New You Resolutions (Part 8) [Interactive]

It was December 31st, 2019–the end of the year, New You Enterprises New Year’s Bash had arrived, and all of the attendees were mingling together, excited to see what sorts of fun they would be having soon enough, once the stars of the event were brought out.

The company had selected four men this year to receive their batches of life changing resolutions, and the attendees had been assured that the results were simply unbelievable–if incomplete. After all, there was still a few hours left in the year, and that meant the magic affecting the four young men was still potent–once midnight struck, all of them would be stuck in their new forms, whatever that might be, but the company liked to give the men it selected an opportunity to beg for mercy–though it was up to the audience of the ball to decide it they deserved it or not–or if they deserved a few final changes to really make their new lives properly…interesting.

The clock struck ten, and the lights in the room dimmed, two spotlights hitting the stage on the far end, where the attendees all gathered to look and see who the company would reveal first. An MC stepped out, to a round of applause, and introduced the companies first selection of the year.

“Hello everyone, VIPs, executives–thank you again for attending our little gathering this year. It’s my pleasure to begin the main event of the evening–but first, I would like to introduce you to our first recipient–Duncan Everett!”

Up on the screen on the stage, a slideshow began, showing old images of Duncan from years past, back when he had been the slender, handsome male model.

“Duncan has made some massive changes to his life this year, thanks to our help, but before all of this, he was the rising star of the modelling world, on the cusp of nailing down contracts with several major designers and modeling agencies all over the world. However, our company saw much different potential in this young man, and we are over the moon with the progress Duncan has made on his new self in the last year–why don’t you come on out here Duncan, let everyone get a glimpse of the new you!”

No one appeared for a moment, because Duncan had no interest on getting on stage. In the end, it took two stage hands to shove him out into the center of the stage, stumbling over his feet, looking nothing at all like the lithe, hairless, handsome young man on the screen above him. The entire audience clapped, impressed at how easily New You Enterprises had turned the young model into the massively obese, extremely hairy slob standing in front of them now.

The remainder of the year hadn’t been particularly kind to Duncan–as he’d kept aging up into his fifties, his metabolism had slowed down more and more, and by the beginning of December, he had finally crested four hundred pounds, much to his horror. The grungy clothes he’d bought back in January were still the only clothes he could manage to wear, and standing on stage there, in his tight set of mesh shorts, crusty and stained with hundreds of loads of cum, a wifebeater completely unable to hold his hairy apron of fat, he was…horrified at all of these handsome, well dressed men staring and leering at him, like a piece of meat…and yet, he also wanted them all–all of them, to surround him, and jack off on him, cover him with their jizz, so he could leave the party smelling even more like a cumrag than he did already. He took a drag off his cigar–the smoke helped him feel a bit calmer at least–he didn’t know how he could have gotten through this without them.

“Well Duncan, is there anything you’d like to say to our audience here? Anything you would like to ask them? If you beg, they might even be willing to give you some of your old life back, you know…”

Duncan looked out at the men, unsure of what to say, what might induce them to feel a bit merciful towards him. “P-Please,” he croaked, still not used to how raspy his voice sounded after the hundreds of cigars he’d been forced to smoke over the last year, “I…I took it all for granted, I know that, but I…I didn’t ask for any of this. This isn’t who I am! I don’t…I just want…people to look at me without being disgusted by me again, I just want to be normal again.”

Some of the men in the audience laughed, and others just shook their heads.

“You sick fucks!” Duncan shouted at them, “I–This year has been like hell. I…I wasn’t a good person, is that what you want me to say? So maybe I was a jerk at times, but I didn’t deserve this, no one deserves this…”

“Well audience, the choice is in your hands–use your voting devices, and decide what fate is in store for Duncan here.”

Alright, that last poll was fairly evenly divided between the various options, so I thought I would break it down a bit, for each character. The poll below has a few different kinds of choices in it. “Before” choices will bring back some of the character’s qualities from their prior life. “Extra” choices will enhance or intensify some of the changes already made to the character. Lastly, “Partner” choices will have someone from the audience claim the character as their own, and make some additional modifications to their lifestyle. I plan on mixing and matching options together from the various categories, depending on what’s popular, so there will be multiple winning options, as before in this interactive. Patrons have their own poll as well, over here!

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