Arctos: Gaining Powder (Caption)

He knew he should have never trusted that site online. Arctos–a company he’d never even heard of, but the gaining powder was cheap, and the results it promised were great–if, as it turned out, a bit ambiguous. After all, Max had bought the powder hoping to gain muscle. However, after the first time he mixed it, by the time he’d gotten back from the gym…well, he had gained something, but it wasn’t muscle, it was a potbelly.

He was horrified at first–he tried to call the company, sent emails, but while he did…his mind kept wandering, thinking about how satisfied he’d felt when he’d drank that shake earlier, how…full he’d been. He was starting to get hungry, and he started snacking, and eating, but that emptiness wouldn’t go away, not until he gave in, mixed himself another shake using the powder…and sure enough, he grew again, his potbelly becoming a small gut–but now it was also covered in hair, and rubbing it felt…so damn good.

The hunger didn’t go away though. It hadn’t gone away in days. He’d tried to throw the powder away, but everytime he did, a new bottle would appear on the doorstep from the company, like they knew what he was trying to do. Still, he wouldn’t give in, he…he wouldn’t. Still, strange things had been happening at night, and he was still getting bigger, and hairier, thinking about men, jacking off thinking about them worshipping his fat body, feeding him, servicing his cock…

He woke with the huge bottle at his lips, the shurry sliding down his throat. He’d been sleep eating, apparently, mixing the drink during the night–but his hunger was too much–he wanted it all. He tried to stop himself, but couldn’t–he drank it all, and could feel himself ballooning larger, growing even hairier than before, and when he finally finished, he was nearly 600 pounds, so heavy–but for the first time in a month, he actually felt full–and horny, but he couldn’t reach his cock.

Still, that wasn’t a problem. The chaser let himself in with the key Max had given him without realizing it, got down in front of Max on the couch, and started servicing him, as he had been for weeks, and Max…decided that being big could have its benefits after all.

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