Arctos: Mall (Part 7) [Interactive]

As Ken walked down the concourse of the mall, he was struck by how odd this mall seemed, filled with brands and stores that he had never heard of before in his life. He didn’t think that he was particuarly out of touch, but had the entire face of retail changed since the last time he’d been in a mall? How long had it even been–years, he supposed. There were bound to be a few changes, of course, but there were…well, so many dang male mannequins! And all the clothes they had on seemed way too revealing…and he was sure that one of them actually had a plastic cock hanging out. It was enough that when he saw something as apparently normal as a pet shop, he veered inside, just to try and find something normal.

But for Ken, he had always liked animals, and he’d kept all sorts of pets over the years–from lizards to cats to dogs, and even a parrot he, well, birdsat while one of his friends was on a cruise for a month. He had never imagined working in a pet store, of course, but then, he’d never imagined anything aside from working in the factory until he retired–he could do, well, anything he supposed, at this point. Why not try to find something he at least enjoyed somewhat? It couldn’t hurt to look around at the very least, so he stepped inside.

“Howdy!” Came the voice behind the counter, “Welcome to The Pet Stop–looking for anything in particular today?” Ken looked over and saw a hefty fellow behind the counter, wearing a leather apron, working on some inventory–maybe he was the manager?

“Hey, well, actually I’m looking for work–you wouldn’t happen to be hiring, would you?”

The man looked up from his papers, and gave Ken a glance, from head to toe, an odd look in his eye. “Have you been in here before? I don’t recognize you, I don’t think.”

“No, I–well, I didn’t even realize the mall was still here, honestly. Just…well, I haven’t really looked for work in years, and my son says most of it is online these days, but I guess I just prefer the old boot to the sidewalk method.”

Harris chuckled.

“You know, I might have something for a fellow like you–why don’t we go back real quick, and see what the little animals think of you.”

That…seemed far too easy. Harris hadn’t even asked about a resume, or references, or anything like that. There was plenty of time for the formalities he supposed, so when Harris came around the counter and headed into the back of the store, Ken followed him down the aisle…but as he did, he noticed something strange.

These…were not the sorts of things you’d usually find in a pet shop–whips and floggers, mitts and…and tails? He wanted to stop and look at the merchandise a little closer, but Harris was walking too fast, and he didn’t want to miss his shot at a job.

“Alright, here we go!” Harris said, stepping to the side when the reached the back of the shop, and Ken stopped dead in his tracks. There were cages, like in most pet shops…but these were not the sort of pets he was expecting to see. They…they were people. Men, in fact, and all of them were dressed up in leather and rubber fetish gear, muzzles and masks strapped over their faces, and they all were, well, acting like animals, pacing back and forth, one “puppy” jumping up against the glass trying to get his attention, panting and barking with surprising realism through the bars.

“What–what the fuck is this?” Ken asked.

“It’s a pet store–what were you expecting?”

“That’s–this…this is fucking sick!”

Harris shook his head, “Oh, I get it–you’re still too new. Well, don’t worry. It just so happens I do have a job opening here, and you’re going to be perfect for it soon enough.”

Ken tried to run, but Harris was ready for him. He blocked the aisle, and tackled him to the ground–and Ken could feel Harris’ hard cock throbbing, even through the thick apron. After a couple minutes of struggling, Harris got the tranquilizer into Ken, and while he went down, secured him, and dragged him into the back, to get him ready for his new position.

Oh dear, what has Ken gotten himself into? It’s your turn to decide! Here’s the public poll below, and the bonus poll for patrons is through here!

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