Rumors at School (Caption)

“You know Mikey, there’s a rumor goin’ around school these days.”

Mikey looked over at Jay and Ken, his two friends in the senior class at their high school. It was a small town, and not a big class, so if there was a rumor going around, chances were that everyone was going to know about it in a day or two.

“Oh, what’s it this time?”

Jay and Ken exchanged a look, and then Jay said, “Rumor is that yer a faggot.”

“What the fuck did you say?”

Ken just shrugged his shoulders, “That’s what Becky told me last night when we went out.”

“I heard the same thing from Alison, and Marshall.”

“Well it’s not fucking true, I can tell you that much, and I know who fucking started it too, that little fucking shit Marcus I bet. I roughed him up a couple of days ago, and he was gettin’ all pissy with me, saying I’d be sorry or something, but this is just stupid. You know I’ve fucked bitches.”

“Yeah, I know they say that they fuck you.”

“Bro, what the fuck? Do you not fucking believe me? You’re gonna take the word of a bunch of fuckers at school over me?”

They cut through a construction site on the way home, deserted at this point, since the funding to finish the project dried up. Before Mikey could do anything, Jay shoved him against the side of a car parked there, out of sight of the road. “Quit fucking with us, Mikey–is it fucking true?”

“What, that I’m a faggot? Of course not!”

“I heard the only reason you hang out with us is because you want our cocks,” Ken said.

“That’s–what the fuck has gotten into you two?”

“There’s pictures, Mikey, of some…big fucker plowing your ass.”

Jay pulled out his phone, and showed Mikey the photo–and sure enough…it was him, getting fucked by a huge cock, in the middle of a moan, and as soon as Mikey saw it…he could remember it. Remember how he’d begged for it, how good it had felt…

“He’s got a fuckin’ hard on, Jay!”

“I fuckin’ d-do not!”

“Fuckin’ faggot, all this fuckin’ time–well you want this cock? I’ll fucking give it to you, ain’t that right Ken? We both will–take turns with your ass…yeah, fuck…”

The video was everywhere the next day, Mikey up on the hood of the car, Jay behind him, fucking him, while Ken jacked off, watching. Nobody was as smug as Marcus though–because Mikey couldn’t turn anyone down, not anymore–and he begged Marcus for his cock in the bathroom, hating himself, but even he knew the truth now. He was just a faggot–and that was all he was ever going to be from now on.

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