Arctos: Mall (Part 3) [Interactive]

Jeremy gave his belly a scratch, and wandered a bit deeper into the store. He was…still pretty hungry, even after demolishing all of the candy that Saul had given him to eat. He noticed his reflection in the display case, and had a moment of terror strike him when he saw the size of the gut hanging out over his waistline–and when he saw how poorly all of his clothes fit all of a sudden. He tugged the shirt down a bit, but it wouldn’t even stretch down enough to cover the entire gut he now had, looking more like a crop top than anything else.

“See something in there that you like?” Saul asked, coming up behind him and wrapping one of his own chubb arms around the small of Jeremy’s back, squeezing his love handle on the other side, and making Jeremy blush.

“Oh…uh, yeah, I–” he looked around quickly, not wanting to fess up to the truth, and pointed at some odd popsicle shaped candies lying in the display case. “I…don’t think I’ve seen those things before anywhere–are they lollipops or something?”

Saul chuckled, “Yeah, they’re something like that. That’s a new product, fresh out of development–they’re called asslickers.”

Jeremy just gave Saul a curious look. “That…isn’t a very appetizing name.”

“I haven’t had a chance to sell one yet, honestly, but I’d be curious to show you how they work.”

“What do you mean, how they work? You just suck it, right?” Jeremy moved in closer to the display case, and looked down at the myriad of asslickers in the case. They were all different sizes and shapes, but the outsides of them all looked the same, a white candy shell swirled with various colors. “Do…are they all the same flavor or something?”

“Oh, that outer layer dissolves once you start–the flavors inside are all a mystery. The bigger the asslicker, the more layers it has, you see. I’ve been told that the taste of them is unlike anything else around, though they are a bit…unconventional. Do you want to try one?”

“Sure, why not?” Jeremy said.

“Alright, let me get some gloves–you go ahead and get out of your clothes there.” Jeremy looked confused at him, and Saul gave his gut a slap, and winked at him. “They’re called asslickers for a reason, Jeremy–you eat them with your ass.”

Jeremy processed that information for a second, while Saul went around the counter, and pulled on some white latex gloves. “You know, on second thought, maybe I’ll have something else…” He looked around the store again, and then thought he should probably just leave–but when he turned around, Saul was there, and pushed something into his mouth, a sucker, and as soon as he tasted it, he moaned, and his eyes went a bit slack.

“Come on now, sweet thing,” Saul said, groping Jeremy’s body, “I think we both know that you could use something back there to loosen you up a bit. Now, let’s get you out of these tight clothes.”

Saul tugged the shirt up, and Jeremy let him pull it off of him, still sucking helplessly on the candy, unable to think straight–it was just too…delicious to do anything other than what Saul told him to do. His pants came off next, and then his underwear–Saul collected all of his clothes, and took them back behind the counter, and put them in the trash. “There, that’s better–you won’t need those again, I don’t think. Now bend over the counter here, sweet thing, and let Saul do his magic.”

Jeremy lumbered over and bent over the counter, while Saul selected an asslicker from the case, and set it on the glass beside him, before coming back around. He spread Jeremy’s ass, tested his pucker with a finger, and tsked him. “So tight, sweet thing–don’t worry though, Saul can open you up–I’ve been told I have a magic tongue.”

Saul got down behind him, spread his cheeks wide, and started licking at his hole, Jeremy moaning–trying to moan loud enough for the sucker in his mouth the fall out, but it refused to come loose from his tongue. He could feel his virgin hole beginning to slacken, and after a few minutes of licking, Saul tested it with one of this rubber gloved fingers, and it slid right in with no resistance. “There, see what I mean? I think you’re good and ready now.”

Saul picked up the asslicker from the glasstop, and pushed the narrow end to Jeremy’s hole. As soon as it touched his flesh, Jeremy…tasted it, the sweet, sticky, sugary rush of the outer layer, and his ass relaxed even more, allowing the sticky dildo to slide deep inside his virgin hole. It was a tight fit, but the more his mouth watered, the slicker his ass became as well, and the better the thing tasted in his mouth. Soon, he was bucking back and forth, moaning, while Saul slid the candy cock in and out, watching the outer candy layer dissolve, and revealing the first of several layers below it.

The public poll is below, and the bonus patron only poll can be found over here. You can vote up to four times in the poll, and I’ll have the most popular layers in the asslicker, with the most popular having the most extreme effect.

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