minds, they weren’t just bros–friends and roommates–they were actual brothers. Then, they were even more than that.

From one day to the next, I could tell it had happened–that after years of something smoldering between them, they had finally done it–and they’d loved it. They couldn’t stop looking at each other, smelling each other–the hardons in their gym shorts obvious to anyone from across the room–and now that they’d fallen for each other, I started making them fall for me.

And now, here we are, one happy family. Me, their coach and father, and them, two dumb, horny musclebears obsessed with each other’s musk. We just went and got their tattoos finished last week, and after that, I’m going to set up a platform for them online to start bringing in the cash–after all, they needed to focus more on their workout, and their old jobs–and lives–had to go. A couple weeks after that, and I’ll start renting them out–probably only as a pair I think, until I can work in a bit more independence. They can’t fucking stand to be away from one another, is the issue–totally co-dependent. I mean, I designed them that way, of course, but the way they even finish each others sentences sometimes can be a bit, well, creepy–and clients don’t usually want creepy. Still, I’m keeping an eye out for new acquisitions as always–you know me, I can’t go too long without a project, or I start to get bored–and no one wants to see me when I’m bored.

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