(Caption) Gooner Ransom

How many hours had it been now? He couldn’t break his eyes away from the stream of words and pictures flashing across his screen to even look at the clock in the corner, but he knew that the last time he’d had a break, it had been four hours…but this seemed to be taking even longer than before.

It was a program had promised an automated porn experience–the site just showed him the pictures, allowing him to jack off without having to focus on anything–but whoever had made it wanted ten bucks to download it! He ended up pirating it instead, but…something was wrong. It wasn’t showing him pictures he wanted to see, it was all men, and these humiliating words, and he…he couldn’t seem to stop watching it, or close it, or anything.

Even worse, when the program paused every little while, he’d been changing, and someone had been chatting with him, demanding he pay the most exorbitant ransom, or else the program would keep running–money he didn’t even have! Tens of thousands of dollars! He’d begged the last time, asking whoever it was to just let him go, that he couldn’t pay that much even if he wanted to…and now this session had been the longest of them all…and he didn’t know how much longer he could keep stroking like this.

Almost like it was sensing his exhaustion, the constant stream of pictures finally stopped, and the chat window appeared–he gasped for breath, relieved he could finally stop–at least until he saw himself. He’d been young and thin before…but now…this wasn’t his body! He was older, at least middle aged, with a thick gut, a beard, and…and a tiny cock, only about three inches, rubbed raw from the session he’d just been through.

Since you couldn’t pay me in money, I decided to take a down payment in something you could pay me with. — the message popped up on the screen, and he sobbed a little. Now, if you want to stop, it’ll still cost you–5,000 dollars. You have an hour to comply.

He…he could maybe do that. He went to his bank, but didn’t have enough in his accounts to cover it…but maybe one of his meager investments could help? He tried to get the money out, but it was taking too much time!

*What’s taking so long? Still don’t have the money? That’s ok, I can take more payment in other ways. Make you a dirty old man, cock that can’t even work, obsessed with watching porn all day long. Maybe you haven’t paid me because that’s what you want…*

He tried to again, but the money still hadn’t cleared by the time the hour was up. The images began again, and helpless, he returned to masturbating…praying that the next time he got a break, he might still be able to pay his way out of his new fate.

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