Arctos: Mall – Part 2 [Interactive]

When he’d been a kid, and this mall had been the only real place to go shopping in town, Jeremy’s mother had always ransomed his cooperation for a day of shopping by promising him a trip to the old candy store, run by an older fellow named Miles. His mother had always been mindful of his sugar intake, of course–and given his slender size, Jeremy had never really been one to have a sweet tooth by any measure, but he had always loved that little candy shop–not just for the treats, but also for the colors, and shapes, and the fun of it. It had felt like possibility to him, somehow. But then, Miles had retired, the mall had died, and the sweet shop went with it. Jeremy couldn’t even remember the last time he’d been into it.

So when he saw that the candy shop was up and running again, he couldn’t help but want to check it out, for old time’s sake. He stepped through the doorway, and saw that much of it was the same–the long glass counter, with countless truffles and chocolates beneath it, the walls of jellybeans, rock candy and licorice–though most of it was under brand names that he didn’t recognize. It all looked absolutely delicious, and much to his embarrassment, Jeremy’s gut gave a little rumble.

“Hello!” a voice said from the back, “I’ll be right there–you caught me with my hand in the candy jar.” A moment later, a squat, chubby fellow came out behind the counter. He was very large, with an apron of fat hanging over his waist, that his small pink apron didn’t do much to disguise. He had three chins that shook a bit, ande he bounced a bit with every step, eyes twinkling and smiling broadly. “I’m Saul–what can I do for…oh goodness young man, look at you! It’s a good thing you came in here today, you’re just absolutely wasting away!”

The chub came around the counter to where Jeremy was standing, not sure what this hefty fellow was getting at. Sure, he was thin, but there was no reason for that kind of hyperbole. “Hi, uh, I was just taking a look around is all,” he said.

“Nonsense–no one comes into my shop and leaves empty handed, or with a rumble in their tummy,” with a flourish, he produced a few candies from a pocket in his apron and unwrapped one, revealing a small chocolate morsel in his chubby palm. “Here, I insist–isn’t butterscotch your favorite, Jeremy?”

It was, in fact, his favorite. He also didn’t remember telling Saul his name. ‘Uh…yeah, it is…” he took from Saul, and looked at it. “How…did you know my name?”

“This place remembers you, my boy–now go on, have a taste.”

Jeremy popped the little chocolate into his mouth, but as small as it seemed, the flavor was…massive. The crunch of the butterscotch, the smooth chocolate, he moaned, unable to help himself, and his eyes crossed a bit as Saul nodded eagerly, and pressed a few more into Jeremy’s hand, rubbing the young man’s belly with the other. “It’s…fabulous.”

“I make them myself–I know everyone’s weakness, or their sweet spot, if you will.”

Jeremy took another, and then another, Saul pushing the little morsels into his mouth while Jeremy found himself rubbing his belly, which seemed…larger than it should be. It tasted so good, though, and he felt good. Better than he’d felt in ages, in fact. Saul pressed his gut close to him, and Jeremy found himself exploring the shopkeeper’s flab, how soft it was, pressing his huge body to his own growing gut, his ass widening as well, his jeans straining to contain it as he grew, oblivious.

“There we go, that’s much better I think,” Saul said, “Won’t have you wasting away anytime soon now.”

He stepped back, and Jeremy could finally look down at himself with some clarity, at the chocolate smeared on his hands. He reached up to his mouth and felt the same stickiness there–and he couldn’t remember how many of those little tiny tidbits he had actually eaten. He looked down at himself, at the gut heaving out, his shirt unable to contain much more than the top half of it, and the thick moobs he’d sprouted as well, and ran his hands over it. He…why did this feel so good? This wasn’t how he was supposed to look, was it?

“What…was in those? Why…”

“Oh hush, Jeremy–don’t fret. You feel better now, don’t you?”

Jeremy nodded.

“Now, those were just the appetizer–why don’t you look around and see what else strikes your fancy here? I know a man with a sweet tooth like yours will find something else to enjoy around here.”

Here are some choices for you for the next part of Jeremy’s story! Here’s the bonus Patron only poll as well. If you don’t know what asslickers are, by the way, that’s a reference to an earlier story of mine, that you can find here.

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